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Bellator 38: Beatdowns, Upsets, and an Inverted Triangle (Yes, Really)

We glanced at this poster and though M’Pumbu’s nick name was “TomTom”.  Like he hands out directions.   Also, just seeing if you notice anything odd about this…. (PicProps:

Remember when Bellator inked that deal with MTV2, and it was supposed to make BFC more accessible?  Stable time slot, easy to find, no more worries about pre-emption?  Yeah.  We remember that.  It was a Tuesday, we’d finally gotten all the Christmas cards in the mail, and it just felt like this was the best MMA news we could expect in early December.  Our beloved Bellator was movin’ on up to the East Side.  Fast forward three months, and we’ve cursed at our DVR so much that it’s now started to nervously record old re-runs of ALF and anything related to the Pro Bull Riders circuit in hopes of making amends.  If you’re not manually setting, checking, and resetting your recording device of choice, catching a full episode of Bellator is an exercise in futility and frustration.  Thanks, MTV2!

That said, Bellator has been making it more than worth your while to tune in the past few weeks, and last night’s light heavyweight tourney in Tunica, Mississippi was a prime example.  Fun fact about Mississippi:  couples have to be 21 years old to get married there without parental consent.  Yes, we were shocked to hear that as well.  If you’re young and madly in love in Mississippi, you’re going to have cross the border somewhere to declare your devotion in a legal fashion.

Come on in past the jump and we’ll share even more shocking tales about things you probably wouldn’t believe, if we couldn’t prove it to you with witnesses and video.  There may possibly be cake.


DREAM Cancels Light Heavyweight Tournament; Is the Organization in Trouble?

(DREAM’s master plan of eventually having puppet-only fight cards didn’t go over as well as predicted with Japanese fans)

According to a report from, DREAM has inexplicably scrapped its planned (but never officially announced) May 29 light heavyweight grand prix. The reason for the cancellation, which is the second major change to the event (organizers rescheduled the show from April 24 until they added more Korean fighters to the card to help them secure a TV deal in Korea) was loosely linked to comments made by event producer Keiichi Sasahara on Tuesday that because the event would be contested in the hexagonal cage introduced at DREAM 12, that was not used at DREAM 13, "the tournament would need to be reevaluated."

Seriously? Because some of the fighters assumed they would be fighting in a ring, you cancel the entire tournament? They have over a month to adjust to the change. The funny thing is, the fighters who will step in to fill in the card  have the same amount of time to prepare for a fight as these guys would have had to make the subtle changes to their respective game plans to prepare for a larger and differently shaped fighting surface. They’re fighters, for Crom’s sake. Shouldn’t they be prepared to fight under any circumstance? I don’t buy this excuse.