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M-1 Global: Fight Promoter Extraordinaire

(Later Fedor realized that when he had asked whether they could swing by the toy store on their way home from the press conference, Vadim’s response, "We’ll see," actually meant no.)

As we heard over and over again during the the ill-fated negotiations between the UFC and Fedor Emelianenko’s management squadron, M-1 Global is a big time fight promoter and major player on the worldwide MMA scene.  In fact, that’s part of their justification for insisting that the UFC hand over half their profits in exchange for the privilege of having Fedor blast his way through their heavyweight class.  They’ve promoted fights “all over the world,” so everyone else has to pay up.

Only maybe M-1’s execs got a little too distracted while trying to shake down other MMA organizations, because they forgot to actually get a promoter’s license, meaning their planned August 28 event in California – the one where “King Mo” Lawal and Don Frye are supposed to get it on – seems kind of screwed.