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Friday Afternoon Link Dump

(Dumbass paediatric cancer patients are the new rape.)

-  Star Wars in 3-D: ‘Aw, Hell No!’ Edition (WorldWideInterweb)

-  Father Teaches Daughter a Lesson about Facebook (BREAK)

- 9 Rock Stars Who OD’ed and Lived to Tell About It (Guyism)

- 9 Things George Lucas Denies Besides Han Shooting First (ScreenJunkies)

-  No Joke; Cut 50,000 Calories (MadeMan)

-  On being a Latino Star Wars Fan (TuVez)

-  Clowning on LeBron’s Hairline (BuzzerBeat)

-  What Your Booze Says About You (AskMen)

-  How to End a Date in 30 Seconds: Jenga (Clutch.MTV)

-  How to Be An Alpha Valentine (TheRugged)

-  Every Slow Motion Wes Anderson Shot Set to Ja Rule (FilmDrunk)

-  Chris Bosch Learns the ‘Yes’ Dance (TerezOwens)

-  Alvarez May Be UFC-Bound (FightersOnly)

-  Best Finishing Moves in MMA History (BleacherReport)

-  Best MMA Motivation: Do or Die (MuscleProdigy)


Friday Afternoon Link Dump

(Video courtesy of YouTube/VladoFootwear)

-  15 of Football’s Craziest Fans (BREAK)

-  50 Biggest Fails in Super Bowl History (Complex)

-  Screw It, We’re Grading 27 Super Bowl Ads Early  (ScreenJunkies)

-  6 Reasons Why Canada is Awesome for Vacations (MadeMan)

- Happy Black History Month To Our Afro-Latino Brothers And Sisters [GALLERY](TuVez)

-  Your 31 Favorite Women of January (Guyism)

-  Baby Shows Off Ping Pong Skills (BuzzerBeat)

-  Three Bosses That Are Worse Than Yours (AskMen)

- The Conan O’Brien Bobble Hair Doll (WorldWideInterweb)

-  Nick Diaz Doesn’t Hate Interviews (Clutch.MTV)

- God Bless America, Bobcat Goldthwait-Style (TheRugged)

- MMA Nickname Generator (BleedingMedia)

- ‘Big Nog’ Surgery Recovery Pics (Globo)

- Amanda Seyfried is Too Prude for Exposed Beav (FilmDrunk)

- 170lbs Jon Jones: Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson talks about his Octagon debut at UFC 143 (Lowkick)

- Who’s a Bigger Baby: Eli Manning or Tom Brady? (TerezOwens)

-  Holy Taco Explains the Super Bowl (HolyTaco)

-  Ed Soares on Aldo Split, Anderson and Black House  (FightersOnly)

-  Things You Need to Know About Carlos Condit (BleacherReport)


Friday Afternoon Link Dump

(Matt Serra has really let himself go. – Video courtesy of YouTube/OWN)

- Gallery of the Hottest 80′s Babe Posters (WorldWideInterweb)

- News Anchor Giggles Through Cockfighting Story (BREAK)

- Teenage Girl Rushed to Hospital for Chicken Nugget Addiction (Complex)

- Sweet Jesus. Fear Factor Contestants to Drink Donkey Sperm Sunday Night (ScreenJunkies)

- Ingenious Ways to Reuse Your Old CDs (MadeMan)

- So long Juan Epstein (TuVez)

- Helena Christensen in Lingerie is Rather Mind-Blowing (Guyism)

- Kid trolls the NHL All Star Game (BuzzerBeat)

- Why Calorie Counting Doesn’t Work (AskMen)

- Rashhad Trashed Davis and Jones (Clutch.MTV)

- The Key to Bigger Arms is What You’re NOT Doing (TheRugged)

- ‘Jeff Who Lives At Home’ Trailer Nails Every Indie Dramedy Cliche (FilmDrunk)

- Freddie Roach: Mayweather’s a Pussy (TerezOwens)

- Awesome GIF Attack (HolyTaco)

- Yoislandy ‘Cuba’ Izquierdo Finally Relaesed From CFA Contract (CageJunkies)

- Anonymous Claims to Have Customer Info; Threatens Release Unless Dana White Admits Defeat (FightersOnly)

- Why the UFC Should Monitor Its Fighters’ Weights (BleacherReport)


Friday Afternoon Link Dump

Video: Sonnen Says
(Video courtesy of MSN/Fox)

- The 30 Funniest Moments In Cross-Dressing History (WorldWideInterweb)

- Our Bros at BREAK Are Giving Away Cold Hard Cash (BREAK)

- We Tumblforya: Modified Youth (Stewed, Screwed and Tattoed) (Complex)

- In Honor Of Double-Vagina-ed Hazel, Here Are Our 7 Favorite Film Mutants (ScreenJunkies)

- LOL Clip Of The Day: Unintelligible English (TuVez)

- 10 Video Games to Look Out for in 2012 (Guyism)

- Signs You Have a Cheating Wife (AskMen)

- Beavis and Butt-Head Sculptures Are So Lifelike, So Horrifying (Clutch.MTV)

- Resident Evil: Retribution Trailer (TheRugged)

- Woman With Two Vaginas Rejects Offer for $1 million to Do Porn (FilmDrunk)

- Kobe’s Wife Gets $75 million in Divorce Settlement (TerezOwens)

- Newt Gingrich Just Showed Up At Our Swingers Party (HolyTaco)

- Vitor Denies Giving Brazilian Reporter Incendiary Quotes About Wanderlei (FightersOnly)

- 25 Fighters Who Held On Too Long (BleacherReport)


Friday Afternoon Link Dump

(Video courtesy of YouTube/InsideMMA)

- 245 Tebow Photobombs (WorldWideInterweb)

- 25 Laziest Players in NFL History (Complex)

- Celebrity Death Predictions for 2012 (ScreenJunkies)

- Rob! Bingo Card (TuVez)

- Edita Vilkeviciute is Kind of Awesome (Guyism)

- Why Your Girlfriend Should Be Banished From Your Gym (AskMen)

- Dana White Issues Statement on Johnson Missing Weight *Again* (MMAMania)

- 10 Crappy TV Shows Based On Good Movies (Clutch.MTV)

- More Bang for Your Buck With Compound Lifts (TheRugged)

- CollegeHumor is Making an Actual Movie (FilmDrunk)

- Pacquiao Dodges Mayweather Fight Taiwanese Animation Style (TerezOwens)

- 25 Bizarre Flavored Beers (HolyTaco)

- Dos Santos, Aldo and Belfort On Brazil, Futures and More (FightersOnly)

- Released From BAMMA, Marquardt a Free Agent (BleacherReport)


Friday Afternoon Link Dump

(What Xenophon did over the holidays)

- Franca Pleads Guily, Sentenced to 42 Months in Prison (OregonLive)

- Toughest MMA Tattoos on the Weakest Fighters (Complex)

- Louis C.K.’s Million Dollar Online Experiment (TheRugged)

- Leticia Zuloaga is a Bikini Model You Should Know (Guyism)

- MMA Training Misconceptions and How to Correct Them (MuscleProdigy)

- HBO is Totally Cock-Blocking NetFlix (ScreenJunkies)

- How to Recycle Your Xmas Tree (MadeMan)

- 13 Fighters Who Never Disappoint in the Cage (BleacherReport)

- 5 Movie-Themed Rides to Replace Jaws at Universal Studios (HolyTaco)

- Who’s Dated Who: The 2012 NFL Wildcard Weekend Edition (WorldWideInterweb)

- Okami Returning to Team Quest (FightersOnly)

- King Mo Calls Mousasi Boring, Calls for Media Ban of Him (LowKick)

- Unnecessary Sequel Alert: Horrible Bosses 2 (FilmDrunk)

- Who’s the Best at Dramatically Reading Awful Pop Songs? (WithLeather)

- 10 Real Survival Guides for One Very Fake Apocalypse (Cracked)

- 7 Unappetizing Movie-Inspired Junk Foods (Clutch.MTV)

- Crazy Women You Should Stay Away From (AskMen)

- Mayweather’s Jail Sentence Pushed Back Until May (TerezOwens)


Friday Afternoon Link Dump

(Video courtesy of YouTube.LayzietheSavage)

- Dirty Old Men: The Rugged’s 12 Hottest Former Child Actresses(TheRugged)

- According to the Maya We Will Be Dead in One Year (TuVez)

- 9 Famous People Who Need to Go Away (Guyism)

- Sprinting vs. Jogging: The Great Debate (MuscleProdigy)

- The Cast of ‘A Christmas Story’: Where They Be at Now (ScreenJunkies)

- What Blake Lively Nude Pics Mean for Your Girl (MadeMan)

- 12 Fighters the UFC Needs NOW (BleacherReport)

- 25 Gifts That May Have Been Wrapped by the Blind (HolyTaco)

- X-Rated Christmas Lexus Commercial (WorldWideInterweb)

- Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira: The Last of the Legends (FightersOnly)

- Brock Says “No Chin” Comments are Bullshit (LowKick)

- Man Crosses NYC Subway Tracks to Attack Stranger (Complex)

- 2Live Crew Singer to Bone Naked Zombies in Sundance Short (FilmDrunk)

- Documentaries’ Best Sports Stars (WithLeather)

- #ThingsNottoDoAtChristmasParties (Clutch.MTV)

- The Most Amazing Moments in Sports in 2011 (AskMen)

- Vanessa Bryant to Receive Nearly $100 Million in Divorce Settlement (TerezOwens)

- Strange Erotic Photo of the Day (MMAFix)

- Chicago MMA Fighter Dead After Fighting Keyboard Warrior (OregonLive)


Friday Afternoon Link Dump

(Video courtesy of YouTube/Kaokor)

- Column: Wrestling is Fake (TheRugged)

-  The 12 Days of Latino Christmas (TuVez)

-  5 Online Bachelor Degrees You’d Be Ashamed Of (Guyism)

-  5 Scathing Obituaries Written By Christopher Hitchens (ScreenJunkies)

- How to Make Last-Minute Gifts from Crap You Have Around the House (MadeMan)

-  15 Biggest Fails in MMA History (BleacherReport)

-  How to Remain Ethical at Your Office Christmas Holiday (HolyTaco)

-  Shogun’s Top 5 Career Fights (FightersOnly)

- Strikeforce: Melendez vs. Masvidal Weigh-In Results and Video (LowKick)

-  Barry Bonds Sentenced to House Arrest and Probation for Perjury (Complex)

-  David Cross Calls ‘Alvin and the Chipmunks’ ‘the Most Unpleasant Experience of His Career’ (FilmDrunk)

-  Superset Variations that Develop Rapid Muscle Mass and Definition (MuscleProdigy)

-  Penn State Update: Mike McQueary is Testifying Like Ralph Wiggum (WithLeather)

-  The Worst Original Names for Popular Music Groups (Clutch.MTV)

-  How to Break Up Over the Holidays  (AskMen)

- Arianny’s Most Awkward Interview Ever + Bonus Calendar Pics (TerezOwens)


Friday Afternoon Link Dump

(Video courtesy of YouTube/FightersOnly)

- 25 Hottest European Female Athletes  of All Time (Complex)

- Is Bane’s Dialogue Completely Unintelligible in ‘The Dark Knight Rises?’ (FilmDrunk)

- Work Out Like Overeem (MuscleProdigy)

- The Three Stooges Looks Terrible, But Holy Shit Kate Upton as a Nun (WithLeather)

- 7 Badass Ginger Rockstars (With Souls) (Clutch.MTV)

- 4 Ways to Impress Men in Conversation (AskMen)

- 6 Reasons This Christmas Will Be the Most Depressing Ever (TheRugged)

- CBS Gives You a Sneak Peek at !Rob! (TuVez)

- 8 Signs You’re ‘That Guy’ At the Gym (Guyism)

- 7 Spy Movies That Make Espionage Boring (ScreenJunkies)

- How to Freshen Your Breath, Naturally (MadeMan)

- UFC Exploring Security for Silva-Sonnen II in Brazil (BleacherReport)

- FYI: You Can Be Arrested for Going on a Planking Spree (HolyTaco)

- Cro Cop Details Surgery; Still Wants to Fight (FightersOnly)

- Freddie Roach Talks GSP’s Injury, Calls Anderson Silva the Best ‘Pure Boxer’ in MMA (LowKick)

- The Chris Paul Fiasco Gives NBA a Black Eye (ScoresReport)

- Video: Igor Pokrajac Spars With Babalu Sobral Ahead of His UFC 140 Bout With Krzysztof Soszynski (YouTube)


Friday Afternoon Link Dump

(Video courtesy of YouTube/LesnarMMA)

- The Muppets “Mahna Mahna” Came from a 60s Italian Porno (FilmDrunk)

- The Complete History of Athletes Posing for Playboy (Complex)

- Work Out Like Ben Askren (MuscleProdigy)

- TUF Origins Part One (SI)

- Kelly Brook Has a New Calendar and It’s Totally Sports-Related (WithLeather)

- TUF 14 Finalist John Dodson Delivers KOs With a Smile (Clutch.MTV)

- Your Phone Company is Tracking Everything You’ve Been Doing (AskMen)

- How to Handle a Break-Up if You’re a Friend Caught in Between (TheRugged)

- The 5 Worst Latin Dictators of the 20th Century (TuVez)

- 9 Types of Drunk People and Which One You May Be (Guyism)

- 7 Motion Capture Performances Worthy of a Razzie  (ScreenJunkies)

- Surprisingly Delicious Thanksgiving Leftovers (MadeMan)

- Chael Sounds Off On Anderson (BleacherReport)

- Desperate Ways to Make Money for the Holidays (HolyTaco)

- Eight Released in UFC’s Latest Round of Cuts (FightersOnly)

- Anderson Silva: Nothing to Say About Chael Sonnen (LowKick)

- Victim” Raider’s McClain Put a Gun to My Head (ScoresReport)