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LookOutaWhale’s Latest Creation Gives the Diaz-Riggs Hospital Brawl the Animated Treatment It Deserves

We all know the story of Nick Diaz‘s barnyard hospital brawl with Joe Riggs following their legal, in-ring brawl at UFC 57, but the real question is: Have we ever seen it set to wonky animation and with actual interview clips taken from Riggs and Diaz? Until now, that answer has been a dispiriting “no,” but thankfully, MMAnimation master lookoutawhale has bequeathed us with “The Animated Tales of Nick Diaz”, and my God is it glorious.

While “Diesel” may have come away the unanimous decision win at UFC 57, it was Diaz who won the “real” war. That’s according to Diaz himself, of course, but I’ll be a monkey’s uncle if the anti-bullshit superhero would embellish even the slightest detail of a story as infamous as this. Although if you ask me, Stockton’s finest should be thanking his lucky stars that Riggs wasn’t packing heat that night. Or maybe Riggs should be.

Check out “The Animated Tales of Nick Diaz” above, then let us know if you think Diaz’s undeniable realness will help him fare any better against Anderson Silva┬áin January.

-J. Jones


Get Ready to Be Entertained by Lookoutawhale and Chaplin’s House’s Latest Collaboration

(Video courtesy of YouTube/notlookoutawhale)

If you aren’t familiar with the work of lookoutawhale and Chaplin’s House, do yourself a favor and spend some time getting to know them before you enjoy their latest collaborative masterpiece, “The UFC Bunch,” featuring Dana White, Frank and Lorenzo Fertitta, Bruce Buffer, Joe Rogan, Chuck Liddell and Joe Silva.

Check out more from the dynamic duo after the jump.


Check Out Lookoutawhale’s Latest Masterpiece: MMA Mortal Combat

(Video courtesy YouTube/lookoutawhale)

If lookoutawhale doesn’t do video editing for a living, he has to be one of the best weekend warriors out there making MMA-themed comedy classics. His Knee to Crotch Party, GSP is Not Impressed at Awards and the History of the Nipple Tweak videos are must sees.

In honor of K-1′s surprise announcement that Todd Duffee will be taking on K-1 OWGP winner and Strikeforce heavyweight champ Alistair Overeem, Whale put together this sweet little Sega Genesis Mortal Combat throwback that should help make it a bit easier for you to trudge through hump day.


Video: lookoutawhale’s History of the Nipple Tweak

(Props: lookoutawhale)

Between Douglas Crosby’s bizarre message-board diatribe, Anderson Silva’s nonsensical justifications for ruining a main event, and the announcement that Ben Fowlkes is leaving us to start his own Smoothie King franchise — do not request the "protein shot" — we’re all feeling a little emotional right now. So how ’bout we all just take a deep breath and enjoy this complete history of the MMA nipple-tweak?

UFC 87
was the first time we’d noticed the bizarre ritual, but lookoutawhale has blown the case wide open, showing that Georges St. Pierre was tweakin’ as early as UFC 50, though he usually did it under the cover of a t-shirt. When first confronted about his nasty little habit, Rush tried to play it off as a combination nervous tic/Sign of the Cross. Eventually, his Team Jackson homeboys followed his lead, and GSP was able to come out of the closet, so to speak, openly nip-twisting in pre-fight face-offs and in the presence of hot models at photo shoots. Hey, you can’t argue with success. Special appearance by Darrill Schoonover!