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Video: Quinton Jackson vs. Vinnie Jones

Above is Quinton “Rampage” Jackson‘s complete appearance in Midnight Meat Train, a weird little horror flick which made back just $73,548 of its reported $15,000,000 budget during its very-limited release in August. Jackson plays some sort of Guardian Angel who likes to harass strangers. Vinnie Jones plays a mild-mannered looking dude with a bad cough and a penchant for beating people to death with a steel mallet. When they meet, it’s cinematic magic. (Actually, it’s the most broke-ass fight scene since They Live.)


Oscar Buzz: Quinton Jackson

When we reported that Quinton Jackson had scored a part in the upcoming horror flick Midnight Meat Train, we assumed that his role would be larger than “Black Guy Who Gets Killed #4.” But from the looks of the above trailer, the only speaking roles belong to Brooke Shields, Ricky Bobby’s wife, and the dude who played the asshole boyfriend in Wedding Crashers. Do not blink at the 1:36 mark or you’ll miss him. So…totally worth your time, right?