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Matt Hughes Won’t Engage in Bowling-Related Hypotheticals

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Now that UFC 98 is only ten days away, it’s time to bring out the hard-hitting questions, like if Matt Hughes and Matt Serra were neighbors, and they were just regular guys and not fighters, would they get along, and who would win at bowling? That Pulitzer-worthy line of questioning came from ESPN: The Magazine‘s usually-capable Ryan Hockensmith (who maybe forgot that Serra already beat Hughes at bowling during a TUF 6 coaches’ challenge) at a press conference held yesterday, and while the Terror tried to see the humor in it — even suggesting a reality show based on the two Matts as neighbors, which I would totally watch — Hughes can’t be bothered. "Who cares who would win in bowling?" he says. "To be honest, whoever’s gonna win in bowling is whoever is luckier that day." Hockensmith had prepared a follow-up question about go-kart racing, but wisely kept it to himself.

More choice quotes from the press conference are after the jump, courtesy of MMA Mania


Videos: DREAM ‘Super Hulk Tournament’ Promo, The Serravlog Takes Manhattan + More

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At least DREAM knows that their "Super Hulk Tournament" is a cartoonish freak show. Judging from the comic-book-style promotional clip shown above, they’re taking it about as seriously as we are. I don’t speak Japanese, but I was able to gather the following from context clues:

Minowaman is a big fan of Kinnikuman, and vice versa.
Hong Man Choi was relatively normal-sized as a child, but started to look like a Korean Rocky Dennis by the time he was a teenager.
Jose Canseco is a filthy Communist.
Jan Nortje is an ex-convict. If I had to guess, I’d say tax evasion.
— Like many Africans, Sokoudjou has the ability to speak to giraffes. His KO of Antonio Rogerio Nogueira at PRIDE 33 was so beautiful it made Harrison Ford cry. (Ford is referred to here as "Indy Jones.")

After the jump: In the latest installment of Matt Serra‘s UFC 98 video blog, Matty does a media day in New York on two hours of sleep; as usual, Ray Longo is dragged along for comic relief. Also, Sean Sherk‘s workout at API is so intense we threw up just watching it.


Matt Serra UFC 98 Vlog #2: The Terra’s Trip to the Bahba

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Matt Serra gives us even more Long Island flava with this lastest installment of his videoblog, in which the Terror is tapped for a random drug test ("testin’ positive for espresso and marinara sauce"). But before he pisses in a cup, Serra has to make sure his fade looks tight n’ right at his barber shop, where the proprietor predicts an eight-second tapout victory for the hometown boy: "I say we take that awm back to New Yawk widdus." Later, Matt makes some appearances at his jiu-jitsu schools and runs into Pete Sell wearing the same shirt as he is, despite Sell’s efforts to make sure that wouldn’t happen. Finally, Matt explains that the videoblogs don’t show all his training, because Hughes "might have a computer in that barn of his." It’s probably a good thing the cameras are following Serra for this match instead of Hughes; we’re assuming that Serra’s colorful interactions are more entertaining than a week of Bible studies and hog-slopping.


UFC Video Blogs: Matt Serra Got That Breast Milk, BJ Penn Endorses the San Clemente Inn

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With Dana slowly transitioning out of his web presence, the UFC is getting into an event-specific rotation for their video blogs. Last time we had Chuck Liddell letting us see the days leading up to his retirement, and now we’ve got Matt Serra giving us an impromptu episode of UFC Cribs. (Livin’ lawge, Matty!) Later, Serra stops by the gym, mainly just to mock Ray "The Hoarder" Longo. Many laughs are had, many balls are busted.


Renzo Gracie Ain’t Done Yet

(If you’ve somehow forgotten how awesome Renzo is, watch 0:16-0:22 of the above clip. Props to Kostakio.)

Though he hasn’t competed since his DQ win over Frank Shamrock at EliteXC: Destiny in February 2007, don’t assume that Renzo Gracie is retired from the ring. The 42-year-old MMA pioneer, who is currently helping train Matt Serra and Andre Gusmao for their fights at UFC 98, says that he plans to start preparing for his next fight at the end of this year, right after he opens two new Renzo Gracie Academies in Connecticut and New Jersey. As he told TriStateFighter, he would happily fight for "anyplace that [would] take me…they’re willing to take an old man in, I will be there." Go here to listen to TSF’s full interview with Renzo, in which he discusses Serra’s preparation for Matt Hughes.

Bonus, after the jump: The trailer for Renzo Gracie Legacy, in which Renzo remembers Johnny Cash lyrics a little differently than we do.


Videos: UFC 98 In-Depth, The Many Faces of Chuck + More

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We still have to wait 18 more days for this thing to pop off, but in the meantime, here’s some preview trash-talk from UFC 98′s extended trailer. While Rashad Evans keeps it simple, predicting he’ll take Lyoto Machida out in the third round, the Dragon gets all poetic ("My philosophy is the same as the samurai…my body is my sword, my mind is my blade.") According to Dana White, it will be the first time in UFC history that two undefeated fighters will fight for a title.

Meanwhile, Matt Hughes and Matt Serra share their own differing philosophies. Joe Rogan calls their match a must-win fight for both guys if they want to continue fighting in the UFC. For Serra, beating up Matt Hughes is more important than picking up the W. "Let’s send him packin’," he says. "Who the hell wants that guy around anymore? Not me."

After the jump: Get your daily dose of MMA-related laffs with two more must-see clips.


Matt Serra Wasn’t Kidding About Turning His Back on Joe Scarola

Matt Serra
(The universal sign for: ‘I’m weighin’ in ova here!’)

I’ll admit that when Matt Serra told his then-protégé, Joe Scarola, that he’d basically disown him if he walked away from “The Ultimate Fighter” after losing to Mac Danzig early on in season six, I suspected it might be an empty threat.  But judging from Serra’s comments in an interview with MMA Fanhouse, “The Terra” don’t make empty threats.  When he tells you that you’re about to ruin the beautiful friendship the two of you share, he’s being totally cereal.

There was also a little bit of an issue with your friend Joe Scarola. You brought him on the show and then he quit during it. Are you still friends with him?

Reminder: CagePotato’s UFC 98 Sweepstakes Ends on 5/11

Matt Hughes Matt Serra UFC 98 MMA
(You still care about these guys, right? Image courtesy of MMA Weekly.)

Good morning, Potato Nation. It may interest you to know that there’s still eight days left to enter our UFC 98 sweepstakes, in which one of you lucky bastards will score an all-expenses-paid trip to Las Vegas, where you’ll get to watch Rashad vs. Lyoto, Matt vs. Matt, and more great fights in person. Refresh yourself with the rules here, and get your entries in by 11:59 p.m. PST on Monday, May 11th.

And one more thing: To those cynical commenters who thought this was some sort of scam, it honestly isn’t — it’s just not free, that’s all. Someone is really going to win a $3,000 UFC prize package with a minimum total investment of $0.99. (Or the cost of a postcard and a stamp, if you don’t have AT&T or Verizon Wireless and you decide to go that route.) Think of it as a scratch ticket. And stop being such a pain in our asses.


Now This Looks Like a Fun Friday Night

Don’t even front like you wouldn’t want to hang out at a Buffalo Wild Wings in Orlando with Matt Hughes and Matt Lindland, because you would.  There’s no better place to be this Friday night to eat some wings, drink a couple brews, and talk about the current state of the Republican party.  You could even tell Lindland and Hughes what time you woke up that morning, just so they could both assure you that they’d already been up for hours by then, getting shit done.

Hughes says on his blog that he’s running down to Florida to do this quick little promotional joint, then he has to “hurry up and come home so I can watch my buddy Chuck fight.”  Hughes’ own long-awaited grudge match with Matt Serra is just a little over a month away and he says he’s been pushing himself hard in training.  At the moment oddsmakers have him pegged as a heavy favorite at around -250, depending on the source.  That seems just a little high considering he’s coming off two straight losses, but Serra has only fought twice in the last two years, so he’s either really rested or really rusty.

After the jump, Hughes shows us what they do for fun in his neck of the woods.


Video: MMA’s Greatest Upsets

Loyal readers of this site know how much we love video highlights and lists of things, so it should be no surprise that we really enjoyed the latest effort from KingAtRock (who you might remember from such videos as this one or that one).  So yeah, we probably would have posted this regardless, but it sure didn’t hurt that he gave us a little shout-out at the end.  Let this be a lesson to the rest of you: never underestimate the power of pandering to our collective ego.  

On the real though, this is a pretty solid list of upsets.  It does seem a little strange, considering what we know about each man’s career trajectory, to think of Rashad Evans’ brain cell-destroying knockout of Chuck Liddell as an upset.  At the time it was a shocker, sure, but now it seems like we probably should have seen it coming.  Who knows, maybe someday we’ll be saying the same thing about Thales Leites’ dramatic victory via flying triangle choke over Anderson Silva.  Probably not, though.