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‘Layzie the Savage’ May File Charges Against Jason Miller After Gym Confrontation

(Props: TheRyanLoco. Things begins to go south at the 2:06 mark.)

Just as UFC color-man Joe Rogan recently landed in hot water over which words he shouldn’t use in public, Strikeforce/MTV star Jason Miller may be getting a costly lesson in who he may and may not put his hands on. Miller was at Kings MMA on Saturday to receive his jiu-jitsu black belt from Rafael Cordeiro, when he spotted our friend (and noted 209 supporter) Michael "Layzie the Savage" Mardones.

Seemingly without provocation — unless you count previous online trash talk — Miller slapped Layzie’s hat off, then rudely shoved him out the door. Later, Miller cooled down enough to allow Layzie back in the building, where he lectured him about Nick Diaz’s bitchassness. The afternoon proceeded as planned, but things didn’t end there. Apparently, Mardones is considering pressing assault charges against Miller due to their physical altercation. As he explained on the UG:


Listen to MRuss Rep The Potato Nation On Last Night’s Episode of MMA Sucka Radio

Mike represented the Potato Nation last night on MMA Sucka Radio’s third instalment of their State of the Union MMA media-centric series where he added his commentary on a variety of hot topics.

The roundtable discussion also featured the 209s rising MMA videographer/editor Layzie the Savage and host Trevor Dueck.

Check out here, a sample of Layzie’s work below and give the show a listen.

(Video courtesy YouTube/LayzietheSavage)