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Quote of the Day: Mickey Ward Says Boxing Fans Are Switching to MMA Because There’s More Action and More Events

(Video courtesy of YouTube/sugarrayhatton)

If you saw the movie “The Fighter” with Mark Wahlberg and Christian Bale, you know who “Irish” Mickey Ward is. To the rest of us, he’s a former boxer who put in perhaps the best single round in boxing history against the late Arturro Gatti.

In an interview he recently did with East Side Boxing, Ward spoke about the influx of boxers crossing over to fight in MMA.

“I don’t really think that boxing needs saving, but [Mayweather fighting Pacquiao] would bring back a lot of people to the sport. I think it would bring a lot of interest back to boxing. I don’t think that boxing will ever go anywhere, because it’s the oldest sport there is. But there are a lot of people going to the MMA side,” Ward says. “You know what we need? We need the best fighters to fight the best fighters, and that way boxing would go back to where it was in the 70’s. Look at Bernard Hopkins; he will fight anyone in the world. He is the exception to the age rule. He is incredible.”


If You’re Looking For Some Fight Action on TV Tonight…

At the risk of giving too much love to the sport that frustrated white dudes so much they had to invent something entirely new in order to make themselves feel better, we thought we’d go ahead and mention that HBO will be airing the trilogy of fights between Mickey Ward and the late Arturo Gatti tonight, with an encore performance on Saturday.  If you are a consumer of news, you probably heard that Gatti was found dead last weekend under circumstances that were, let’s just say, suspicious.  A damn shame.  If you haven’t seen his battles with Ward and if you have HBO, do yourself a favor.

Now, to make amends for all this boxing news, allow us to offer the following.