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Strikeforce Looking to Stretch Out Anticipated Heavyweight Match-Ups in a Grand Prix That Could Blow Up in Its Face

(Surprise, Strikeforce may be making a mistake with matchmaking.)

I never thought I’d ever speak out against a grand prix tournament, but because the proposed Strikeforce heavyweight tournament has so many question marks surrounding it, I’m almost hoping it doesn’t happen.

When Scott Coker mentioned earlier this year that Strikeforce was either going to piss or get off the pot when teasing its fans with heavyweight fights that never seem to come to fruition because of those crazy Russians for whatever reason, I thought he meant it.

What Sco-Co should have said was, "We’ll likely milk the current roster for whatever we can and if we can make the fights fans want to see, then we will, but we likely won’t."

According to Tatame, the California-based promotion is planning on stretching the tournament over three events and will likely anchor Strikeforce’s foray into pay-per-view TV — a move necessitated by the fact that it’s unlikely that CBS will be having them back on network TV in 2011 and the costs of greasing the pockets of M-1 Global for each Fedor-featured event are likely more than most Russians make in their lives.


No Fedor at January Strikeforce Show, M-1 Killjoys Say

(Uh-oh, I think we’ve got a workout video on our hands. Somebody get Jay Glazer on the horn, STAT. PicProps:

If you looked at yesterday’s reports that a bout between Fedor Emelianenko and Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva was being considered for Strikeforce’s Jan. 29 show and thought to yourself, “Self, that seems awfully soon. Almost too soon,” well, you were right. We hate it when you’re right. Anyway, it turns out the aforementioned January date is “not on the table” for Fedor’s next yawn-worthy matchup in the Strikeforce cage, M-1 Global spokeshipster Evgeni Kogan said on Friday. As reported by MMA Junkie, Kogan wouldn’t elaborate further on the matter except to say that everybody involved has “been steadily working toward an agreement.”

The Junkie also notes that a couple months back M-1 boss Vadim Finkelstein said the rent-a-Fedor outfit was “negotiating primarily with Showtime to secure Emelianenko’s return.” Not to read too much into that, but it pretty much makes it sound like Strikeforce itself is the least important party in these talks. It also indicates that maybe Kogan wasn’t just blowing smoke recently when he said M-1 was trying leverage its own live fight events onto Showtime. If they can pull that off, well, I wonder if they could also speak to my mortgage lender.


Video Evidence: These M-1 Global Dudes Have Got Some Balls on Them; Plus Sonnen Talks More About His Pair

(Propers: The Fight Nerd)

A two-for-one video sesh to get your Saturday started: At top, watch the aptly named Fight Nerd chat with M-1 Global Director of Ops Evgeni Kogan at the MMA World Expo 2010 this week. After the jump, find Chael Sonnen’s “exclusive interview” with HDNet’s Mike Straka following the California State Athletic Commission’s ruling to reduce by half his suspension for a funky UFC 117 drug test. First though, the Fedor stuff, because frankly we’re getting a little bit sick of talking about Sonnen’s gonads …

In this vid, Kogan – who you may remember as the dude who told Ariel Helwani that Fedor was MIA in New York City earlier this year when he no-showed his radio program — looks like he could seamlessly transition from a heated contract negotiation to playing bass for Weezer without even changing his striped belt. He also demonstrates that despite the fact M-1 Global’s biggest bargaining chip expended much of his political capital when he swan dived into the waiting legs of Fabricio Werdum in June, the Rent-a-Fedor company is still not afraid to make a bunch of totally ridiculous demands on both Strikeforce and Showtime. Follow the link to find out what they’re asking for this time. Seriously, it’s gonna blow your mind.


Fedor’s Strikeforce Future Could Be Determined This Week

(…and I want Gus Johnson’s make-up artist to get me ready for each show.)

With just one fight remaining on his current Strikeforce contract, Fedor Emelianenko’s future with the California-based promotion could be decided this week, according to the Russian heavyweight’s manager Vadim Finkelchtein.

In an interview with MMAJunkie, Finkelchtein revealed that they are primarily negotiating with Showtime as they want to include in Fedor’s contract a deal to co-promote Emelianko’s fights with his M-1 Global corporation and Strikeforce’s broadcast partner. 

Does this strike anyone else as being a bit odd? Can you see Ed Soares sitting down with Spike TV to iron out the details of an Anderson Silva contract extension?

I’m actually starting to feel bad for Scott Coker. It’s becoming clear that the patients are running the asylum.


Coker Doesn’t Care What M-1 Wants, Says Fedor Will Fight Overeem, Bigfoot or Kharitonov Next

(“Cheer up my friend, it is not so bad. No matter what, we will always have each other. And I will always have my nearly incalculable personal fortune. And you? Well, you squandered your fleeting fame and gave most of your money to the church … *cough* … did I mention we will always have each other?” PicProps: M-1 Global)

Despite claims by Fabricio Werdum’s manager that his client’s impending elbow surgery is not as severe as initially reported and that he’ll be willing and able to get back in action later this year, Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker says a rematch with Fedor Emelianenko isn’t in the cards, at least not right now. Coker told on Saturday that when he restarts negotiations about Fedor’s future with M-1 Global next week his short list of prospective opponents will include Alistair Overeem, Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva and Sergei Kharitonov.

As for M-1’s insistence that Emelianenko be granted an immediate rematch with Werdum in the wake of the Brazilian’s stunning victory over Fedor late last month, well, the suddenly badass Coker doesn’t appear to give a damn about that.

“I just don’t think they’ll have a choice,” he told Loretta Hunt.


Video: Hot Russian Girls in Bikinis Invade M-1 Ring Girl Casting Shoot


It’s videos like these that make us think, damn, maybe M-1 Global should give up this silly MMA business and just go into model-hunting full-time. The Russian promotion recently set up shop in St. Petersburg to cast some new M-1 Girls, which we’re assuming is their team of bikini assassins who also hold round-cards during M-1 Selection events. The results were very, very positive; we’re partial to the girl at 0:49-1:15, and the girl at 1:23-1:43. Of course, as Dana White might say, "Oksana and Katarina are jokes, and wouldn’t be able to last five minutes blowing kisses at the camera next to Arianny." Your thoughts?


Wednesday Morning MMA Link Club: Tom Lawlor Cuts Weight the Hard Way

("Filthy" Tom Lawlor gives an interview to Aaron Tru while getting a colonic. Luckily, the years spent training with Seth Petruzelli have prepared him for this moment. Props: truplya777)

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M-1 Global’s Russian Ring Girl Search Photos

M-1 Global has begun searching for new ring girls via a new contest open to only Russian women. Although we’re not quite sure what the site is about since we don’t speak Russian, the photos give off a feel of one of those annoying pop-up mail order bride ads, so unless you want to end up with one of these ladies (or their fatter, uglier facsimile) on your doorstep in 6-8 weeks, we don’t suggest clicking through the site.

Not that there’s anything wrong with ordering a bride from the Internet if any of you have done so, just be careful we hear the Russian mafia’s enforcer is a tough SOB whose only weaknesses are soft-serve and triangle chokes.

The black widows to be contestants are after the jump.


Fedor Fighting in the UFC Seeming Less Likely as Time Goes On

("Evgeni, remind me to thank Scott Coker for these swans when we get to L.A. Dana White never bought me waterfowl.")

Call me cynical, but it’s seeming more and more unlikely that we’ll ever see Fedor Emelianenko in the UFC’s Octagon.

Many will recite the old "never say, ‘never,’" saying, but when you look at what both sides are saying, it’s seeming like an implausibility.


M-1 Global Exec Denies His Group is Avoiding an Inevitable Fedor-Overeem Match-Up

(Fedor, didn’t I lay out the black tie for you?)

Ray Hui from MMAFighting spoke with M-1 Global director of operations, Evgeni Kogan and asked him why the heavily anticipated Fedor Emelianenko-Alistair Overeem Strikeforce bout has yet to materialize.

According to Kogan, contrary to popular belief, his company has very little to do with picking opponents for their client and he says that they would take a fight with Overeem if it were offered to them.

"The matchmaking for this is more coming out of Strikeforce than from our side. We are open to fighting basically whoever is put in front of us," Kogan explained. "There has never been a point where [a fight with Overeemt] was offered and turned down. M-1 management is not ducking Overeem, and once again, if that fight is presented to us, then that’s what that fight will be."