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CagePotato PSA: You Can Follow Us on Google+, Finally

(Or subscribe to us. Or join our circle. Or whatever it is you do with this goddamn thing.)

Now that CagePotato.com is flush with cash, it’s time to re-invest in our infrastructure. So, I spent upwards of 20 minutes this morning setting up CagePotato’s Google Plus page. Look, before you go there, just understand that it’s a work in progress. Okay. Here’s the link:

CagePotato.com on Google+

If you’re a Google+ user, please follow us and we’ll keep you posted on our original features, breaking news, and more fun stuff you won’t see anywhere else. It’s like our Facebook page, but…different, I guess? Still trying to figure out that last part. Please give us some Google+ pro tips in the comments section, because I’m feeling like a befuddled old man right now.

Thanks, guys. Now get back to work.


CagePotato MySpace Page Now Available for Friendship


Attention social networkers: CagePotato.com done gone and got itself one of them MySpace pages! Click here to check it out. Please add us as a friend and learn what it feels like to be part of something greater than yourself.