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Pulver vs. Garcia: Get Pumped

Watching this NBC Sports video preview of tonight’s Jens Pulver-Leonard Garcia bout, I am officially psyched. You have to love Pulver’s ‘I’m getting too old for this shit’ attitude when it comes to fighting these young whipper-snappers, just as you also have to love that he arrives at the event looking like he stopped to fight in several bar parking lots on the way. I’ve never seen a guy so content in the role of gatekeeper or so compelling in it.

With Urijah Faber facing another tough, though probably doomed opponent, and with Paulo Filho showing up too fat to put his title on the line, Pulver-Garcia is looking like it could easily turn out to be the fight of the night. In fact, I’m so confident this bout will deliver, if it turns out to be anything other than a thriller I’ll eat my hat.*

* my hat is a meatball sub.


Leonard Garcia Advises Huerta to Shut the Hell Up

(A man who knows the value of the right to remain silent.)

Perhaps you’ve noticed that ever since he opened his yap to complain about the UFC and money to Fight! Magazine, Roger Huerta has practically disappeared. He lost his faux-number one contender bout to Kenny Florian at UFC 87, and subsequent rebroadcasts of that event on Spike TV have had that bout removed altogether. It’s enough to make you wonder, did Roger Huerta really exist, or did we all just imagine him?

Okay, I checked on the internet and he really does exist, he’s just vanished from the UFC’s PR radar after taking his gripes public. Former foe and current WEC fighter Leonard Garcia tells MMA Rated that Huerta has no one but himself to blame:

“I think everybody writes their own ticket,” Garcia said. “The only thing I can say is don’t ever start to believe what people say about you. That’s the number one thing for me. The simple fact of the matter is that we are getting paid to do what we love. Don’t go out there and try to reach for the stars too soon.


WEC 36 Card Finalized for 11/5

(Props: Bloody Elbow)

The WEC has released the final lineup for next Wednesday’s event at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, Florida. Here’s what we’ll be seeing:

Main Card (airing live on Versus, 8 p.m. ET)
Urijah Faber vs. Mike Brown (for featherweight championship)
Paulo Filho vs. Chael Sonnen (for middleweight championship)
Jens Pulver vs. Leonard Garcia (featherweights)
Jake Rosholt vs. Nissen Osterneck (middleweights)
Rob McCullough vs. Donald Cerrone (lightweights)

David Avellan vs. Aaron Simpson (light-heavyweights)
Jose Aldo vs. Jonathan Brookins (featherweights)
Alex Schoenauer vs. Steve Steinbeiss (light-heavyweights)
Danny Castillo vs. Ed Ratcliff (lightweights)
Yoshiro Maeda vs. Rani Yahya (bantamweights)

The video promo above wonders if Mike Brown is the man to stop Urijah Faber’s reign of dominance in the WEC. Most likely, he isn’t — which should explain why Faber’s betting line is as high as -450 on sports wagering sites. The fight to really pay attention to here is Paulo Filho vs. Chael Sonnen. Before the controversial armbar stoppage in their first match last December, Chael Sonnen was dominating Filho, beating the middleweight champ standing and scoring multiple takedowns. Filho entered treatment for chemical dependency shortly after the fight, and hasn’t competed since; Sonnen last fought at WEC 33 in March, where he won a decision over Bryan Baker. It’ll be interesting to see where Filho’s head is at. And of course, there’s no way Lil’ Evil vs. Bad Boy will be a dull fight. Not bad for free TV…


WEC Completes September Fight Card

(Urijah Faber talks upcoming title defense with ESPN)

The WEC has announced the full fight card for their September 10 event in Florida, and once again it’s a fairly stacked show from Zuffa’s minor leagues. Most notable is the official announcement that former UFC lightweight champ Jens Pulver will be taking on Leonard “Just Try and Make Those Charges Stick” Garcia. It also includes Urijah Faber defending his title against Mike Brown, and Paulo Filho making his return to action in a rematch against Chael Sonnen.

Making their WEC debuts are two Team Takedown members — Jake Rosholt and Johny Hendricks — who are definitely worth keeping an eye on in the future.

Here’s the full lineup:

Urijah Faber vs. Mike Brown
Paulo Filho vs. Chael Sonnen
Jens Pulver vs. Leonard Garcia
Danillo Villefort vs. Jake Rosholt
Rob McCullough vs. Donald Cerrone
Rani Yahya vs. Yoshihiro Maeda
David Avellan vs. Tim McKenzie
Johny Hendricks vs. Alex Serdyukov
Ed Ratcliff vs. Danny Castillo


Sanchez/Alves Moved to UFC 90; Pulver/Garcia at WEC 36?

Diego Sanchez UFC MMA
(The Nightmare returns; photo courtesy of MMA Junkie.)

A couple of important fight bookings to pass along this morning…

First, MMA Weekly reports that a welterweight bout between Diego Sanchez and Thiago Alves will take place at UFC 90 (October 25th, Chicago); the UFC hasn’t officially announced any of the fights on the card yet. Originally, Sanchez/Alves was rumored to take place at UFC 89 in Birmingham, England, but with that lineup filling out it looks like the Nightmare vs. the Pitbull will be used to anchor the UFC’s first show in Chi-town.

Meanwhile, Leonard Garcia has reportedly agreed to face Jens Pulver in a featherweight match at WEC 36 (September 10th; Hollywood, Florida). WEC 36 is also slated to feature title fights between Urijah Faber and Mike Brown, and Paulo Filho vs. Chael Sonnen. Garcia hasn’t fought since a TKO victory over Hiroyuki Takaya at WEC 32 in February, after which he was caught up in a minor misunderstanding over drug smuggling. Pulver had to undergo elbow surgery after his unanimous decision loss to Urijah Faber last month, but according to Lil’ Evil, “everything is good.”


Leonard Garcia Beats Them Charges Like Rocky

Okay, so he’s not officially out of the woods yet, but WEC fighter Leonard Garcia has had the federal drug trafficking charges against him dropped, according to a MySpace post reprinted by MMA Mania earlier today. You may recall that Garcia was arrested back in March in alleged connection with a cocaine smuggling ring in Texas. Garcia proclaimed his innocence from the get-go, and now things are starting to look better for him:

“I just wanted to post this to let everyone know that I had the federal charges dropped. I am still dealing with the state but the charges aren’t as serious as they seemed. So I hope to be back in the cage soon … real soon. I’m just waiting on my excellent manager Steven (boogie) Bean to get that straightened out for me. I am gonna be the WEC lightweight champ soon, this is something I feel strongly about. So I’m telling everyone that is my goal and my dream and that is what I’m going to do so I will give it my all to do what I say I’m gonna do.”

State charges are still enough to get you locked up in prison, so it might not be time to celebrate just yet, but the fact that the feds dropped their case against him lends credence to his claims of innocence and suggests that maybe he’ll be back in the good kind of cage sooner rather than later.


Rothwell Confirms Affliction Bout With Arlovski

Andrei Arlovski FCF

The source for this one is a bit shaky, but Fightline is passing along news that Ben Rothwell will indeed be taking on Andrei Arlovski at Affliction: Banned (July 19th; Anaheim, CA) according to a Sherdog thread where Rothwell personally confirms it. As Rothwell writes:

I tried to never say if i was/was not fighting AA but most all the forum took it that way, sorry i guess.

anyway I’m excited to fight a top10 HW, so thanks for the support, peace

CagePotato reported this rumor two weeks ago, but there has been no official statement from the organization yet. Speaking of Arlovski, the Pitbull’s presence in an upcoming Adrenaline MMA meet-and-greet could suggest that he will fight for that outfit as well.

In other non-UFC news…

— HDNet has agreed to broadcast Adrenaline MMA’s first three fight cards. The first one is going down June 14th in Chicago (headlined by Jeff Monson vs. Mike Russow), and the second is slated for September 6th in Moline, Illinois, and will feature Tim Sylvia and Ben Rothwell; yep, just like the first Affliction show. Personally, we wouldn’t book Tim to fight less than two months after throwing down with Fedor Emelianenko, but hey, we’re not Monte Cox.


Leonard Garcia Was Only Holding It for a Friend

(A courtroom victory would be a thousand times sweeter.)

In an e-mail exchange with MMAJunkie, Leonard Garcia claimed his innocence regarding his recent drug trafficking arrest, and implied that the charge is based only on groundless hearsay:

“I am fighting it because there is nothing but someone saying I was involved,” said Garcia, who was released from jail on a reconnaissance bond and will return to court on May 5. “I hope to have a smile on my face after this is said and done, but I feel like I’m in a fight for my life…

“I’d like to tell my fans to stick with me and pray that the liar in this case tells the truth,” Garcia said. “I want to get back to doing what I do best: fighting for the fans…

Your past is exactly that. My life has a bright future, and people that don’t have that don’t want me to have one either. May God forgive them.”

On his MySpace page, Garcia adds the following:

“This is leonard, I want to ask all my fans and supporters to keep me in their prayers. Know that I can clear my name and continue to give fans the fights they deserve to watch. And know that I am innocent of a crime that I’m being accused of from 3 years ago…I will get through this mess and make everyone proud of me as I have done before.”

Three years ago, eh? Too bad there’s no statute of limitations on filling two dozen condoms with cocaine, inserting them into your body cavity, then taking a train from El Paso to Lubbock. We’re kidding of course — we actually have no idea what Garcia used to transport the coke.


Leonard Garcia Pinched for Drug Smuggling

(Mug shot courtesy of MMAWeekly.)

Thirteen members of an El Paso-to-Lubbock cocaine smuggling ring were arrested this week during raids that followed a four-year investigation. And now the bad news:

NewsChannel 11 has learned one of those arrested is mixed martial arts fighter Leonard Garcia. He was arrested Tuesday in alleged connection with the cocaine ring. Garcia is currently ranked sixth in the featherweight class in MMA. [Ed. note: According to KCBD News Channel 11's independent rankings?]

If convicted, three of those arrested could face up to 40 years in prison and up to a $2 million fine. The others could face up to life in prison and up to a $4 million fine.

Cripes, so 40 years is the best case scenario? Let’s hope “Bad Boy” has a good attorney. When reached for comment, Garcia’s manager Sven Bean said:

“It was a shock to me. It definitely came out of left field. I’ve talked with his family and I’ve had one phone conversation with his lawyer. We’re just letting him do his job at this point. Hopefully, we’ll know more as the days progress.”

Obviously, we’re just as shocked. Could Garcia’s managerial position at Frito-Lay have just been a front for something more devious? We’ll update you when more details emerge…

Previously — Leonard Garcia: Stalking Urijah


Leonard Garcia: Stalking Urijah


By CagePotato Special Contributor Brian Knapp

“Bad Boy” wants a shot at World Extreme Cagefighting’s immovable object.

Perhaps best known for his epic bout with Roger Huerta at UFC 69 last April, Leonard Garcia (11-3, 2-0 WEC) expects to compete next at a WEC show scheduled for June 1st in Sacramento, CA. A featherweight title bout between reigning champion Urijah Faber and Jens Pulver is slated to headline the event, and the 28-year-old Texan believes he could be within arm’s reach of a shot at the winner should he continue to perform at a high level.

“I would say whoever the winner of that fight is…if I fight on that card and do well, I would hope I’d get a title shot shortly after,” Garcia says. “They’re talking about giving me two more fights [before I challenge the champion], which would be good for me, too, because I’m getting better and better.”

Garcia — who dropped to a more natural 145 pounds after posting a 1-2 mark in the UFC’s cutthroat lightweight division — returned to the WEC for the first time in seven years last month, and made the most of his opportunity. The charismatic former Ring of Fire lightweight champion blasted through Hiroyuki “Streetfight Bancho” Takaya — a man with victories against Hatsu Hioki and Antonio Carvalho on his resume — in just 91 seconds at WEC 32.

Spawned by Jackson’s Submission Fighting in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Garcia was believed to be on track to compete again in April. However, WEC promoters could not secure a suitable opponent willing to step into the cage with him; at least one potential challenger turned down a fight with Garcia.

“I’m glad I’m in a position where people are worried about fighting me,” he says. “But I don’t think I’ll have to worry about that too much, because in our division, there aren’t too many people who are worried about fighting anybody.”