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Interview: Back on Track, Cole Miller Hopes to Keep the Train Running at UFC Fight Night 26

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By Elias Cepeda

Heading into his featherweight bout against Bart Palaszewski last April, Cole Miller had lost two fights in a row for the first time in his ten-year MMA career. He did not want to lose a third.

A third straight loss would likely mean being cut by the UFC, where he’s made his living for the past six years. “Not losing for a third time wasn’t really motivation, it was just a matter of the fact that if I lost, I’d be out,” he tells CagePotato.

“I had to think about things I’d do outside of fighting to make money if I got cut and had to fight on smaller shows again where the pay isn’t as good as the UFC’s. I thought about things I could do and how I could set myself up other than fighting in order to make a living.”

Miller did not lose for a third consecutive time, however, and he has another UFC bout scheduled at this Saturday’s UFC Fight Night 26 in Boston. It wasn’t long after he stopped Palaszewski with a rear naked choke at the TUF 17 Finale that Cole was looking for another fight.

“[The feeling of winning again] was a relief, mostly,” he remembers. “Bart might be the best guy I’ve ever beaten. I turned my attention to fighting again pretty soon, though. I thought I’d be able to get another fight in before now, maybe as a substitute or something, but I wasn’t able to.”


Karo Parisyan Shall Return, But He Has No Idea When or Where

Karo Parisyan‘s struggle with prescription pills may have lead to his dismissal from the UFC, possibly for good, but it hasn’t dampened his fiery temperament any. While at an MMA event to corner one of his fighters, “The Heat” spoke with and really didn’t have many nice things to say about his fighter’s performance that night. You can’t blame Parisyan. He told his guy to keep his hands up high but, as Karo puts it, “he fucked up.”

That might seem harsh, but everyone has their own coaching style.  Some guys pick you up after a loss and tell you that everything’s going to be fine.  Karo is not one of those guys.  He comes from the ‘What the hell is your freaking problem?!’ school of thought.

As for his own career, Parisyan says he’ll be back in action somewhere, some time, though he appears to have no idea how that might actually happen. He’s still got enough name value that some promotion is going to be willing to take a chance on him. Hopefully he’s kicked the pill addiction and can make a real go of it. Otherwise we might be seeing Parisyan on a future episode of “Intervention,” sitting in a hotel room next to Manny Gamburyan as he explains the various ways in which his cousin’s addiction has affected him.