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MMA’s Best and Worst, Outside of the UFC

(“Scott Coker, who crawled through a river of shit and came out clean on the other side. Scott Coker. Headed for the Bellator.” / Photo via

By Santino DeFranco

The recent departure of Bjorn Rebney from Bellator got me thinking about the rest of the non-UFC MMA world, and what it has to offer—both good and bad. So, I’ve compiled a list of the best and worst in a few categories. How do they stack up against their counterparts in the UFC? Hell, I don’t know, but none of them have a signature 360-degree turn while doing any of their jobs.


BEST: Jason Chambers, One FC

Chambers is refreshing to hear while watching fights. Not only does he sound professional behind the mic, but he was a seasoned pro MMA fighter himself, which gives him an insider’s perspective into what’s going on during fights. The former Human Weapon host regularly pokes fun at himself, and rarely do we get the ever-so-obnoxious “When I trained with so-and-so” type of rubbish we hear from other ex-fighter commentators. Even if Chambers does occasionally botch names of the One FC fighters like “Xainj-Gui- Zambetriuyuiock,” he still maintains great hair, even in the humidity of Southeast Asia.

WORST: Bas Rutten, various promotions

Bas’s golden days are behind him, and he’s forgotten that he isn’t fighting anymore. His once-funny shtick has become stale and we can only hear so many mispronounced moves and slaughtered names of fighters before we want to turn down the volume and enjoy the second-tier MMA in front of us—though I am still a sucker for any liver-shot references.



McKee Stripped of Belt and Will Be Fired After Missing Weight for MFC Title Defense Tomorrow Night

(“I didn’t like working for the David Duke of MMA anyway.”)

Antonio McKee is really limiting his employment options these day.

The 41-year-old Las Vegas native today weighed in seven pounds over the 155 pound limit for his Maximum Fighting Championship title defense against Brian Cobb tomorrow night in Edmonton, Alberta. As a result of the infraction “Mandingo” will be fined 20 percent of his purse stripped of his title and will be let go from the remainder of his contract with the promotion.


Mark Pavelich Is Not Fond of This Rebney Character

“…and I also understand that he always takes a penny, and never leaves one. He once killed a puppy with a kitten. He wears black all the time. He’s a malefactor, a villain. I don’t really know him from Adam, but f*ck that guy.”

Mark Pavelich, the owner/CEO/Gran High Poo-bah of Maximum Fighting Championships, is not the kind of guy who holds back his feelings. He’s an expressive, gregarious type who uses Twitter like he was getting bonuses for followers, and describing him as “outspoken” would be like saying Amy Winehouse liked to get high.* And right now, he’s feeling pretty pissed off at the Son of Winnebago Man.

It seems that recent moves by Bellator, particularly acquiring top MFC talents Douglas Lima and Ryan Ford, has worked the Pav’s nerves to the point that he had to go on Twitter to air his grievances, and then follow that up with an interview so he make sure that everyone understood the words that were coming out of his mouth. Pavelich insists that Bellator has signed unspecified fighters that are currently under contract with MFC, and Bjorn is an idiot. Furthermore, Pavelich doesn’t even know who this Bjorn guy is.


Ryan Ford Says His *Other* Former Agent Owes Him Money Too

(Ford when he found out he was ripped off again.)

Ryan Ford has had it up to here with dishonest people in MMA.

Having split from Mark Pavelich, his manager and the promoter of the Canadian MFC organization where he fought the lion’s share of his fights in 2009 because of a contract dispute, “The Real Deal” moved on to Edmonton, Alberta promotion “The Fight Club” only to have TFC cancel a planned bout with Carlo Prater. Going against his better judgment, Ford, who now had a young baby to feed besides supporting himself and his girlfriend re-signed with the MFC.

Two fights later the brash Canadian welterweight fell out with Pavelich for the second time in as many years. This time the dispute wasn’t over contract terms, per se. It was regarding money Ford says he was owed nearly $2,700 by Pavelich for selling close to $22,000 in tickets to MFC shows since he returned to fight for the organization. The case is currently in litigation, but Ford is confident that he will win just like the last time the MFC boss tried to sue him.

“Mark came out and said that I was going to claim racism against him. I was like, ‘What is this guy talking about?’ I did an interview and the interviewer asked me about it and I said, ‘Number one, I have no idea what he’s talking about and number two, if he did say something racist about me we wouldn’t be settling it in the media. I would confront him to his face and we’d settle it personally.’ I don’t know what he eats for breakfast but that was pretty far out there,” Ford says. “He’s crazy. He didn’t pay for the lawyer’s bill from the last time he took [TFC] to court. He breached my contract, plain and simple and I moved on. I shouldn’t have been back with the MFC in the first place, but oh well. You live, you learn.”


Hell Freezes Over As MFC Signs Drew Fickett to Face Antonio McKee for Lightweight Title on February 25

Apparently lot can change in a few years.

Maximum Fighting Championship president Mark Pavelich had a change of heart and has re-signed lightweight Drew Fickett to a multi-fight deal with the Edmonton, Alberta promotion. The news wouldn’t be as interesting if Pavelich hadn’t proclaimed in 2008 that "Knight Rider" would never fight in the MFC.

To recap what led up to Pavelich’s assertion that Fickett’s days as an MFC fighter were numbered before he ever cashed a paycheck from the promotion, it all started when "The Master" breached a clause in his 2008 contract by taking a fight within two months of a scheduled MFC bout.

But that’s not the reason he was banned by Pavelich.

When the promoter read online that Fickett had agreed to fill in for an injured Joe Riggs on a Strikeforce challengers card last-minute participation, he attempted to contact the fighter’s camp to tell them that he would be breaching his contract if he took the fight as he had an MFC bout less than a month later. When his calls and messages went unanswered, he contacted Scott Coker to tell him that Drew couldn’t fight on the card and the Strikeforce promptly rescinded the offer to Fickett.


MFC Angrily Cans Drew Fickett

Drew Fickett MMA
(Awww, who could stay mad at that face?)

Drew Fickett and Maximum Fighting Championship boss Mark Pavelich have been engaged in a war of words since Fickett agreed to fill in for Joe Riggs at “Strikeforce: Melendez vs. Thomson,” and Pavelich has had enough. Here’s a new press release from MFC, courtesy of TKO Xtreme:

I would like to take this opportunity to offer a personal response to comments and actions taken by Drew Fickett over the past 72 hours.

Drew had agreed to and signed a contract to fight on the Maximum Fighting Championship show on July 25 for the welterweight title against Ryan Ford. Over the last few days, Drew has caused severe problems and therefore we find him in complete breach of his contract.

We were shocked to learn Drew agreed on one day’s notice to fight as a middleweight in another organization’s event this past Friday. When I contacted this other organization, its owner immediately cancelled Drew’s fight when informed that he was under contract to fight on the MFC show and as part of Mr. Fickett’s contract he was not allowed to take another fight up to five weeks before the MFC show.

When I learned of Drew’s intentions to take this fight, I repeatedly attempted to reach Drew’s manager to find out why. After numerous attempts to reach his manager went unreturned, I did leave a voice mail which has since been made public. I admit to being very upset, angry and frustrated not only by Drew’s action but also by not being able to reach his manager and the tone of that voice mail reflected my feelings.