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The Samurai Returns: An Interview With ‘King of the Cage’ Prospect Gabe Sagman

(via King of the Cage)

By Brian J. D’Souza

The professional MMA landscape in Ontario is pretty barren due to a lack of shows, so what do talented fighters do in order to progress their careers? In the case of my Toronto BJJ teammates who fight MMA, just like previous generations of Ontario-based fighters, they end up having to travel in order to get fights.

One such individual is Gabe “Samurai” Sagman (1-1) who is heading 2700 kilometers (that’s 1468 miles for you yanks) to Calgary, Alberta to face Keegan Oliver (3-4) this Friday at King of the Cage: Wrecking Ball. Gabe last fought in November 2014, so he’s primed and ready to get his momentum back.

“For the past month and a half, I’ve been training really hard,” says Gabe.

Check out Brian’s full interview after the jump.


Hot Potato: 14 Photos of Nikita Esco, French-Chinese KOTC Ring Girl [GOT DAMN]

(That’s her on the right. Glad I could clear that up.)

Meet longtime King of the Cage ring girl Nikita Esco, a half Chinese, half French model and international gogo dancer who blah blah blah hnnnnngg. Named one of The 25 Hottest Import Models on Instagram by Complex magazine last year, Nikita is the daughter of a famous Taiwanese actress, singer, dancer and model. Her favorite MMA fighters are Georges St. Pierre and Sean Strickland, and she feels that her “killer legs” are her best feature, but we’ll let you decide.

Check out a gallery of our favorite Nikita Esco photos after the jump, and make sure to follow her on Twitter and Instagram.


22 of the Dumbest Event Names in King of Cage History [GALLERY]

(“You won’t see fighters this scared anywhere else!!”)

In the beginning, MMA events had catchy titles like “Revenge of the Warriors” and “Collision Course” to make them seem even more dramatic than they already were*. Eventually, all the good ideas ran out, and you started seeing crap like “Slammer in the Hammer” and “Helter Smelter” on the local circuit.

But while the UFC eventually wised up and stopped giving its events random, stupid names**, King of the Cage has kept the lunkheaded tradition alive. As proof, here are 22 of the dumbest KOTC event names we could find on the Internet. (Not pictured: Buckeye Nuts, Nuclear Explosion, Knockout Nightmare. Actual event names. Seriously.)

* The trend was officially started in 1993 with Pancrase: Yes, We Are Hybrid Wrestlers 1-4. I guess the promotion was tired of curious locals asking them, “Say, are you guys hybrid wrestlers or something?”

** The final UFC event to carry a name was UFC 125: Resolution, on January 1st, 2011, but by that point, event names had almost completely fallen out of fashion in the UFC. There were only five UFC events that carried names in 2009-2010, including UFC 99: The Comeback and UFC 112: Invincible.

(Because there’s nothing that MMA fans love more than a good split-decision.)


Poster of the Day: Tank Abbott Returns on 4/13 With KOTC Superfight Title Match Against Warpath Villareal

(Let’s all have a moment of silence for the career of Trevor Prangley. / Props: King of the Cage via MiddleEasy)

Before Tank Abbott re-enters the UFC and takes the heavyweight strap back from these pussy-ass point-fighters, his latest comeback will begin with a tune-up fight against guyliner-clad palooka Ruben “Warpath” Villareal, who has lost eight of his last ten fights. The match will go down April 13th at King of the Cage: Fighting Legends, at Gold Country Casino in Oroville, California.

According to a KOTC press release published last week, Tank Abbott is “the world’s most famous cage fighter” (!!!), and his fight against Warpath will be for the King of the Cage Superfight title, whatever the hell that means. And of course, Abbott’s second-career as a novelist also gets a plug:

[Abbott] recently took a few years off to write a 300,000 word trilogy about the origins of cage fighting entitled “Befor There Were Rules” with the first novel, “Bar Brawler”, now available for purchase as a paperback or digital download from”

I think it’s really cool of KOTC to keep the misspelling of “Befor,” so as not to embarrass or confuse Tank. Anyway, there’s a little video profile on Tank after the jump hyping the 4/13 fight. Check it out if you want, but just keep in mind that his fascinating toupee is still in hiding.


Classic Mismatch: Duane Ludwig vs. Shad Smith, Who Was Wearing a Pair of Vans at the Time [VIDEO]

Thanks to Manny Yarborough GOAT for digging up this classic fight from King of the Cage 4 back in June 2000, in which a young Duane Ludwig beats the absolute dogshit out of MMA pioneer Shad Smith, who entered the cage wearing the same pair of sneakers and white socks that he showed up to the arena in. No, this would not be Shad’s night. Ludwig’s Muay Thai was nasty even back then, and the referee was as shitty as most local refs were in those days — two factors that combined to produce an uncomfortably violent late-stoppage. Skip to the 2:25 mark for the beginning of the end.

After the jump: Shad’s 2004 King of the Cage bout against Krazy Horse Bennett, which is worth watching just for their pre-fight promo packages. A credit to humanity, both of these guys.


King of the Cage Announcer Christopher “Big Poppa” Schnake dead at 37

Continuing the trend of mind boggling losses to the MMA world, multiple reports have confirmed that veteran King of the Cage announcer and radio personality Christopher “Big Poppa” Schnake passed away Monday, just days after announcing for King of the Cage: Kingpin on Saturday night. The news was broken by Schnake’s close friend and business partner “Victory Jay”.

Reports say that “Big Poppa” pulled over at a rest stop on his drive home and passed away in his car. According to Jay, Schnake had mentioned that he needed to “get his diabetes under control” in a phone conversation shortly after collapsing mid show at “Kingpin”, but that his death was shocking nonetheless.


Ray Mercer is Missing, Without a Trace

("King of the Cage? I thought you said ‘King of the Players Ball.’ My bad.")

When Ray Mercer didn’t show up for a scheduled appearance on MMA Live last week, everyone figured that the boxer-turned-mixed martial artist, who is in the thick of training for a scheduled King of the Cage fight this coming Friday night must have mixed up his schedule.

Now it seems, there may be more to the story.

King of the Cage east coast representative Keith Creed revealed to that Mercer has not been in contact with anyone from his management team or his family since last Tuesday morning when he left his North Carolina home to complete the last leg of his training camp for his September 17 bout with Ron Sparks at "King of the Cage – No Mercy," in Mashantucket, CT.


Cecil Peoples Made a Bit of an Ass Out of Himself at King of the Cage this Weekend, You Guys

(Reached for comment, Peoples stood by his assertion that the MagnaFlow Exhaust Products corner is the most prestigious corner in the world. VidProps: YouTube/ZombieProphetMMA)

Man, is it really too much to ask that Cecil motherfucking Peoples just referees and/or judges one fight without doing or saying something ridiculous to make himself the center of attention? Apparently yes, it is. Witness this video, in which MMA’s favorite head-in-the-clouds official puts on a command performance of his own tenuous grasp of reality prior to Friday night’s King of the Cage heavyweight title match. Not only does Peoples mutter something into the microphone about the KOTC championship being “the most prestigious belt in the world” during his prefight instructions to Daniel Cormier and Tony Johnson Jr., but then he does some kind of weirdo karate chop bullshit to start the bout. I swear, this guy.

Thankfully Peoples — who ends his comments to the fighters by saying “Let’s dance!” — doesn’t do anything to screw up the actual fight. You have to consider that a cut above his average appearance as an MMA judge/ref. Seriously though, what’s it gonna take before state athletic commissions start looking at Sensei Cecil and thinking, “Do we really want this jackass representing us in any way?”


Hot Potato: Maria Kanellis

Maria Kanellis cleavage boobs WWE diva

Could we have released our Hottest Women in MMA list a month too early? HDNet announced today that former WWE Diva and Playboy cover-girl Maria Kanellis — who appears on Celebrity Apprentice this season and has an album coming out next month called Sevin Sins — has joined the HDNet Fights broadcasting team. Could MMA News get even hotter? She will make her debut as a backstage interviewer at King of the Cage: Legacy on March 26th in Reno, which will be aired live on HDNet at 10 p.m. ET. Keep in mind that the last KOTC show on HDNet was commentated by Michael Schiavello and Jason "Mayhem" Miller; the addition of Maria could push the awesomeness to dangerous levels. Enjoy the pics…

Maria Kanellis bikini pics gallery WWE Diva Maria Kanellis lingerie underwear WWE Diva sexy photos gallery Maria Kanellis Celebrity Apprentice sexy pics HDNet photos WWE Diva Maria Celebrity Apprentice Sevin Sins gallery sexy pics photos

Maria Kanellis sexy ass WWE diva photos WWE Diva Maria Kanellis Playboy cover Celebrity Apprentice WWE Diva Maria Kanellis Playboy nude naked pics photos gallery WWE Diva Maria Kanellis naked nude sexy Playboy pictorial photos pics

Maria Kanellis (born February 25, 1982) is best known from her time with the WWE, where she appeared as a wrestler and backstage interviewer. Maria first came to the attention of the WWE during the 2004 Raw Diva Search contest; though she only placed fifth, she made such an impression that she was offered a job anyway, and was employed by the organization until February 2010. Maria Kanellis posed for the cover of Playboy‘s April 2008 issue, and was a contestant on the third season of The Celebrity Apprentice in 2010. Her album Seven Sins was released on April 13, 2010.

Check out some other sexy women from the world of MMA…
Arianny Celeste
Rachelle Leah
Kenda Perez


Ray Mercer Returning to MMA Next Month Against Undefeated Ron Sparks

Ray Mercer MMA
(The beginning of the boxers-in-MMA epidemic. Thanks again, Tim. / Photo courtesy of Sherdog.)

After he humiliated Tim Sylvia last June, we were worried that former boxing champ Ray Mercer would ride off into the sunset for good, having proved himself a master at two different combat sports. But you have to give the dude credit — he hasn’t given up on MMA competition, and he won’t be fighting scrubs just to collect a paycheck. passes along the news that Mercer will be appearing at a King of the Cage event on April 16th in Detroit, against Ron "The Monster" Sparks, a 6’5", 300-pound bruiser with a 5-0 record. Granted, Sparks’s first four opponents were making their pro debuts, and his last one has a losing record. Still, considering that Mercer is just 1-0 himself (not including his exhibition bout against Kimbo Slice in 2007), it’s a matchup that makes sense. Will Mercer continue to find success as a mixed martial artist? How long will it take until he’s ready for a UFC heavyweight title shot against James Toney? KOTC’s 4/16 show will be headlined by Jeremy Horn vs. Jake Rosholt, and will be broadcast live on HDNet.

Speaking of boxers crossing over into MMA, Shine Fights has signed undefeated NABO cruiserweight champion B.J. Flores (24-0-1, 15 KOs) to a non-exclusive fight contract. Shine Fights previously drew attention with their signing of former junior middleweight boxing champion Ricardo Mayorga — who will face Din Thomas on May 15th — but their new acquisition is even more notable because Flores is a current boxing champion who’s basically in his prime. Flores’s debut-date and first opponent have not yet been named.