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Injury Replacement Roundup: Maguire in Against Riddle, Pierce in Against Baczynski, + More

(Pierce celebrates after successfully thwarting Mario’s plans with a well-timed barrel.) 

We here at CagePotato have literally taken every possible step in order to rid the MMA world of the great injury curse of 2012: we’ve prayed (lol!), we’ve had our cleaning lady Concepcion rid the office of evil spirits, we’ve resorted to Pagan rituals involving pentagrams, we’ve even had Rex track down “thisredengine” and sacrifice his virginal body to the Gods. And after all that fell flat, we tried to go Freddy Kruger on the curse and simply stop talking about it in the hopes that it would eventually just leave us be and move on to some other, less important sport. Like women’s ______.

But alas, our efforts were a complete failure. In the past few days, at least four fighters have come down with a case of the injury bug, leading to some small yet noticeable changes in several of the UFC’s upcoming cards. And we wonder why even Canadian fans are cautious to buy a ticket these days. (Author’s note: You see, Dana? THIS is what happens when you read from the Necronomicon. Side effects include nausea, meniere’s disease, Saturday night palsy, and possessed hand.) 

We shall begin today’s trip down injury lane with Kyle Noke


Technique Video of the Day: The Kimura Sweep

Ultimate Fight Night 25 provided us with a good deal of highlights this past weekend, but while you were watching Jake Shields trying to single leg Kevin Mulhall or Alan Belcher beat the tar out of Jason Macdonald, you may have overlooked the textbook kimura sweep that Lance Benoist pulled on Matt Riddle in the first round of their Fight of the Night earning scrap. Personally, it was my favorite highlight of the fight, and I loves me some broken noses.


Matthew Riddle on the ‘TUF 7′ Finale and More

(“Chipper” and his infectious war-grin.)

In the latest installment of MMAJunkie’s “Ten TUF Questions” feature, freshly eliminated Ultimate Fighter castmember Matthew Riddle confirms our suspicions that the booking of so many contract fighters on the TUF 7 finale card means that most of this season’s castmembers weren’t worthy of another televised scrap:

Yes, I’m on the card. But I can’t tell you who (I’m fighting). [laughs] You’re going to like it, though. We’re not allowed to say, but I think it’s a fight everyone wants to see. I’m not saying s***, though. The people who didn’t fight up to par got the boot and got cut. I think the UFC’s just getting so big that they’re only going to take the best. A lot of the guys from the cast weren’t invited to fight at the finale.

Unless Riddle starts some drama with another one of his housemates, we’d have to assume that he’ll be taking on Dante “I’ll Retire If You Beat Me” Rivera. And yes, we do want to see that. Elsewhere in the interview, Riddle responds to criticism of his celebratory behavior after nearly killing Dan Simmler in episode two:

The first thing — and they don’t show it — but he was out for about 15 or 20 minutes after I knocked him out. I was stoked at first and putting my thumbs up and smiling. Then, he didn’t get up, and I kind of slowed down. When he woke up and started moaning, I felt bad. [The show's editors] don’t show that. They just show me with my thumbs up, but I don’t enjoy hurting people. I just like to compete. It’s part of the sport, and it happens.

So has the Ultimate Fighter experience convinced Riddle to ditch his two-bit fight camp and join up with a big-name team?

I’ve been [at Rat Pack Fighting Systems] like four months, and all the sudden I’m like their poster boy, but it’s about to end. I’m having a meeting tonight, and I don’t care if you put this in there, but I’m telling him off. It’s like they’re trying to use me. Yeah, it’s probably smart on their part because it puts them on the map, but they could have gone about it differently. I feel like I’m being taking advantage of, and I don’t like that. I’m probably going to train with (fellow castmate Mike) Dolce and all those guys at Team Quest North and then with Rampage at Big Bear (Calif.) with the high altitude and stuff to get ready for my fight… Rampage and I got along very well. I got along with Juanito, too, and all the coaches. They still call me to see what I’m doing.

Check out the rest of the interview here. And take this lesson to heart, aspiring fighters: They’ll forget your ground game and they’ll forget your heavy hands, but a great smile will always make an impression.


“Laissez les bons temps rouler”: TUF 7.4 Recap

(Tim Credeur takes a brain-scrambling illegal upkick.)

One of TUF 7‘s brightest prospects had to work his ass off to keep his place in the house on last night’s episode of The Ultimate Fighter, as Tim Credeur battled his way through a very game (but ultimately too inexperienced) Matthew Riddle. The fight was one of the best in recent TUF history, but before it went down, the following happened:

— Jesse Taylor, who we’ll henceforth refer to as “Mongo,” followed up his brilliant can’t-figure-out-the-dishwasher performance from last episode with a sequence of him not being able to figure out how to open a bottle of beer, then accidentally breaking some wooden window blinds. He also has “questionable spots on his body,” and with Paul Bradley’s herpes scare still fresh in their minds, Mongo’s housemates spray him down with Tinactin. Mongo is unfortunately poised to be the Private Pyle of the house.

— Matt “Chipper” Riddle is chomping at the bit to fight. His goofy enthusiasm rubs Dante Rivera the wrong way, and some trash talking ensues. Rivera claims he’ll retire from fighting if Riddle ever beats him, and after it’s announced that Riddle has been picked to face Tim Credeur, Rivera tries to bet Riddle $500 that he’ll lose the fight. Riddle refuses, and accuses Rivera of trying to get inside his head. “I live inside your head,” Rivera says. “You’re my son right now.”

— Tim Credeur knows that the Ultimate Fighter experience is a do-or-die moment in his career; if it doesn’t work out, he may need to find a different line of work. And the fact that he could be derailed by some punk-ass mama’s boy visibly upsets him. “For [Riddle], it’s a cool time, it’s neato mosquito,” Credeur says. “But for me, this is not neato.” He then says “let the good times roll” in French.

— Rampage tries to instill hatred of Team Forrest in his guys by suggesting that “Team Brown Nose” gets better treatment. “I bet their gloves fit them,” he says. In one scene, he goes to CB Dollaway for his take on what the next matchup might be; Dollaway may be emerging as Rampage’s consigliere.

So, Tim Credeur (Team Forrest, 10-2) and Matthew Riddle (Team Rampage, 1-0) finally go toe-to-toe, and it’s a wild one.