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DQ of the Day: Malaipet vs. Denny

Here’s the main event from Friday’s ShoXC card, which ended with Malaipet Sitprapom kneeing Thomas Denny in the face while he was down, then dropping three illegal downward elbow strikes into the back of Denny’s head (5:53-5:58). Denny controlled the action up until then, nearly finishing the fight early with a rear-naked choke attempt and then causing some damage from the mount, but Malaipet was able to shake himself out of both positions. Skip to the 11:33 mark for Denny’s post-fight interview, where he voices his displeasure at the way things went down; a rematch looks likely.

Major ups to our new Blood Brothers at for providing the video. If you want to kill your productivity at work today, go there.


EliteXC Names Names

(Thomas “Wildman” Denny during his X-Men audition. He didn’t get the part.)

The EliteXC has revealed their fight card for the March 21st ShoXC: Elite Challenger Series – the fifth installment in the series. In the top fight, kickboxing champ Malaipet “The Diamond” Sitprapom – who has very limited MMA experience – will battle Thomas Denny. Here’s what the Muay Thai specialist Sitprapom had to say:

“I started watching MMA when I got to the U.S. and liked what I saw,’” said Sitprapom. “I respect both Muay Thai and MMA. I am still learning, but I feel I have what it takes to make it in MMA.”

Thomas “Wildman” Denny is 25-16 and last fought in a losing effort by KO to Joe Camacho seven weeks ago. Denny will want this one to go to the ground because a stand-up fight against Sitprapom is not where he wants to be. Denny has 14 submissions in his 25 wins, opposed to 7 KO’s. He has spent much of his career as a King of the Cage brawler and endured a five-fight losing streak from 1999-2001 to piece together a solid career. To his advantage against a striker like Sitprapom, Denny has only been knocked out twice in his 16 losses.