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‘Inside the Cage’ #93 — A Falling-Tree Knockout Of the Year Candidate, Casey Gets Pounded by Marco Ruas


As always, if you’ve got 22 minutes to spare, we highly recommend watching the latest episode of MMA: Inside the Cage in its entirety. But for those of you who are in a rush, we’ll direct your attention to the following…

- Not since Francisco Bueno or Ricardo Morais have we seen a fighter take so many shots to the head during a falling-tree knockout as the husky white dude featured in this week’s installment of the “Hit Parade.” (Just hit the play button and enjoy.) The first time I watched it, I thought the guy was taunting his opponent at the 6:38-6:40 mark, like, “here’s my chin, go for it homie,” but now that I re-watch it, it’s obvious that the poor sap simply forgot where he was. After a few more punches, it’s timber-time.

- Also of note, Casey Oxendine shares footage from his training with Marco Ruas circa 1999. Ruas trained his students by beating the shit out of them with bare fists and kneeing them in the head on the mat. Skip to the 9:46 mark to see how real men used to roll in those glorious NHB days. Builds character, I’m sure.