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[VIDEO] The Culinary Union Attacks Mandy Moore & The UFC In Latest Propaganda Piece

(Forget Mandy Moore, but Kim Kardashian? Now there’s a role model we can all support!) 


In what is undoubtedly a new low for the hypocritical, sciolistic dingbats behind the anti-UFC machine known as The Culinary Union, a video was recently released attacking the UFC’s sweetheart, Mandy Moore, as a result of her long time ties with the promotion. Beautiful, innocent, harmless Mandy Moore. Using the same blissfully ignorant and fact-less approach as fellow propaganda pushers The April and Wayne Show, The Union’s newest video is little more than a two minute smear campaign aimed at the UFC, using footage of everything from Dana White’s rant against Loretta Hunt to Rampage Jackson’s near impregnating of a certain CP reporter as “evidence” that Ms. Moore (and any other UFC proponent, for that matter) is unfit to be a role model for our children. IT MAKES TOTAL SENSE, YOU GUYS.

Video after the jump. Caution: It may cause unexpected, rage-induced nosebleeds. 


Video Tribute: 11 Music Videos Featuring MMA Fighters

(Apparently, some fighters thought that LL was the singer of ‘Macarena.’)

With the growing popularity of the sport of mixed martial arts, it’s surprising that we haven’t seen more fighters in music videos. Maybe MTV just isn’t ready for cauliflower ear.

At any rate, there have been a few fighters who have appeared in a handful of videos.

Check out some of our favorites after the jump.


Friday Afternoon Link Dump

(Video courtesy YouTube/UFC)

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Video: Chuck Liddell Gets Balls Wrecked by Mandy Moore

(See, there *is* life after fighting. Props to CagePotato reader Bjorn S. for the tip.)

Instructions for watching the new music video by UFC mark Mandy Moore, titled "I Can Break Your Heart Any Day of the Week":

1) Go to your iTunes and cue up a song that’s 2:51-3:00 in length. Perhaps "White Tar" by the Bronx.

2) Make sure the volume control on the above YouTube player is all the way down. Trust us, you don’t want to hear this mess.

3) Hit play on the video and on your iTunes as close to simultaneously as you can manage.

4) Find something else to do until about the 1:41 mark. Those blue toenails can only belong to one man.

5) Now watch carefully starting at 2:10. Mandy seduces the easily-seduceable Chuck Liddell by opening up her trenchcoat. Chuck gives her the dumbest drooling man-child look before realizing, "Hey, why is this chick who just caught me banging her sister trying to show me her tits? Uh-oh."

6) Look low, kick low. Oldest trick in the book.


“Come on Dude, We’re Shooting a Video Blog Here!”

Dana White’s UFC 90 Video Blog 10/22/08 – Watch more free videos

In this edition of Dana White‘s UFC 90 video blog we get a look at the pre-fight preparations for both the staff and the fighters. So what’s the difference? Two words: body triangles. Sorting out ticket arrangements may be a hassle, but it’s nothing compared to having Anderson Silva attached to your back. We also see Dana White struggle through the taping of a PSA in a shirt he just bought at the hotel gift shop.

See, it’s not an entirely glamorous life of bro-ing down with fighters and having breakfast with Mandy Moore. Sometimes you have to wear a hotel gift shop shirt. And yeah, sometimes that shirt is itchy. You just have to battle through it.


Dana White Hangs with Celebs in UFC 88 Video Blog

Dana White’s UFC 88 Video Blog, part 1 – Watch more free videos

Well, it’s back. You knew it would be. Fresh off the relative success of his first video blog series (why isn’t the term ‘vlog’ catching on?) at UFC 87, Dana White is once more giving us glimpses of his world as we head into UFC 88. The latest edition is all about the celebrities. Oh, and David Spade is there too. Zing!

But seriously, Spade earns some points here for referring to Chuck Liddell as a little bit of a “Boozy Suzy,” which is the kind of thing you can do when you’re David Spade and nobody can beat you up without looking like a big meanie.

Where things take an interesting turn is when Mandy Moore shows up. She and Dana look giddy as Alaskan teenagers together, thus lending more credibility to rumors that Moore comes to the shows not for GSP, but for White (shhhh! let’s keep that between us). She has a little trouble coming up with predictions, even when White encourages her to talk about it like it’s just the two of them…at breakfast. Honestly, he could have said any other meal there. He chose the one that is normally shared by people who wake up together. Draw your own conclusions.

(Props: Steve Cofield, at Yahoo! Sports)


Why Georges St. Pierre Isn’t Attending The ESPYs

The MMA world was all a-flutter with the news that Georges St. Pierre had been nominated for an ESPY in the “Fighter of the Year” category. There were even brief efforts to get us all to band together and vote him in.

But in this recent interview with MMA Rated, “Rush” says he has no plans to attend the awards. Why? Because GSP ain’t in this to win awards, dammit.

He also talks about preparing for Jon Fitch, a possible fight with B.J. Penn, and what’s going on (or not) between him and Mandy Moore.