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Quote of the Day: Chael Sonnen’s Epic Trolling of Lance Armstrong Almost Came to Legal/Physical Blows

(Takes one to know one, we guess.) 

I’m pretty sure the amount of irony present in the whole Chael Sonnen/Lance Armstrong beef is giving me cancer. Here you have an MMA fighter on PED’s who called out a cyclist of all people for using PED’s just weeks before said MMA fighter was busted for PED’s. Then, said MMA fighter denied that he ever claimed the cyclist was on PED’s, only to come out years later demanding a personal apology from the cyclist, who it turns out was actually on PED’s all the while. It was an act that required a huge set of balls to commit to, yet was pulled off by a guy whose balls are apparently so small that he needs testosterone injections just to survive, again, because he used PED’s in the past. “Pot, meet kettle,” doesn’t even begin to describe it.

In either case, Sonnen recently appeared on his favorite venue for trolling the MMA world, The Jim Rome Show, and picked up where he left off in regards to the now disgraced cyclist, even delving into how Armstrong had threatened to sue him for his statements at one point:

Why are they calling him a bully? That’s what I can’t wrap my mind brain around. Lance is a dweeb, the only thing he’s missing is the tape on the glasses and the high water pants. That guy couldn’t get respect at the local Honky Tonk in my hometown. He threatened to sue me so I threatened to kick his ass and the whole thing went away.


Chael Sonnen Now Denies He Said Anything About Lance Armstrong, Ever


Giving more weight to our theory that Chael Sonnen legitimately suffers from multiple personality disorder, the UFC’s #1 middleweight contender did an interview with Ariel Helwani yesterday in which he denied saying that Lance Armstrong gave himself cancer by taking steroids. Keep in mind that Sonnen made those incendiary comments on a publicly-broadcast radio interview that you can still listen to any time you feel like it. Here’s the exchange with Helwani, which begins at the 4:19 mark: 

AH: A lot of people took offense to what you said about Lance Armstrong recently, to Larry Pepe. Can you elaborate on that?

CS: I never did an interview with Larry Pepe.

AH: The Lance Armstrong stuff, you never said.

CS: I never spoke of Lance Armstrong ever. Never. Not until just now.


Sonnen Says Lance Armstrong Got Cancer from PED’s and is an Opportunist Who Lives off the Spoils of Being a Cheater

(I knew this was all an act.)

I’m way beyond trying to figure out what the hell Chael Sonnen is doing as far as his pre-fight antics towards Anderson Silva ahead of their UFC 117 fight go, especially when large portions of his rants have nothing to do with the UFC middleweight champion.

During an interview with Larry Pepe on his Pro MMA Radio show today, Sonnen went off about a popular theory that seven time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong gave himself testicular, brain and lung cancer by abusing performance enhancing drugs (as he has been alleged to have done by several sources) and that his Live Strong foundation was created, not to aid in raising money to help find the cure for cancer as its mission states, but rather as an opportunistic money making scheme by the former cyclist.