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Matt Hughes Fan Q&A: Don’t Ask Him About Tonight’s Fights

“…and those are the seven key differences between Durum Wheat and Hard White Wheat. Next question, please.”

The UFC continued their always entertaining series of Fighter Q&A sessions last night with Matt Hughes joining announcer Mike Goldberg on stage. As usual, Hughes shoots from the hip and shares his thoughts on everything from GSP’s standing in the sport to the recent testosterone replacement controversy, but one thing he doesn’t feel comfortable talking about is tonight’s fights. The reason? He really hasn’t seen many of the guys compete.

If you’re interested in catching the hour-long video, check it out here. If you learned nothing from your high school reliance on Cliffs Notes and want to continue eeking by on second-hand information, join us after the jump for a recap of the highlights.


On This Day in MMA History…June 19

(Back when Ken was making more than GSP…)

The TUF 11 Finale went down 1 year ago.

Why it matters:

Five of the fighters from the show are still active in the UFC and four are undefeated in the Octagon.

TUF winner Court McGee, who defeated Kris McCray in the finale by rear naked choke also beat Ryan Jensen by arm triangle at UFC 121 in October. He’s set to face Don Yi Yang at UFN “Battle at the Bayou” in September.

Kyle Noke, who was beaten by teammate McCray by unanimous decision in the quarterfinals of the show, defeated Josh Bryant by TKO at the finale and rattled off two rear naked choke submission wins against Rob Kimmons at UFC 122 in November and TUF 11 cast mate Chris Camozzi at UFC 127 at home in Australia in February. He’ll face Tom Lawlor next at UFC Live: Hardy vs. Lytle in August.

Brad Tavares, who lost to McGee in the semi-finals by rear naked choke is undefeated in official competition as well as 2-0 in the Octagon.He defeated TUF 11 quarterfinal opponent Seth Baczynski at the finale by unanimous decision and Phil Baroni by knockout at UFC 125 in January.


Good News: Matt Hughes Won’t Be Charged For Accidentally Busting That Woman’s Nose (Allegedly)

Matt Hughes TUF gif MMA gifs shaking head ultimate fighter
(I know, right? Whaddya gonna do.)

Just an update on that business about Matt Hughes shoving some dude into a woman’s nose at an Illinois bar last month. According to a TMZ report published yesterday, Hughes will not be charged with a crime related to the incident:

TMZ spoke with the Illinois State’s Attorney … who told us there was not enough evidence to prove the fighter committed a battery when he allegedly shoved another man into a female bystander at the Trails End Bar and Grill in Taylor Springs, IL.

In other words, Matt Hughes and War Machine won’t be sharing a cell any time soon. But my God, that would make for an amazing sitcom…


Quote of the Day: Hughes Calls St-Pierre’s Performance Against Shields the Worst of His Career

(“Come on, Georges. If you keep this up I’m going to rescind my offer to join me for a country breakfast.”)

Matt Hughes is not impressed by GSP’s performance in his last fight.

Now, before you jump to conclusions and say that Matt is only saying that Georges stunk the joint up in his UFC 129 fight against Jake Shields at Rogers Centre because he’s still sore that “Rush” laid a beating on him in their last two bouts, Hughes did say that he likes St-Pierre just fine.

Check out what the former UFC welterweight champ had to say in a recent blog post he wrote about the Shields-St-Pierre bout after the jump.


Matt Hughes Being Investigated for Bar Brawl in Illinois; Female Bystander Claims Broken Nose

Matt Hughes Hooters UFC MMA photos girls
(Just bring the man his honey-mustard wings and nobody gets hurt.)

TMZ digs the dirt:

UFC Hall-of-Famer Matt Hughes is at the center of a police investigation … after a female bystander told cops she suffered a broken nose when the fighter went off on another man inside an Illinois bar.

TMZ has confirmed 37-year-old Hughes was named in a police report filed in Taylor Springs, IL … stemming from an April 23 incident at a place called Trails End Bar and Grill.

According to a source who was inside the bar, Hughes got into an argument with a male bar patron … which led to some forceful shoving.


Weird Fight Alert: Sanchez vs. Hughes Confirmed for Fall

(Our thoughts exactly, Diego.)

This would appear to put to rest not only Royce Gracie’s aspirations to rematch Matt Hughes at UFC: Rio, but also an immediate bout for Diego Sanchez against any of the numerous dudes he’s been beefing with on Twitter: The horse’s mouth itself – – confirmed on Thursday that Hughes and Sanchez will face-off at an event to be named later, likely in the fall. So that’s weird.

We might’ve thought Sanchez deserved better, after squeaking by Martin Kampmann via relentless disregard for his own face at the latest UFC on Versus show. Meanwhile, Hughes – who is 37 – has recently grumbled about retirement and appeared to indicate he’d only like to fight fellow old guys who he might actually be able to beat from here on out. This appears to be an odd little piece of matchmaking for both guys.


MMA Slideshow: 15 Photos of Matt Hughes at Hooters

Matt Hughes Hooters MMA fighters hooters photos

For a man who tries to promote such a chaste image, Matt Hughes sure does find himself at Hooters a hell of a lot. Maybe it’s the famous wings that bring him in night after night. Or maybe it’s all the young chicks with big titties. Hard to say for sure. For more photographic proof, start after the jump and follow the “next page” links.


Increasing Speculation That He Will Fight at UFC Rio: Royce Gracie Reportedly Pulls Out of UK Seminar Tour to Focus on Training for Fight in August

(The question is, which weight class will Royce fight under?) received word over the weekend from a source close to the situation that Royce Gracie has cancelled the European leg of his spring seminar tour and that the official reason given to the group organizing his UK appearances (NJM promotions) is that the UFC Hall-of-Famer has accepted an offer from the promotion to fight on its August 27 card in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

According to NJM, Gracie’s manager, Mike Kogan revealed the news to them, which was relayed to the seminar host gyms in an effort to explain why the 44-year-old UFC 1, 2 and 4 tournament winner would not be able to make his scheduled appearances in England.


Video: BJ Penn Brings in Matt Hughes to Train for Jon Fitch

BJ Penn Brings in Matt Hughes to Train for Jon Fitch – Watch more Funny Videos

It looks like Matt Hughes and BJ Penn have been trolling us all along by making everyone think they can’t stand each other.

“The Prodigy” has brought in “Country Breakfast” to help him train for his upcoming UFC 127 fight with Jon Fitch, and according to Hughes, despite the fact that they have both beaten the shit out of each other and have slung a shit ton of verbal jabs over the years, there’s no hard feelings between them.

“I’ve been in the sport a long time — a lot longer than some other guys in the UFC. We respect each other and we’ve never really not got along and never had a falling out of any type. We’re competitors, so when we had a fight coming up, we always came in with the attitude that we were gonna beat the other one,” Hughes told Hawaii’s KHON2 news. “We fought, I think a week before Thanksgiving or something and he beat me pretty good…pretty quick. That was a match and he’s got his next fight and I’m tryin’ to help him out.”


CagePotato Comments of the Week

Courage Wolf WIn or Die
(This guy knows what I’m talking about.)

The first week of 2011 is coming to an end, and it seems like a good time to give away a few t-shirts. Fun fact: This is the third "Comments of the Week" post that we’ve published in the last three months. It almost seems like we should change the name to something…I don’t know…more fitting somehow. If you have any suggestions, we’d love to hear ‘em, because we’re absolutely stumped.

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