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Video: Maiquel Falcao Smacks a Woman, Starting a Gas Station Brawl That Ends With Another Man Beaten Unconscious

(Falcao is the asshole wearing a t-shirt with his name on it, obviously. / Props: bandsantacatarina via BloodyElbow)

From his past assault charges to his tendency to keep punching his opponents long after the fight has been stopped, Bellator middleweight Maiquel Falcao has always seemed like the kind of dude you’d cross the street to avoid. Unfortunately, new surveillance footage from a gas station brawl in Brazil provides even more proof that “Big Rig” is an out-of-control jackass.

Watch the news report above and you’ll see the following: Falcao approaches a woman at a gas station, then angrily swats her in the ear with what appears to be his wallet. The woman and her friend go outside for backup, and three men arrive to confront Falcao and his companion, undefeated MMA featherweight Kaue Mena. Falcao is sucker-punched, which kicks off a wild brawl that spills outside.

Some dude in a red jacket shows up with a 2×4, and hits Falcao over the head twice with it, which knocks him down (and possibly out). The same guy then cracks Mena in the face with the piece of lumber, and Mena falls backward, his head making hard impact with the concrete. A guy in a white shirt repeatedly punches Mena in the face, and kicks him in the head at least twice. Everybody involved leaves the scene before the cops arrive, leaving Mena’s unconscious body behind. Keep in mind, this all started because Maiquel Falcao struck a woman in public.

According to BloodyElbow, Mena is currently in serious condition at the intensive care unit at the Hospital do Coração, and no arrests have been made in connection with the incident. Falcao last competed in February of this year, when he was knocked out by Alexander Shlemenko.


Video: Maiquel Falcao Scores 30-Second TKO in First Fight After UFC Release

(Props: Valmirfernando28 via MMAMania)

Maiquel Falcao‘s brief UFC career began with a controversial, much-criticized fight against Gerald Harris last November, and ended with his subsequent release due to an old assault charge. But on Saturday, “Big Rig” returned to doing what he does best — beating the crap out of Brazilian opponents who you’ve never heard of.

Falcao (27-3, 1 no-contest) met journeyman Julio Cesar Bilik (10-7) in the main event of a Centurion Mixed Martial Arts show in Itajai, Santa Catarina, Brazil, and went home with the 22nd knockout victory of his career. Watch as Falcao drops Bilik with a stiff jab, then smashes him with strikes from the top until the referee puts a stop to the action.

After the fight, Falcao said…something. I don’t speak Portuguese, so I’m absolutely no help to you in that department. Anybody care to translate?