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NOOOOOOOO!!! Aleksander Emelianenko Out of Cro Cop Rematch Due to Legal Troubles, Replaced By Some Other Russian Dude

(There’s no way I or any of you are topping “I must bake you,” but feel free to give it a shot in the comments section.) 

You guys might recall that Aleksander Emelianenko was tentatively scheduled to rematch Mirko Cro Cop at the end of the year – an announcement that was somewhat gushed over here at CagePotato. That was, of course, until Emelianenko decided to beat up a 63 year-old army veteran on his birthday. Classy stuff, Al. Unfortunately for us PRIDE fanboys, the resulting legal action taken against Emelianenko has ensured that none such rematch will happen.

FightersOnly passes along the news that Emelianenko has been pulled from his Legends 2 fight with Cro Cop on November 8th and replaced by some other Russian dude named Alex. Specifically, Alexey “The Boa Constrictor” Oleinik, who it turns out might be a bigger threat to Cro Cop than Emelianenko could ever dream of being:

Alexey Oleinik fighter will replace him, says promoter Ruslan Suleymanov. Oleinik is a Bellator and KSW veteran with a 47-9 record. He is known as ‘The Boa Constrictor’ and has 38 submissions wins to his name.

“This is one of the top Russian heavyweights in MMA. Oleynik won many times over the last few months. With Alexei we can expect a very good fight,” said Sulejmanov.


Things Are Getting Ugly Over at Team Quest


Team Quest has seen better days. The Portland, Oregon chapter of the fight team ended 2010 with a string of disasters. After blowing his title fight with Anderson Silva in the closing moments of their fight at UFC 117, Chael Sonnen pissed hot and—after telling the CSAC and all of planet Earth about his insufficient gonads—was suspended for 6 months. He followed that little number up by pleading guilty to a money laundering scheme which prompted the UFC to freeze his contract. For his part, Lindland closed out the year with a quick visit to the spirit world for the second time in his last three fights. Now more bad news is on the horizon as “The Law” could be facing a legal battle with Team Quest teammate Dan Henderson.

The dispute centers on ownership and rights to the Team Quest name. Henderson was at one point the sole owner of the fight club, but later sold a minority share in the company to Lindland. Henderson operates his branch of the franchise out of Temecula, California, with four other locations calling California and Oregon home. Money is no doubt at the heart of this battle. While Hendo is known to be soft-spoken, his counterparts in Oregon are no strangers to speaking their mind. It will be interesting to see how this plays out in and out of the courtroom. It’s hard to imagine Lindland charming a jury, and you’d have to give the advantage to Hendo thanks to his strong political allies…


Juanito Ibarra Devastated by “Rampage” Jackson’s Troubles

(Better times. Photo courtesy of

The split with trainer Juanito Ibarra is said to have precipitated former UFC light heavyweight champ Quinton Jackson’s mental breakdown, but Ibarra himself has been quiet on the issue. While he still refuses to talk to about exactly what happened between he and Rampage, he does seem to be deeply affected by it in this talk with MMA Junkie:

“I’m devastated by what he’s been through and some of the things I’ve heard,” said Ibarra. “I’ve not sat down with Quinton to this day to discuss things. I pray for his well-being, and if I helped Quinton out a little bit with his growth in the sport, then I’ve been very blessed and honored to do that. I love this kid with all my heart, and I wish him nothing but the best.”


“I’m not going to get in to storytelling. … It’s not what I’m about. I haven’t sat down with Quinton Jackson, and I’m not going to hear things through sources and through people. This is a kid I’ve been with for almost four years. I have nothing but love and support for him. All I want for Quinton right now is what’s best for him. Whatever he needs from me in any way, I’m here for him and always have been.”

Recent reports have attributed the split to money, but as more information on Jackson’s mental state becomes apparent it seems less and less likely, if only for the reason that money is way too normal a thing for fighters and trainers to squabble over, and nothing about this situation seems normal. Particularly since Ibarra seems to be as much of a spiritual adviser as a trainer to Jackson, perhaps a reconciliation of some kind could really help the former champ.