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On This Day in MMA History…June 23

(Listen, Dana…Do you think you can say I was with you the night the heist went down?)

Lee Murray was released from a Morroccan jail 2 years ago.

Why it matters:

Although his freedom was short-lived (as in two days), it may be the only time the former UFC middleweight, who was sentenced to an additional 10-25 years for his part in the publicized Securitas heist in the UK, may taste freedom in the next two decades.


Ivan Salaverry retired from MMA three years ago…sort of.

Why it matters:

Salaverry announced that he was done fighting on this day in 2008, but later revealed (as illustrated in the interview above from Matt Lindland’s ‘Fighting Politics’ documentary) that his decision was brought on by the way he felt he and other fighters were mistreated by UFC president Dana White. Since there was a loophole in his UFC contract that stated that retirement nullified his agreement after a specified amount of time, after sitting out for nearly three years from his last bout at UFC 84, Salaverry pulled a Randy Couture and returned to action May 21 of this year to face Matt Ewin at Bamma 6. Unfortunately for the 40-year-old whose version of the mounted crucifix holds a special place in the heart of UFC commentator Joe Rogan, the long layoff and his age did him no favors as he lost the bout by unanimous decision.


Lee Murray Breathes The Air of a Free Man For a Few Fleeting Moments

Lee Murray
(Everyone wants their picture in the paper, right?)

Former MMA fighter turned bank robber Lee Murray was released from a Morrocan prison yesterday, only to be rearrested soon after and have his hopes crushed by the cruel humor of the gods.  Things seemed to be going well for Murray when a Moroccan court ruled that he was legally a citizen of Morocco and thus could not be extradited to stand trial for the robbery in England.  His release seemed even more surprising, considering he was allegedly caught trying to escape from jail a little over a week ago.  But his freedom didn’t last, as Moroccan authorities arrested him again after a British request to have him tried for the robbery in Morocco, under Moroccan law.  Murray’s lawyer said he expected the trial to start soon.