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UFC Fight Night 19: Diaz/Guillard Gets Top Billing Over Maynard/Huerta

Nate Diaz Melvin Guillard Roger Huerta Gray Maynard UFC Fight Night 19

No, your eyes are not deceiving you. We just received the above poster image in our inbox, in which Nate Diaz (who’s coming off back-to-back losses to Clay Guida and Joe Stevenson) and Melvin Guillard (cokehead) appear to be headlining the next UFC Fight Night card over top lightweight contender Gray Maynard and Roger Huerta, who used to be the UFC’s Great Brown Hope until he started talking out of turn. Of course, most fans are just going to be happy to see two great lightweight matchups on free TV, not realizing the passive aggressive jab of disrespect that’s going on here. (Honestly, I can’t wait to hear Joe Rogan and Mike Goldberg’s spin on why Diaz vs. Guillard is main-event-worthy.) But hey, good luck to Nate — when was the last time a fighter was given a headlining slot and a "win or go home" match on the same night?

UFC Fight Night 19 will serve as a lead-in to the premiere of Kimbo’s House (aka TUF 10). Tickets to the event go on sale this week; the current lineup is after the jump.


UFC Quick Hits: Koscheck, Penn, Guillard, + More

Josh Koscheck Chris Lytle MMA UFC
(Photo courtesy of FightNewsExtra.)

Josh Koscheck, who faces Paulo Thiago at UFC 95 on February 21st, has inked a 20-month contract extension with the UFC. Said Kos: "The UFC is the only show in town. If I wasn’t with them I would be a struggling fighter looking for work in a struggling country…I want to fight five to six times this year. I’ll be very unhappy if the UFC can’t get me fights."

— BJ Penn’s head trainer Rudy Valentino took offense to Dana White’s accusations that BJ Penn isn’t taking training seriously, as shown on the debut episode of UFC Primetime. "He makes it out to be that [BJ] is on vacation, not training and not taking [the fight] seriously. This fight is the most serious fight of all time. We’re not playing around…[Dana] will pull out drama in anything he does. He’s not a drama queen, he’s a drama king. [Dana] didn’t understand what we have to do….because he’s not a fighter. We don’t want [BJ] burning out or peaking at the wrong time."

— A lightweight match between Melvin Guillard and Octagon newcomer Ronnys Torres is slated for UFC Fight Night 18 (April 1st, Nashville). Torres is a 14-1 veteran of Jungle Fight and Shooto Brazil who works out with the Nova Uniao camp. Guillard, who had to pull out of UFC 90 due to a probation violation, last competed at UFC 86 in July, where he scored a 36-second knockout over Dennis Siver.

Tyson Griffin will also compete on the April 1st card, for the first time since his unanimous decision loss to Sean Sherk in October; his opponent hasn’t yet been confirmed.

— For many young mixed martial artists, being picked for the cast of The Ultimate Fighter is a dream come true. For Tom Egan and John Hathaway, it’s something to be avoided at all costs.


Melvin Guillard Violates Probation, Goes Directly to Jail

Melvin Guillard UFC MMA
(Photo courtesy of

We previously mentioned that UFC lightweight Melvin Guillard had to pull out of his UFC 90 bout with Spencer Fisher for undisclosed reasons. Well, now those reasons are disclosed — and it ain’t lookin’ good. Sherdog is reporting that the Young Assassin is in custody at the Harris County jail in Houston, due to an August 13th arrest for violating probation on a 2007 drug charge. Guillard will be released to a drug treatment facility “as soon as space becomes available per the terms of his recently amended probation.” And it probably won’t be one of those cushy drug treatment facilities that lets patients take days off to go fight in Chicago, so there you have it.

Of course, this isn’t the first time Guillard has had drug/legal trouble since his UFC career began in 2005. The New Orleans native was suspended for eight months after testing positive for cocaine following a submission loss to Joe Stevenson at UFC Fight Night 9 in April 2007. (Guillard admitted using the drug six days before the fight, thinking it would be out of his system within 72 hours.) Four months later, he was arrested for possession of a controlled substance, but got off with a fine and two years probation — which he has now violated.

If you’ve been keeping score, that’s three strikes. Unfortunately, Guillard’s not nearly valuable enough to the UFC for them to keep giving him chances; we’d expect a semi-official announcement of his dismissal sometime this week. Guillard is still an exciting-enough fighter to continue to get work in smaller shows, but we’re more concerned about his health and well-being at this point. Let’s hope his latest incident compels him to clean up for good…


UFC Quick Notes: Machida, Cote, Guillard + More

Shannon Gugerty MMA UFC
(Shannon Gugerty finishes fights. Photo courtesy of

— Without an opponent due to Thiago Silva’s recent back injury, Lyoto Machida has been officially removed from UFC 89′s lineup; an undercard bout between Shane Carwin and Neil Wain will now be bumped up to the pay-per-view broadcast. As one rumor goes, Machida could potentially face Mauricio “Shogun” Rua in November or December.

— Patrick Cote is tired of the American media disrespecting him by discussing who Anderson Silva should face after the Spider inevitably kicks the crap out of the Canadian challenger at UFC 90. You might not believe this, but Cote said he’s “ready to shock the world.” Wow…could we have been wrong about this fight all along?

— Melvin Guillard has been forced to drop out of his UFC 90 bout with Spencer Fisher for undisclosed reasons. Replacing him will be Shannon Gugerty (11-2), the City Boxing product who made his UFC debut at “Silva vs. Irvin” in July with a first-round choke-out of Dale Hartt.

— The UFC may have found its next light-heavyweight gatekeeper, reportedly signing Italian UWC/Cage Rage vet Ivan Serati (10-2) to a multi-fight deal; he’s expected to make his first Octagon appearance before the end of the year. Serati has won his last four matches, and started his career with five straight victories by stoppage (all in under a minute) before losing to Vitor Belfort via TKO at a Cage Rage event in April ’07. just published a feature about Evan Tanner‘s greatest UFC moments. Read and reflect.


UFC 90 Gets Fisher/Guillard, Franca/Tibau; Sherk vs. Griffin Rumored

Melvin Guillard Dennis Siver UFC MMA
(Melvin Guillard shuts down Dennis Siver. Photo courtesy of

MMA Weekly has confirmed that UFC 90 (October 25th, Chicago) will feature a lightweight bout between Spencer Fisher and Melvin Guillard. Fisher (21-4, 6-3 UFC) is coming off a decision win against Jeremy Stephens at the TUF 7 finale in June, while Guillard (21-7-2, 4-3 UFC) is coming off a 36-second KO of Dennis Siver, which won him the “Knockout of the Night” bonus at last month’s UFC 86. Seems like a decent matchup, though Fisher’s coach Pat Miletich isn’t so pleased: “Spencer has no reason to fight that guy,” Miletich told MMA Weekly. “I don’t think Melvin’s earned the right to fight him yet. I think Spencer should be fighting somebody where he’s got something to gain.”

Also in the lightweight division at UFC 90, Sherdog reports that Hermes Franca (who has dropped his last two fights to Sean Sherk and Frank Edgar) will be facing Gleison Tibau (who has dropped his last two fights to Tyson Griffin and Joe Stevenson). It goes without saying that the loser of this match could find himself bounced out of the UFC. Tibau currently trains at American Top Team, and Hermes Franca — a former ATT member — considers him a friend.

MMA Weekly also lists a third high-profile lightweight bout — between Sean Sherk and Tyson Griffin — on its UFC 90 Rumors page. The event will feature the middleweight title fight between Anderson Silva and Patrick Cote, as well as a potential #1 welterweight contender match between Thiago Alves and Diego Sanchez.

In other UFC news…

Wanderlei Silva will return to the Octagon in December against Unknown Fighter.

— Ever wonder why Luke Cummo looks so damn healthy and energetic? Partly the pee-drinking, mostly the pre-fight fasting.

— Brock Lesnar isn’t ruling out a return to pro wrestling.

Dana White allows you into his world.


UFC 86: Undercard Videos

Get ‘em while they last…

(Gabriel Gonzaga vs. Justin McCully)

(Melvin Guillard vs. Dennis Siver)


Jackson/Griffin Scorecards; Main Event Wins “Fight of the Night”

Forrest Griffin Quinton Jackson UFC 86

The official judges’ tallies, from Dave Meltzer via Fightlinker:

Adalaide Byrd
Round 1: 10-9 Griffin
Round 2: 10-8 Griffin
Round 3: 10-9 Griffin
Round 4: 10-9 Jackson
Round 5: 10-9 Jackson

Nelson Hamilton
Round 1: 10-9 Jackson
Round 2: 10-8 Griffin
Round 3: 10-9 Griffin
Round 4: 10-9 Jackson
Round 5: 10-9 Griffin

Roy Silbert
Round 1: 10-9 Griffin
Round 2: 10-9 Griffin
Round 3: 10-9 Griffin
Round 4: 10-9 Jackson
Round 5: 10-9 Griffin

Personally, I don’t agree that Rampage was “robbed” in this decision whatsoever — I think Griffin clearly controlled rounds 1, 2, and 5 — but for all three judges to give round 3 to the challenger is very questionable; Rampage found his distance in that round and started landing his lead-fisted punch combos. But then again, all three judges gave round 4 to Jackson, which I saw as a very close frame that could have been scored for Griffin due to his triangle attempt, which came within a ball-hair of finishing the fight. I’m sure the argument will rage on, but there’s one thing we can all agree on: These judges are totally incompetent. Where’s Cecil Peoples when you need him?

As if there was any doubt, Rampage vs. Forrest won UFC 86′s Fight of the Night bonus, with both headliners picking up $60,000 for their event-saving performance. As mentioned earlier, Knockout of the Night went to Melvin Guillard for his 36-second destruction of Dennis Siver, and Submission of the Night went to Cole Miller for choking out Jorge Gurgel; those bonuses were also worth $60k. Full payout info to come as soon as we have it…


Ricco, Monson, Loiseau, Guillard to Headline Stacked U.K. CFC Event

(Rodriguez/Monson 2 is slated for 5/17 in Newcastle.)

A horde of UFC vets will invade Newcastle, England, on May 17th, as the Combat Fighting Championships organization is hosting its first U.K. show at the Metro Radio Arena. The main event is a heavyweight brawl between former UFC heavyweight champ and Celebrity Rehab alum Ricco Rodriguez and Jeff “The Snowman” Monson; the two fighters previously met at UFC 35 (1/11/02), where Rodriguez scored a TKO victory in the third round. The co-headining bout will feature middleweights David “The Crow” Loiseau (who was 4-3 in the UFC) and Terry Martin, who was recently rumored to have been released from his UFC contract after his decision loss to Marvin Eastman at UFC 81 brought his Octagon record to 2-4; at the very least, this confirms that he’ll be working up his record in other clubs for a while. Featured on the rest of the impressively stacked card are Melvin Guillard (who will be facing Cage Rage featherweight Jean “White Bear” Silva), Brad Imes, Melvin Manhoef, Xavier Foupa-Pokam, and a bout between Travis Wiuff (who will be fighting in YAMMA’s heavyweight GP next month) and Cyrille Diabate.

It’s unclear how the CFC — which had previously only hosted shows in Orlando, Florida, and without any significant stars — has managed to generate enough juice to book a card in a British arena with so many recognizable MMA names, but this may be the first direct example of the UFC’s international expansion efforts leading the way for other American promotions to hold non-domestic events; the Metro Radio Arena previously hosted UFC 80. If you’ll be on the other side of the pond you can watch the action on Sky Sports or buy tickets here.


“No he did *not* just put his nuts on my neck.”

(Dana White, checking out Melvin Guillard’s junk.)

With this new interview for the Baltimore Sun‘s MMA Insider blog, Melvin Guillard joins Quinton Jackson and Frank Shamrock in the ranks of fighters who can’t even fake sanity when speaking in public forums. Read on for the interview’s highlights, where Guillard switches back and forth between delusional and incredibly fucking delusional:

On his moral victory over Rich Clementi at UFC 79: “He didn’t take my heart. I took his heart before he got in the ring. He was scared to fight me before he got in the ring…when I see him again, I’m going to fight him again…I went home for New Years and the places he wants to go, he wasn’t even there. He knew I was going to be there looking for him. He never showed up anywhere. As long as he keeps hiding from me, running from me, I’m winning the war every day…he was holding on like a scared little bitch [during the fight]. He was holding on for dear life as if if he let me go, he knew he would lose the fight…When I do fight the next jiu-jitsu guy, I hope they have a prayer for him — I’m not going to be so nice anymore.”

On Clementi’s “Suck It” gesture after the fight: “He put his nuts on the back of my head. When I catch him, I’m going to kick him in his [expletive deleted] nuts…My dad always told me if a man spit on you or slapped you, [expletive deleted] kill him. And if he put his nuts on my head on national TV, I’m going to [expletive deleted] kill him, period…as I’m getting up, it’s like he kicked me in the back of the neck, and it pushed me back down a little bit. So, I’m like, ‘What the [expletive deleted]?’ And, I jump up like, ‘No, he did not just put his nuts on my neck.’ So, that’s why I went after him like I did.”

On popularity: “I got booed before the fight, I got booed after the fight, but I’m still one of the crowd favorites.”

On the origins of his psychological issues: “Nobody is ever going to stand in front of me and beat my ass. My mom did that all my life so those days are over with.”