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Knockout of the Night: Nicolas Dalby Makes Sergei Churilov Do the “No Bones Dance” at Cage Warriors 66

Although Rolles Gracie’s “Flair Flop” at WSOF 5 will forever be immortalized as the greatest involuntary reaction to a KO of all time (with Kaleo Gambill’s post-fight beat-off being the clear but distant runner-up), we’ll be damned if Sergei Churilov didn’t give him a run for his money at Cage Warriors 66 last weekend.

In a fight for the promotion’s vacant welterweight title, Nicolas Dalby and Churilov engaged in a back-and-forth slugfest that ranked among the best of the year. Churilov was getting the better of the exchanges until midway through the fourth round, when Dalby unleashed a head kick that had the Ukrainian doing the “No Bones Dance” across the ring (or “Gumbying” as the kids I just made up are calling it).

A few follow-up punches were all that Dalby needed to walk away with the welterweight title in hand, and while he may have gotten the victory, it is Churilov who will surely get the last laugh when his post-KO dance is celebrated in gif form for years to come. I mean, just look at those moves!

The man is clearly a big Kevin Bacon fan is all I’m saying.

-J. Jones


Knockout of the Night: Centrifugal Forces Are Like, SO in Right Now

(The fact that Aldama’s feet look something like this surely didn’t help matters.) 

My God. As if it wasn’t crazy enough that CP reader Jason Jenkins was able to pull off that insane tilt-a-whirl KO just last week, now this shit happens. Matter of fact, while we’re naming knockouts after carnival rides, we’d like to be the first to officially dub this baby, which took place at Total Gym Peleas Amateur Chapo Challenger 1 in Mexico last weekend, “The Scrambler.” Not only because it certainly scrambled the brains of it’s recipient, Esteban Santillanez, for quite some time, but also because the kick looked like it was thrown by a man who forgot to buckle his safety harness on the aforementioned ride.

Christian Aldama is the man behind the incredible kick, which awaits you after the jump.


MMA Meme Photo of the Day: Sam “Hands of Stone, Face of Troll” Stout

Take damage + knockout = $70K. LOL U Mad? PicProps: MMA Junkie

Just because it amused us, check out this picture of Sam Stout doing his best trollface.

Stout picked up a KO of the Night bonus for his jaw-crushing starching of Yves Edwards Saturday night, his sixth bonus in eleven fights in the UFC. Stout has a reputation for game planning to win FotN bonuses, which basically involves taking damage before firing every missile he has.

Hate him if you want, but Stout’s strategy appears to be working, and it probably brings a fair amount of job security along with stacks of cash. That’s how you set up a sound financial future, people. Or, you know, just go blow a stack of bills.



Maia, Thiago, Sanchez and Stevenson Pocket UFC 95 Bonus Cash

(Uh-oh…. Photo courtesy of

With all the quick knockouts and ‘holy shit!’-style finishes at UFC 95 in London, selecting one for Knockout of the Night couldn’t have been easy.  

Evan Dunham and Dan Hardy both put their opponents away with a certain emphasis on unconsciousness, but it was Brazilian newcomer Paulo Thiago who earned the $40,000 bonus for his knockout of Josh Koscheck.  It might have helped that the uppercut which floored Koscheck came immediately after Joe Rogan criticized Thiago’s woefully inept striking skills.  It’s all in the timing.

Submission of the Night, also known as the Demian Maia Award, predictably went once again to Demian Maia, who made short work of Chael Sonnen using a a triangle choke he set up from the mount.  

And you guessed it, Fight of the Night went to the main event pairing of Diego Sanchez and Joe Stevenson.  It may not have been the most thrilling war we’ve ever seen, but it was longer than most of the matches at UFC 95, even if we learned everything we needed to know about how it was going to turn out in the first round.  Hopefully Nate Marquardt and Wilson Gouveia got a little something extra for their efforts too.