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Matt Serra to NY Legislators: Please Let Me Fight in Front of a Crowd That Likes Me

(Most honest post-fight reaction…eva.)

Strong Island native Matt “The Terra” Serra has penned a piece for Newsday appealing to New York legislators to lift the ban on MMA and regulate events in his home state.  He makes some of the same arguments we’ve all been making/hearing for years – it brings in money, it isn’t that violent, it’s not as bad as boxing, etc. – but Serra is in the unique position of being able to lead with this very personal appeal to emotion:

Last April, I fought Georges St. Pierre in a rematch of the Ultimate Fighting Championship welterweight title match. Our sport is banned in New York, and this fight was held in Montreal, St. Pierre’s hometown. The sold-out crowd of 21,000 was less than welcoming – everywhere I went that weekend, I heard jeers and boos. When I eventually lost the match, the cheers for my opponent were deafening.

Quote of the Day: Anthony Johnson Isn’t the World’s Biggest Matt Hughes Fan

Anthony Johnson Tommy Speer UFC MMA
(Rumble celebrates his ferocious Speer-ownage at UFC Fight Night 13 last April. Photo courtesy of NBC Sports.)

From a recent Around the Octagon interview with Anthony "Rumble" Johnson, via MMABay:  

"I’ll fight anybody the UFC puts in front of me but I’d like to fight Matt Hughes one day. People say his level of fighting is better than mine because he has a lot of experience. I don’t care. He’s a dick. Hopeufully I’ll get a chance to knock him out like Thiago Alves did…
When I fought Tommy [Speer] he was weird. Me and my friends were walking out of the locker room and he walked by. I said what’s up to him and nodded my head and he kept walking like I was invisible. I thought ok, you’re like that. I’m friendly. You only have one life to live. But if he’s like that I know why Matt Serra wants to beat his ass… 

Matt Hughes and Matt Serra to Settle Personal/Cultural Differences in May

(Is that an Under Armour coat?  Wouldn’t that be more like Outer Armour?  Or just Armour?  I’m confused.)

According to his official website, Matt Hughes has spoken with UFC matchmaker Joe Silva and agreed to a May 23 fight with rival Matt Serra in Las Vegas. 

Hughes stresses that the bout isn’t "100% confirmed" yet, but he’s up for it and as long as Serra can work off his pasta weight without reinjuring his back there’s no reason they can’t finally settle this feud.  And honestly, it’s about time.  There’s only so long you can put something like this off until everyone, including the fighters, forgets why there was so much animosity to begin with.

Hold on, you thinking what I’m thinking?  Maybe Spike TV could run a special reality series that follows Hughes and Serra as they share a studio apartment together somewhere off the Vegas strip in the weeks before the fight.  Just imagine the hilarity.  Hughes is trying to read his Bible in peace at the end of a long day of training, but Serra is in the kitchen blasting Frank Sinatra and making a pizza pie in his underwear.  And just think of what will happen when Hughes discovers that Serra has been squeezing the toothpaste from the middle of the tube!  Oh, these two will never get along.  At least that show couldn’t be any worse than Double Shot at Love.  It just couldn’t.

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(Jenna, you shouldn’t have. You really, really shouldn’t have.)

Holy crap! turns one year old today, y’all! Many thanks to those of you who have stuck with us since the beginning — or the close-to-beginning, at least — and helped build this little site into what I believe is the most entertaining and energetic MMA community on the Internet. Lots of bigger and badder things to come, so stay tuned and tell your friends. To honor this day, let’s take a trip in the way-back machine, and revisit 25 of CagePotato’s all-time greatest moments. Enjoy…

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UFC Notes: Lesnar on E:60, Luke Cummo Arrested, UFC 92 Info, & More

Here’s a little taste of Brock Lesnar’s appearance on ESPN’s E:60 tonight at 7 pm EST (which is like, now). The interview seems to be taking place in a barn for some reason. I’m sure it will all make sense when we see the whole thing. In other news…

- Luke Cummo was arrested and charged with “driving while impaired with drugs” in Lynbrook, New York last week. He wasn’t drunk, but was reportedly tested for a drug that officials would not name. Fightlinker says Cummo claimed, at least briefly, that he got a contact high from being in a room full of people smoking pot, and this was exacerbated by eating a bunch of chicken wings. Seriously. He’s pleaded not guilty, and we really hope he decides to represent himself in this case because that would be awesome.

- Matt Hughes says on his website that he talked to UFC matchmaker Joe Silva this week and he may finally get his shot at Matt Serra in April. He also went bowhunting and bagged a deer.

- The UFC sent out a press release today officially announcing three fights for the stacked UFC 92 event on Dec. 27. As expected, Rashad Evans/Forrest Griffin, Wanderlei Silva/”Rampage” Jackson, and Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira/Frank Mir are on tap. Said Evans:

“Forrest fights from the heart just like me, and everyone underestimates Forrest until they get in there with him, like me. I think he and I are going to be like Ali vs. Frazier – this will be the first time we meet, but it won’t be the last, so I want to set the precedent.”


Exclusive Video Interview: Matt Serra

While Fowlkes was dutifully liveblogging UFC 88, I was at New York’s 40/40 Club for a viewing party hosted by Matt Serra and his training buddies George Sotiropoulos and Pete “Drago” Sell. Between tense games of eight-ball, the Serra-Longo crew hung out with journalists and answered questions. At one point, I got my Canon PowerShot up in the Terror’s face and asked him about his health and his upcoming match with Matt Hughes; the video is above.

Major respect to — and their tireless efforts to get MMA regulated in New York State — for putting the party together, and to MMA Mania’s Jesse Holland for keeping me company at the bar during the fights. After the jump, a few pictures from the event…


Matt Serra to Host UFC 88 Viewing Party @ 40/40 Club

Matt Serra UFC MMA
(“I told you this shit was gonna get crazy!”)

We received word this morning that former UFC welterweight champion Matt Serra has been booked to host a UFC 88 viewing party at The 40/40 Club this Saturday night in New York City. The ‘BG’ half of this CagePotato operation will be in attendance, so if you’re a New Yorker/Northern New Jerseyan and you haven’t decided where to watch the event yet, consider swinging by and raising a drink witcha boy. More details to come…


Possibly the Best Argument Yet for MMA Regulation in New York

Matt Serra Georges St. Pierre UFC 83
(Could this tragedy have been avoided?)

“I fought in Canada two weeks ago versus a Canadian. So that big 22,000-people crowd was booing my name. How would you feel about that? It was awful. If I fought the same guy in Madison Square Garden things could’ve been different.” — Matt Serra, addressing New York state legislators yesterday.

Racked with guilt over Serra’s loss in Canada and moved by his eloquent oratory, the New York State Legislature declared that the ban on MMA competition would be lifted immediately; furthermore, MMA would henceforth be recognized as New York’s official sport, and May 6th would be known as “Matt Serra Day.”

No, not really. But the UFC is making a heavy push to get New York to fall in line with the other 32 states that now sanction MMA competition in the U.S., sending Serra, Matt Hamill, and Zuffa’s Executive Vice President/general counsel Lawrence Epstein to plead their case in Albany. “We need to educate people about the sport and I think when people have certain perceptions, when confronted with evidence, those perceptions change,” said Epstein, who cited MMA’s increased safety measures since the sport was banned in New York eleven years ago by Governor George Pataki. The UFC lobbyists were also eager to point out the economic incentives enjoyed by UFC host cities, claiming that UFC 82 generated over $11 million in revenue for Columbus, Ohio.

So was their trip a success? Epstein had this to say:

“We’re battling everyday and I think we’ve come a long way, and you know there are always going to be those who don’t investigate this or look at it as deeply as we’d like them to. I guess we will continue to have that, but I think we’re over the hump.”

(Props: FightOpinion)


‘Power Rankings’ Update of DOOM!

(Crazy Anderson Silva wallpaper courtesy of

Over the last couple weeks, Matt Serra came crashing back down to Earth, Rich Franklin got his balls back, Shinya Aoki smothered JZ, and Denis Kang went out like a bitch. So if you haven’t swung by our Power Rankings section lately, please do so. In particular, the lightweight, middleweight, and pound-for-pound lists were freshly updated today. And you may be surprised at how high I ranked Travis Wiuff in the heavyweight division for going all the way at YAMMA 1…

Anyway, give ‘em a look and let us know if you see things differently.



Videos: Serra/St. Pierre, Bisping/McCarthy, Maia/Herman

The Terror gets slaughtered, Chainsaw says “no mas,” and Demian Maia unleashes the Submission of the Night in the second round of his undercard fight against Ed Herman. Get ‘em while they’re hot; for more UFC 83 vids, hit up MMALinker.