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Reminder: ‘Big’ John McCarthy’s Book Comes Out On Thursday and You Should Buy It

(Video Courtesy of Patrick Kennedy)

Whether you’re interested in some fascinating firsthand accounts of the behind the scenes goings on in the early days of the UFC and the origins of some of MMA’s rules and regulations or you simply want to get to know one of the most important MMA figureheads the sport has ever known, you need to pick up a copy of “Big” John McCarthy’s “Let’s Get It On! The Making of MMA and Its Ultimate Referee.”

The biographical account of McCarthy’s life as a son, brother, father, husband, police officer, coach and referee was co-written by acclaimed MMA reporter and the author of Randy Couture’s book, “Becoming the Natural: My Life In and Out of the Cage,” Loretta Hunt,  and has been lauded by several members of the MMA media as one of 2012′s must-read books for fans of the sport.

Loretta will be our special guest on this week’s episode of The Bum Rush Radio Show on Friday to talk about the book and we’ll have a review of the tome on the site next week.


Let’s Get It On MMA Cancels Quebec Half of Canadian Tournament Due to Commission Dithering Over Shape of Cage

(William Phelps Eno would be rolling in his grave if he knew he could have trademarked the shape of the stop sign he invented.)

You would think that with all of the bad press they’ve had in the past few weeks from the ludicrous delay in granting David Loiseau’s license for UFC 113 and the fallout from the Paul Daley sucker punch at one of their sanctioned events that the Régie des Alcools des Courses et des Jeux (RACJ) would want to stay under the radar for a while.

You’d be wrong.


New Promotion’s MMA Tournament Starts Tonight in Canada


Let’s Get It On! MMA, the new tournament format mixed martial arts promotion owned by Elaine McCarthy, wife of acclaimed referee “Big” John McCarthy kicks off its first season tonight in Canada. Featuring tournaments in two weight classes – welterweight and lightweight – the winner of each division of the round robin will earn a contract with Strikeforce to compete in their Challenger series as well as a $25,000 paycheck.

Speaking to Sportsnet MMA columnist James Brydon, McCarthy, who was the event coordinator at several early UFC events explains that tourney will split time between Edmonton, Alberta and Gatineau, Quebec and will feature nine events. She says that although there are other promotions out there that follow the tournament format, none feature a region versus region format like LGIO.