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UFC 133 Commentary and Play-By-Play With Twice the Philly Cheesesteak As Last Time

Well, UFC 133 is live from the home of Rocky Balboa tonight so let’s get this thing going and see how Philly does this shit.


Spoilers are after the jump.


Strikeforce: Feijao vs. Henderson Liveblog

(“I’m not doing a fist pose.”)

Well it’s time for another Strikeforce liveblog. I spent the last two hours on my roof in the pouring rain trying to get my satellite dish set up at my new house and I’m in no mood for witty banter, so let’s get to this biotch.

Spoilers are after the jump, yo.


‘Strikeforce: Heavy Artillery’ Live Results and Commentary (Now with Extra Horse Meat)

Brett Rogers, Baseball game
("I know people been saying Alistair looks like a completely different fighter these days, but damn …")

Though it sounds like a crazy dream, it’s very close to becoming reality: Alistair Overeem, here in America, poised to actually defend the Strikeforce heavyweight title he won more than two years ago. Would it be wrong to admit – given the company’s recent track record – that leading up to this show we halfway expected Overeem to pop positive for PEDs, get pulled from tonight’s main event and send Strikeforce skidding into an Affliction-style tailspin of death and despair? Luckily, it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen. Thanks, Missouri Office of Athletics.

Instead, the bell may have unexpectedly tolled for another fledgling MMA promotion today. With that little debacle now in the books, we shift our focus to St. Louis, where "Heavy Artillery" kicks off at 7 p.m. PST. We’ll be live shortly thereafter. Remember to hit refresh early and often to keep the page current.


UFC 113 Liveblog: Fight Night in the Land of Maple Syrup, Poutine, Strong Beer and Mounties in Montreal, Eh

(Canadian Joe Rogan and Mike Goldberg will be calling the action from Quebec) 

UFC 112 is live tonight from La Belle Province and we’ll be starting round-by-round updates starting at 10pm EST.

As much as people complained about it from the get-go, the card is pretty damn good. I’m predicting that a lot of the lower profile guys are going to steal the show tonight and some of the bigger name guys are going to disappoint. 

Regardles of who wins, who loses and whose FightPicker picks shock Potato Nation and makes them a giant among men, this should be one of the better shows we’ve seen in a while

A lot of questions will finally be answered in Montreal tonight, like:

Who wins the Machida-Rua do over? 
Will Koscheck really try to stand with Daley?
Will Kimbo eat Meathead with his bread? 

Get on your Canadian tuxedos, grab a bottle of Molson and refresh often; it’s time, eh.


“Ultimate Fighter” Finale: The People’s Liveblog

(Photo courtesy of Combat Lifestyle. Check out the full album.)

You watched a lot of reality TV and sat through the lame TUF theme song countless times just to get to this point. Now we finally get to discover who is The Ultimate Fighter…by watching the rematch of a fight from the tournament semifinals.

Okay, so that part may be anti-climactic, but there’s a whole lot of other action on tonight’s fight card, including the always fun loser-gets-fired match between Kendall Grove and Evan Tanner. The Cage Potato liveblog starts at 9 pm EST. Remember to hit refresh so you can get the most updated acerbic wit possible.