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ICYMI: Mayura “The Karate Clerk” Dissanayake Scored an 18-Second KO Over the Weekend

Back in July, we brought you the news (and video footage) of Houston gas station attendant/MMA fighter Mayura Dissanayake thwarting a robbery via a hellstorm of soccer kicks. The video was cathartic, uplifting, and kewl, and soon garnered more Youtube views than “Bully Beatdown Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller vs Bully Andrew”, which is an impressive accomplishment by *any* standard.

On Saturday night, Dissanayake stepped out from behind the counter and back into the ring at Savarese Promotion’s hybrid MMA and muay Thai card in Houston, taking on Jaime Garcia in an amatuer contest. Once again, Dissanayake delivered a lightning fast, supremely violent finish, peppering Garcia with a few leg kicks before clipping him with a left hand as he was charging forward in typically amateurish fashion.

A few follow up punches and it was good night Garcia, who at the very least, should find some comfort in the fact that he didn’t wake up from his beating in a jail cell. #thelittlethings

After the jump: The original video of Dissanayake’s act of gas station heroism, because why the f*ck not.


Sad Knockout of the Day: Valentijn Overeem Gets Alistair Overeem’d By Some Russian Dude in France

(Your speakers. Turn them down.)

Do any of you guys remember when Alistair Overeem nearly killed Kazuyuki Fujita with that knee at K1 Dynamite!! 2009? Picture that, only with Alistair’s older brother Valentijn playing the role of Fujita and some Russian guy playing the role of Ubereem and you won’t even have to watch this video of Valentijn getting KO’d in France a couple weeks back. However, if you lack our photographic MMA memory (MMAmory?) and imaginative powers, allow the above video to do the work for you.

Recorded with the finest and therefore snootiest of French potatoes, the Overeem/Russ N. Guy (What I did there. See it.) fight went down at Pancrase Fighting Championship 5 in Marseilles, France on April 27th. How any event with the Pancrase eponym can have a number lower than 300 attached to it is beyond us, but skip ahead to the 4:30 mark to catch the beginning of this shim sham. Despite knocking his opponent down and nearly snatching up a couple submissions, this fight ends in the fashion we’ve come to expect from Valentijn: suddenly, with “The Python” lying in a coil on the canvas. DO YOU SEE?! DO YOU SEE WHAT I DID THERE?!


“JERRY RIPS!” Is Back With a Quick Reminder About Post-KO Memory Loss, Featuring Miguel Torres [VIDEO]

When all is said and done, UFC 159 will be remembered for three things: mangled appendagesJon Jones’ easiest challenge ever, and Jerry Rips, a Youtube user/possible demigod who seemingly hacked into the event’s audio feed with no ulterior motive other than displaying his immense power and creeping everyone the fuck out. Well Taters, if you thought Jerry’s trolling of UFC 159 was an isolated incident, START THINKING THE OPPOSITE OF THAT.

Somehow, Jerry managed to dig up the audio/video feed from the aftermath of Miguel Torres‘ KO loss to Michael McDonald at UFC 145 and threw it up on his Youtube page last night. And once again, we have been left with more questions than answers: How long has Jerry been hacking into UFC audio feeds? Does he plan on releasing audio of that time Tim Sylvia shit his pants? Do you think Timmeh’s corner noticed, like, immediately? Did Miguel ever go on that vacation Firas Zahabi promised him? Why did Torres think he was fighting Mark Hominick at featherweight? Do all white people look the same to semi-conscious Miguel Torres?

Based on the evidence, Jerry Rips can only be one of the following:


[VIDEO] Juan Manuel Marquez Knocks Out Manny Pacquiao in Dramatic Fashion

While most of you reading this were busy watching the UFC last night, boxing fans throughout the country tuned in to watch Pacquiao/Marquez IV. It’s still too early to tell which sport came out on top in terms of the ratings, but regardless, boxing fans were treated to a dramatic sixth round knockout from one of its greatest active fighters. And no, Pacquiao wasn’t the fighter dishing it out.

Juan Manuel Marquez arguably defeated Manny Pacquiao during their third meeting, but came up short on the scorecards, losing a majority decision. This time around, Marquez took no chances, knocking out Pacquiao with an overhand right with only one second left in round six. Pacquiao, who has now lost back-to-back fights for the first time in his career (although the Bradley decision was pretty absurd), has no plans to retire, although we’ll have to wait and see what this loss does to his marketability.

Video awaits after the jump.


Knockout of the Day: 62 Year-old Man KO’s Opponent With the Sloppiest Spinning Backfist You Will Ever See

(Is it just us or did Mortal Kombat seem a lot more badass when we were growing up?) 

Suffice it to say, when a 62 year-old man sporting a ponytail, a Tapout shirt, and a pair of GSP-esque tights waltzes into an MMA ring, people tend to take notice. When that man appears to have developed a fighting strategy reminiscent of a falling helicopter leaf and is challenging a much younger man who is easily a weight class above him, well…

Video after the jump. 


[VIDEO] Melvin Manhoef’s Rubber-Legged Doppleganger Spotted Knocking Out Fools in the UK

(An audience member snapped this photo at the exact moment of the knockout.) 

There has been a lot of talk over the past few weeks in regards to “bath salts” an their effect on the human body. A friend of mine described them as “meth on PCP,” and said that they tend to make one feel “like Superman on a Chris Benoit-esque roid rage,” with side effects ranging from hallucinations, paranoia, and wet farts all the way to the ability to leap tall buildings in a single bound and absorb a speeding bullet without batting an eye. Let’s just say that he’s “a doctor.”

Well, after watching Galore Bosando’s recent destruction of Wendle Lewis at a May 26th UCMMA event in London, I can only assume that we have witnessed the first case of bath salt abuse in MMA. Because there is no other logical explanation as to how exactly Bosando was able to deliver such an onslaught of spinning kick attacks, combining an inhuman level of flexibility with an, and I use this term at the risk of sounding racist, “explosiveness” that just doesn’t seem attainable without a narcotic level stimulant running through one’s veins.

Welterweights of the greater London area take notice, because it appears that Melvin Guillard and Melvin Manhoef mixed their DNA in a petri dish, combined it with 4 pounds of C-4, and mailed it to England in a bag full of hammers. The resulting explosion created Galore Basando.

Video after the jump. 


Knockout of the Day: Add Another Contender to the ‘Falling Tree’ HOF List

As with the double KO and the “lawn chair” KO, we were the first to discover the “falling tree” KO before it began to spread across the MMA blogosphere faster than the Motaba virus. Today’s case study comes to us from the Mohawk Valley Community College Gym in Utica, NY of all places, at an event dubbed “CNY Battle Ground 5.” According to the ticket purchasing site, the event saw “MMA fighters from around the state square off in the cage,” because as we all know, MMA is kinda sorta legal in New York.

Although the heavy gloves, head gear, and shin pads lead us to believe this was some sort of kickboxing exhibition, the extra gear does make the eight second knockout seem all the more impressive. The man behind the vicious, Cro Copian head kick is Bob Reese, otherwise known the baddest man to ever walk out to a Rihanna song. Come on Bob, throw on some Chris Brown if you want to do some REAL damage.

-J. Jones


Knockout of the Holiday Season: Adam Aliev wins via first round Tornado Kick

Props to MiddleEasy for the video

Merry Christmas from all of us at Cage Potato. For those of you who celebrate, we hope you have better plans for the holiday than getting trashed and watching the return of that other winter sport, like at least one member of the Cage Potato staff plans on doing. You know, maybe you can talk to your family or friends today. Or exchange gifts. Whatever works for you.


Knockout of the Day: Dan Lauzon Sings Anthony Kaponis a Bedtime Story

(Props to ShockBlastMedia for the vid. KO comes at 1:36) 

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Dan Lauzon; his last run in the UFC saw him get Toby-Imada’d by Cole Miller and outpointed in a snoozefest by TUF 8 winner Efrain Escudero. All of this came amidst a falling out with his older brother, UFC lightweight contender Joe Lauzon, who spoke out about Dan’s lack of motivation and desire to train. Well, it seems that Dan has finally begun to heed the advice of his big bro, because he’s rattled off four consecutive wins, all by stoppage, since being released by Zuffa over a year ago. Or, it could just be that he’s fighting people way, way below his level, as is the case in the above video.


Bellator 51 Recap: Joe Warren No Longer Feels Like the Baddest Man on the Planet

Or no longer feels anything, for that matter. Props to MiddleEasy for the video.

It’s Sunday afternoon. Most of you were too busy with UFC 135 to even bother watching Bellator 51 last night. Today, you’re probably too busy with your religious practices to spend time reading a full recap, so I’ll make this quick for you.

For those of you who don’t even have the time to watch that video, damn. Let me first ask you what it’s like to have responsibilities. Let’s also say that Joe Warren will not become Bellator’s first multiple weight class title holder any time soon. Forty year old Bellator newcomer Alexis Vila delivered a left hook that zombified Warren just over one minute into the fight. Look on the bright side, Joe: After getting knocked out like that, you have that featherweight title defense against Patricio Freire to look forward to.

Full results, courtesy of MMAJunkie, after the jump.