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Hot Potato: 10 More Photos of Bellator Ring Girl Mercedes Terrell

Like a film on the Tomatometer, it’s very rare that a featured ring girl in our Hot Potato galleries receives 100 percent approval from the Potato Nation. We assume it’s because most of you are pulling in some pretty incredible trim, and we chalk up the rest to trolling. In either case, Bellator ring girl Mercedes Terrell is the exception to the rule, for when we posted our original gallery devoted to her “talents” back in October, she was met with overwhelming validation by you Taters, so we decided that a follow-up gallery was necessary. To check out an even more extensive gallery of Ms. Terrell, head over to It’sFightingStupid, and be sure to follow Mercedes on Twitter.


Hot Potato: 10 Amazing New Pics of Mercedes Terrell

Mercedes Terrell chair pink lingerie photos Bellator ring girl photo gallery
(Full gallery is after the jump.)

Just a little something to get the image of Jon Jones’s naked ass out of your head: Bellator ring girl Mercedes Terrell has been tweeting out a bunch of great new photos recently, mostly in collaboration with Bellator photographer Eric Coleman. (Thanks to the ever-perceptive Babes of MMA for the tip.) Check out some highlights in the gallery below, and show Mercedes some love @MercedesTerrell!