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Twitter Beef of the Day: The UFC Responds to Cheap Shot from…The Los Angeles Kings?

*Someone* who runs the Los Angeles Kings’ Twitter account is jealous that our Guida vs. Danzig was better than theirs.

Judging from a quick glance at our Twitter followers, I’m guessing at least thirty percent of our readers are either Canadian or Eastern European. I’m guessing at least twenty percent of our American readers are hipsters who “ironically” “like” things that most of their peers don’t care about. I’m also guessing at least ten percent of the remaining American readers are from Pennsylvania, New York, New England, Minnesota or Detroit. Basically, if my assumptions are accurate, I’m guessing we have a lot of hockey fans here.

Those of you who follow hockey may already know that whoever runs the Los Angeles Kings Twitter account doesn’t exactly shy away from a good ole fashioned Twitter beef. That account is ready to deliver a knockout punch to anyone who takes a jab at their players, fans or the awful ratings that the Los Angeles Kings brought in on their way to their first Stanley Cup in team history. Oh, and apparently anyone who invites their players to an event for free publicity, because that’s clearly an insult to the organization somehow.

With the UFC heading to the Kings’ stomping grounds, the Staples Center, for August 4th’s UFC on FOX 4, the company offered the Stanley Cup champions an invitation to the event. Much like Lebron James at UFC 148, the invitation is a good way to build momentum for the Kings – not to mention the NHL as a whole – leading up to the 2012-2013 season. For whatever reason, however, the Kings decided to respond to this by tweeting “Sorry, the Cup is only for those who play a real sport.”