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UFC 85: Monday Morning Post-Mortem

Thiago Alves Matt Hughes UFC MMA
(“Boom! Another hit is landed…” The Pitbull mauls old-ass Matt Hughes. Photo courtesy of

Now that the adrenaline has subsided, we can have a normal conversation. Here’s what I’ve been thinking about since Saturday afternoon…

— Matt Hughes carved out a legendary career without ever being a particularly dangerous striker. And good for him, but the young fighters coming up these days will not stand for that shit. There’s no way you can compete at an elite level anymore without a complete game. Hughes never had one, and it’s now been fully exposed. After Alves stuffed Hughes’s takedown attempts during their fight, the former champ had no more weapons left, and it was only a countdown until the inevitable. I’m interested in seeing Hughes settle his grudge match with Matt Serra; I’m not really interested in seeing Hughes continue to be tooled by other athletic and well-rounded members of the UFC’s welterweight division.

— Michael Bisping looked deadly once again. Obviously he’d be wrecked by Silva, Franklin, or Henderson (or Marquardt on a good day), but he’d have to be the favorite against any other middleweight in the UFC. I’d guess he’s two wins away from a title shot, and luckily for him, Anderson Silva might not be around by the time he gets there. (The chatter is that Silva may move up to light-heavyweight for a marquee fight, but it’s totally unsubstantiated at this point, so don’t get your hopes up.)

— I don’t care what Jason Lambert needs to do to get down to 185 — stomach stapling, breast reduction surgery, whatever — he just needs to get there. He also needs to understand that his boxing sucks; just like in his fight with Wilson Gouveia, Lambert’s wild and sloppy haymakers led to his own damn self getting knocked out against Luis Cane. I think the biggest lesson I learned from “Bedlam” was that if there’s a noticeably out-of-shape guy fighting a guy in great physical condition, don’t bet on the fatty. (See also: Eddie Sanchez.)


UFC 85 Highlight Reel Hype-Orgy

(Nate Marquardt HL)

(Marcus Davis HL)

(Matt Hughes HL)


UFC 85 Ipecac Bet: Head-to-Head

UFC 85 picks
(Image courtesy of some homo.)

Ryan “Fightlinker” Harkness has cast his final picks in our UFC 85 ipecac bet rematch; you can check out his take on the Bedlam matchups here. I was a little nervous picking Hughes and Werdum to win because both matches could definitely go either way, but Ryan has set my mind at ease by picking Hughes and Werdum as well (though he picked them to end by stoppage, rather than my decision calls). Of course, there are some notable points of dispute. Such as…

Michael Bisping vs. Jason Day
I said: Bisping by storm.
Ryan said: “I’m all over Jason Day’s nuts. After watching him destroy Alan Belcher, I’m convinced that there’s no way Michael Bisping is gonna be able to take him out. Bisping nearly got taken out by Elvis Sinosic for god’s sake. So I anticipate one round of tenderization and then Bisping getting subbed out on top in the second.”

Marcus Davis vs. Mike Swick
I said: Davis in a wild one.
Ryan said: “Davis has been on an upswing and Swick has been on a downswing. But Marcus hasn’t faced the kind of opponents Swick has, and has turned into a cocky motherfucker to boot. I’m expecting Swick to come in with a smart plan: put him on his back and don’t give Davis a chance to use his hands. This fight is simply too important for Swick to try and trade.”


Videos: Marcus Davis on Mike Swick; Kaitlin Young is a Cavewoman

The Irish Hand Grenade says he has impeccable timing, and can knock you out with one punch. He’s also expecting a better Mike Swick at UFC 85 than the one who grabbed a narrow decision against Josh Burkman at UFC Fight Night 12. For Swick’s sake, we hope he’s right

Kaitlin Young pulls around a pickup truck (among other hardcore shit) at API Training Center, in preparation for her fight against Gina Carano on May 31st. Not sure what’s up with the Enya music at the beginning, but my back is killing me just watching this.


Fight of the Day: Marcus Davis vs. Paul Taylor

I saw this one for the first time on UFC Unleashed last night and needed to share. In his fifth UFC fight (at “Champion vs. Champion,” 9/8/07), Marcus Davis was rocked early by a head kick and pounded on the ground to the point where 9 out of 10 refs would have jumped in to stop the fight. Big ups to ref Yves Lavigne, who was able to sense that Marcus wasn’t quite out of it and gave the Irish Hand Grenade a chance to continue. Davis worked his way onto his feet and then on top of Taylor, where he pummeled Taylor from the mount, then transitioned into a slick armbar that earned him the “Submission of the Night” bonus; Davis and Taylor also picked up the “Fight of the Night” bonuses for the effort.

Mike Goldberg line of the fight: “Marcus Davis has…literally fallen in love with elbows.”


Son of UFC Announcement Clusterbang

(Behind every great man is a woman with three kinds of hepatitis.)

It looks like all we’re gonna do on CagePotato today is post videos and talk about UFC fight bookings. But I hear that’s a good cure for a case of the Mondays, so unless there are any objections, here’s some other notable stuff that we either overlooked earlier, or has popped up since.

— B.J. Penn/Sean Sherk will likely go down at UFC 85 on May 24th in Las Vegas. According to Penn, Sherk is “dead.”

This questionably sourced post on claims that the UFC is in talks to sign three of the biggest stars of Japanese MMA: Takanori Gomi, Hayato “Mach” Sakurai, and Norifumi “Kid” Yamamoto. Marcus Davis called out Gomi after his victory at UFC 80, and getting Sakurai in the UFC’s lightweight division would give Mac Danzig an opportunity to avenge his last loss. Yamamoto fights at 143 pounds, so Zuffa would be wise to sign him to the WEC in order to set up a match with Urijah Faber; Faber wants to fight Yamamoto more than anyone else.


Fights of the Day #2-4: More First-Round K.O.s from UFC 80

If you missed Saturday’s play-by-play, click here.

Jorge Rivera steamrolls Kendall Grove.

Marcus Davis’s phantom knockout punch coma-tizes Jess Liaudin.

Colin Robinson goes up against Antoni Hardonk, gets life saved by Mario Yamasaki, whines like an asshole.

On an unrelated note, I’d like to take this opportunity to rag on the UFC for leaving all ring-card-holding duties to Arianny and Edith. If we have to put up with the one-dimensional antics of local scrappers like Paul Taylor, Paul Kelly, and Colin Robinson, could the UFC have maybe found some hot British chicks to step in as guest Octagon Girls? Just a thought. I got a million of ‘em.


Meet the Irish Hand Grenade

(We know what you’re thinking, and yes, Marcus is standing on a box.)

Known as the “Bonus Kid” for the way he pulls down Knockout/Submission/Fight of the Night bonuses, UFC welterweight Marcus “The Irish Hand Grenade” Davis will face Jess Liaudin at Saturday’s “Rapid Fire” event, where he’ll try to extend his 10-fight win streak to 11. Besides the fact that he’s been undefeated since losing to Melvin Guillard on the TUF 2 finale in November 2005, and the fact that he’s Irish, we don’t know too much about the guy — luckily, MMA Madness’s new interview with Davis sheds light on the rising star, revealing him to be a humble but entertaining dude. (Kind of like the anti-Guillard.) Some highlights…

On not being a spoiled bitch:

MMA Madness: Being undefeated in UFC competition, how many fights do you think it’ll take before you earn title consideration?
Marcus Davis: I’m patient so I don’t really care (laughs). I fight to fight. I’m 5 [UFC] wins in a row, about to be 6, so if I get up to 25 wins, at some point, I’ll get a title shot. If I don’t get one during my career, I’m not gonna look back and say I should have had one. I’ll just say “geez, I had a great time doing that.” I won’t have any regrets and I’m in no rush.

On his (and Tim Sylvia’s) origin story:

It was 1995 and Tim and I were doormen together at a bar. I became the GM of the bar and so I had all the doormen going to a boxing and MMA school inside a Gold’s Gym. I made it mandatory that the doormen go there to train. Tim was a real big guy, about 235 pounds and playing semi pro football, but he needed to learn how to throw some hands. So I started working with Tim and he said he wanted to try the Pancrase stuff. He did three or four of those, ended up meeting Pat Miletich, and that’s how it all started…after Tim left, I was still training boxing. I wanted to do some MMA stuff too so I went out, trained with Tim, met Miletich, and decided that I wanted to do this.

On his last UFC win against Paul Taylor:

I’m a much better grappler than the guys he’s fought and the guys he trains with. All the UK grapplers are way behind the ones in the United States. It’s like going to Japan and they’re still wearing Wrangler Jeans and listening to disco. That’s where they are when it comes to the ground game.

By the way, Jess Liaudin’s nickname is “The Joker.” With that in mind, we have to give the fight to the Irish Fucking Hand Grenade. (Unless, of course, Liaudin catches him in the jumping guillotine…)