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Does Anybody Else Think Anderson Silva Needs to Move Up to 205?

(Video courtesy of YouTube/TUF)

Sure Anderson Silva has a date with Chael Sonnen the winner of Chael Sonnen and Mark Munoz this summer, but when you think about it, there really aren’t many fights left for the dominant UFC middleweight champion at 185, so why not have him move up?

Anderson has a plethora of reasons why he likely won’t fight at 205 and most of them concern loyalty to friends like Lil’ Nog and Jon Jones, but from a fan’s perspective, a move up in weight is the only one that makes sense for “The Spider.”

Look at how he toyed with Ryan Bader in the TUF sparring session, basically letting him punch him in the chin as hard as he wanted to. Granted, Bader has improved from his technique of charging forward with arm punches, but I really don’t see a match-up between the two going any differently now. Silva made one former UFC light heavyweight champ look stupid and he would likely do the same to most of the division’s top contenders, so why not have him step up?

We’ll tell you why.


Coulda Been a Contender: Five Fights for Tito Ortiz Following UFC 133

Tito Ortiz Donnie Walhberg MMA celebs TAOAlso not on the list: 80 year old Donnie Wahlberg. PicProps:

Well kids, aside from a few tense seconds Saturday night, Rashad Evans moved past Tito Ortiz handily, stopping him with some brutal body work in the second round and moving on to his date with the champ, any champ, whenever said champ is ready to fight him.

Left behind is the guy that was the face of the UFC for years, who was able to enjoy being back in the win column for all of five weeks before being relegated to the losers’ heap. Tito Ortiz made a great effort, but he ran into a younger, faster, more explosive version of himself, and he came up short. So how does Tito go on from here?

Well, not that anyone asked us, but we thought we might throw out a few ideas to get Tito back in the cage. First, keep in mind our theory that anyone who needs a fight at 205 or at 185 can be slotted against Chael Sonnen for maximum pre-fight hilarity; obviously that still holds true here. Of course, that would almost make Sonnen’s job too easy, and his talents are best utilized elsewhere.

Come on in past the jump and find our not-quite-serious list of five fights that Tito could get next, then share your own wisdom in the comments. We realize that “wisdom” is probably giving you people more credit than you’re due, but it’s Monday: the bar is set really low.


Rankings Spotlight: MMA’s Top 5 Light Heavyweights

(Well, this explains that full rack of “Machida Era” T-shirts at the Montreal Salvation Army. Pic: Knucklepit)

Once long trumpeted as MMA’s marquee weight division, the 205-pound class has had a bit of a rough go in recent years. Call it light heavyweight’s awkward teen phase. The consistency of Tito Ortiz’s early dominance and the glory days of the Chuck vs. Randy trilogy have faded into the uncertain mediocrity of the Rampage-Forrest-Rashad-Machida-Shogun Era. Frankly, what we have here is a division in desperate need of stability. If only someone would come along to restore the 205-pound class to its former awesomeness … someone enormous, with unrivaled athleticism and really, really long arms … someone possessing of unwavering spirituality and wicked Greco throws … someone who could capitalize on the misfortune of his training partners and vault directly into a title shot after just a handful of wins over middling opponents … Anyway, if that guy’s out there somewhere, we can’t possibly imagine who it might be.

Right now, light heavyweight rankings are anybody’s best guess. After the jump, find the current top fives, according to CP’s editorial staff along with our dubious justifications of our crappy opinions. Check out our lists and let us know how badly we screwed them up, would you please …


Insane Rumor of the Day: Anderson Silva vs. Forrest Griffin at UFC 101

(Forrest Griffin’s July 2008 interview with StrictlyFighting is suddenly relevant again. Skip to the 0:30 mark for Griffin’s thoughts on the Spider moving up to light-heavy.)

Both MMA Junkie and MMA Bay are independently reporting that UFC 101 (August 8th, Philadelphia) will host a semi-superfight between middleweight champ Anderson Silva and former light-heavyweight champ Forrest Griffin. It would be Silva’s first match at 205 pounds since his 61-second knockout of James Irvin last July — which also happened to be the last time Anderson was entertaining. If this rumor holds up, it would mean the following: