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Innocent Until Proven Guilty Alert: Scott ‘LionHeart’ Blevins Arrested for Child Molestation

Scott Lionheart Blevins MMA
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We heard rumblings about this in the comments section of our recent interview with winless fighter Scott "LionHeart" Blevins, but we assumed it was just your average case of haters hatin’. Well dig this bombshell, courtesy of the Times-Union Online

MENTONE – The two-month child molesting investigation of a Mentone man led to five arrests Thursday night.
Mentone police were conducting a two-month investigation on Scott Ryan Blevins, 31, of 513 N. Morgan St., Mentone. Blevins is believed to have molested a girl under the age of 14 on several different occasions. Blevins was booked into Kosciusko County Jail Thursday night and held on a $200,000 bond.
After Blevins was arrested, he informed police of information concerning drug sales and participated in a controlled drug buy of 1-1/2 ounces of marijuana from Matthew Haag at his apartment. After Haag was arrested, police found a quarter pound of weed in his apartment. Haag was booked into KCJ on a charge of dealing marijuana and held on a $5,000 bond.  

Exclusive Interview: Scott “LionHeart” Blevins Cannot Be Stopped

Scott LionHeart Blevins MMA
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As losing streaks go, the one that Scott "LionHeart" Blevins is currently riding has to be one of the roughest in the sport. Sherdog lists the Indiana-based fighter’s record as 0-13, with all losses by first-round stoppage, and no match lasting past the 2:10 mark. But that doesn’t account for all of his fights — it doesn’t include his losses to David Love or Ryan McIntosh, for one thing, and it doesn’t include his victory-via-DQ over Eddie Mirabella, whose win was reversed after he threw his mouthpiece into the crowd.

Yes, Blevins’s fights generally end badly. The first time I heard about him, I had to know two things: 1) Was this some kind of joke? 2) If it wasn’t, why keep doing it? When I finally tracked Scott down, a few days after his most recent loss to Chico Camus at an Evolution Fighting Championship event in Wisconsin earlier this month, he was on the way to the hospital, due to a mysterious ailment that had laid him out. But he took the time to explain that despite the losses, despite the haters, despite a family that thinks he’s crazy, this shit is the furthest thing from a joke. As for why he keeps doing it, well, you’ll have to keep reading. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you…LionHeart.


CAGEPOTATO.COM: How frustrating is it to put yourself on the line again and again, and still fall short of winning?
SCOTT "LIONHEART" BLEVINS: Well, I admit it does get to me, but I know I gotta keep on trying and I know that eventually I’m going to get those wins. It’s just going to take some time to do it. Each fight is different and I do see an improvement in myself each time I step in the cage. But I’ve had some tough competition throughout my career.

What went wrong in the Chico Camus fight?
He got me to the ground and I ate a bunch of his elbows. His trainer is Duke Roufus, and Duke is one of the top guys out of Wisconsin, and he just trains those guys harder than what most guys train. Chico is a top-notch fighter. He’s undefeated.

Where do you train for your fights?
I’m from Mentone, Indiana, and I run Fighting Dragons Mixed Martial Arts, and I do that pretty much seven days a week. It’s based out of my house, because I haven’t found a facility for it yet. My training regiment is basic stuff — boxing, jeet kune do, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, kickboxing. It’s a mix of everything. But I try to move around to different gyms in Indiana, and I try to find [training partners] at my weight who have the same skills.

You compete as a 135-pounder. How much weight do you have to cut before each match?
I don’t cut weight. I’m actually 130 pounds. I did take a match at 125 once, but I lost; the guy was just really, really tough.