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MMA According to Google Search Autofill

If you’ve ever done a Google search, you know that the autofill results can be ridiculous at times. The truth is, Google has an autocomplete algorithm it uses to determine what you might be searching for that is based on popular search terms and combinations of words.

While looking up Michael Bisping’s record today for a piece I was working on, “Bisping’s Island” autofilled in my search window. As I deleted the “D-N-A-L” I got back a litany of homoerotic insults and slurs attached to the resulting “Michael Bisping is” that remained in the queue. So since it was a slow news day, I decided what better way to waste the rest of it than to search and screen capture the results for your viewing enjoyment.

If you’re a fighter or a promoter with thin skin, we suggest that you refrain from searching for yourself. You’ve been warned.

Check out the results after the jump.