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One of Rick Hawn’s Sponsors Just Pulled the Mother of All Scumbag Moves [UPDATED]

(Aw yeah. Get ready for some Internet street-justice.)

Rick Hawn‘s lightweight title challenge against Michael Chandler last week at Bellator 85 didn’t go so well. Chandler was able to put the decorated judoka on his back with relative ease, before finishing him with a rear-naked choke in round two. But as disappointing as the loss was for Hawn, it paled in comparison to what came next. As Hawn revealed on twitter last night, “one of my main sponsors from my fight canceled his check cuz he wasnt happy with the outcome or my performance…A lawsuit is pending so I cannot comment on who it is just yet but stay tuned.”

I think we can all agree that a company that stiffs one of its sponsored MMA fighters because he lost should be immediately banned from the sport. But what makes this story sink to another level of scumbaggery is that the sponsor is actually defending the non-payment as a wise business decision. Here’s what the still-unnamed floor-turd had to say in an e-mail purportedly sent to our old friend Mike Russell:

At this point, a stop payment has been placed on check which cannot be cashed or deposited now. I will not comment on Rick and his fight. That is not my place. But what I will tell you is this: I took a huge chance with him. TV exposure was great…but it only holds weight if he wins or puts on a good show. Neither happened. At the end of the day…not one sole (sp) will run to [my] store and buy product because they [saw my logo and saw] Rick loose (sp) the fight. I’ve made it my career and business to know what nets a return on investment for the brand…and this is the number 1 reason why I DO NOT hand out money or product to fighters.”


MMA Trainer Firas Zahabi Launches FundAFighter to Put Sponsorship in the Hands of the Fans

(There’s always a Diaz fan in the crowd…)

By Jason Moles

We’ve seen as many MMA sponsors come and go over the last few years as we have fighters themselves, and with a few notable exceptions, they haven’t had much, if any, impact on the sport. That’s all about to change with the launch of, which helps fighters raise money to cover the costs of their training camps, travel, nutrition, or other MMA-related projects.

Developed by Tristar Gym‘s Firas Zahabi, the new site supports fighters in the planning and execution of “crowdfunding” campaigns in which they solicit donations directly from their fans in exchange for unique incentives like event tickets, autographs, fight-worn gear, or whatever rewards they are willing to give their backers. Oh, and did we mention that CagePotato veteran Mike Russell is handling PR for FundAFighter?

If the concept sounds vaguely familiar, there’s a reason for that — and it’s not just because crowdfunding is how we got Karmaatemycat to the TUF 14 tryouts last year. From the press release:


Chill Out and Have a Listen to The Bum Rush Radio Show Episode 6 Featuring UFC Lightweight Standout Cole Miller

(007 373 5963 will take you right past our inane banter to Cole’s interview) 

Well it’s been a while, but The Bum Rush Radio Show is finally back from a short hiatus. Unfortunately, because of the UFC Fan Expo and a handful of weddings all of us were guilted into attending, our free time was very sparse the last few weeks, but we’re ready to start pumping this thing out on the regular again.

On the bright side we had a lot to talk about this episode.

Besides our usual kibitzing about upcoming match-ups and the week’s top stories, UFC lightweight, Cole Miller stopped by to talk to Ben and shared his thoughts on a plethora of subjects, including UFC lightweight champ Frankie Edgar, his disdain for Cecil Peoples, why he loves Ninja Turtles and how he sees his fight with TUF 9 winner Ross Pearson going down next week at UFC Fight Night 22.


What Do You Have Planned for This Morning? Listening to The Bum Rush Episode 4, That’s What

(Stay Gomi, Ponyboy. Stay Gomi.)

Well Potato Nation, it’s the Friday before a major MMA event, and as such, we put together another episode of The Bum Rush to keep your cynical and demanding asses entertained for an hour and change whilst you whittle away the remaining hours of the work week.

In this episode, we welcome Cage Potato contributor Dallas Winston to our round table discussion and speak with Internet sensation and undefeated UFC newcomer, Sean "The Big Deal" McCorkle (feel free to use that nickname, Sean) who takes on former PRIDE star Mark Hunt at UFC 119 September 25 in his home state of Indiana.

As always on the show, Ben and Mike give their takes on the week’s hot news stories and dissect the upcoming fight cards by consulting their Ouija boards and magic 8-balls to help make their fight predictions.

Check out the show and post your feedback and questions for future editions of The Bum Rush Mail Bag.

Download Here
Listen Here


GOOOOD MORNING, POTATO NATION! It’s Time for Episode 3 of The Bum Rush Radio Show

(Goldstein during his Taxi Driver phase.)

If you’re looking for something to help you cruise into the weekend, we’ve got you covered. Episode 3 of "The Bum Rush" features more of our terribly inaccurate fight predictions, an insider round table featuring the usual suspects: Ben, Mike, Chad and Chad’s hype man, ReX13 discussing current MMA news and last weekend’s UFC card and an interview with UFC 116 slam master, Gerald Harris.

Find a cold, dark corner to hide in and keep your laughter to a minimum and you may be able to avoid your boss long enough to get through this damn thing.

As always, your input is appreciated. Let us know who you want to hear on the show, what we’re doing mediocrely and what areas we need to step up our games in.

We’re working to get the show on iTunes by next episode to make it more easily accessible and to make it at least seem more legit.



Grab a Coffee, Lock Your Office Door and Waste an Hour of Your Friday Listening to ‘The Bum Rush: Episode Two’

(Bet you didn’t know we’re all fighters, too.)

Well, since it’s almost the weekend and we know on Fridays how the second hand seems to move one tick forward and two ticks back, we figured we’d help you waste an hour of your day with another podcast.

Episode two features an interview with our The Ultimate Fighter 11 guest blogger and hero among men Rich Attonito, our take on this week’s big stories and a round table discussion panel with Ben, Mike, weekend CP editor Chad Dundas and our resident jack of all trades, master of none, DL "ReX13" Richardson, AKA "The Skirt Smasher."

We’re working on ironing out the bugs and are looking into other Voip options as Skype is hit or miss quality-wise.

Let us know in the comment section (like you needed to be told) what you think, what and who you want to hear on future episodes and any questions you may have for the panel or our future guests.



Happy Friday, Potato Nation; Your Dads Got You a New Podcast

(Dial in and tune out. That’s what we did when we made the show)

Grab yourselves a cup of coffee or mushroom tea and settle in with us for the next hour and a half and give this thing a listen.

Depending on the reception, The Bum Rush Radio Show could become a regular feature here on the site.


Daddy’s Home, Kids

(Video courtesy YouTube/City and Colour)

I know, I know. You kids weren’t ready for mom and dad to split up, and you’re not going to make this easy, but I want to assure you that I’m going to do everything I can to make things work for all of us.

I’m not going to be one of those strict stepdads who is always telling you to turn your music down or scolds you for cursing. I’m also not going to be the creepy, moustached stepdad who says inappropriate things and wears obscenely short Adidas shorts and aviator sunglasses so he can leer at your female friends around the pool.

No, I’m going to be the cool stepdad that keeps the unlocked garden shed stocked with Lucky Strikes, Playboys and whiskey and if any of it mysteriously goes missing, I’ll just replenish the cache with no questions asked as my way of saying, "Thanks for letting me bone your mom."

Now let’s get to those burning questions you’ve had since you first heard I was taking over for Ben Fowlkes as the Senior Editor of your beloved community. We’ll start with the ones that immediately followed the pages of some variation of "NOOO!!!! I’m never coming here again" and "Who the hell is Mike Russell?"

Here goes nothing…


Announcing the Newest Member of the Family…

Shane Carwin Godzilla pandemonium 

As soon as Ben Fowlkes gave me the terrible news that he’d be leaving us for, I did two things. First, I spent about 15 minutes digging my fingernails into my arm, because I find that physical pain is the only thing that can drown out emotional pain, and besides, it’s good to feel something, you know? The second thing I did was drop a line to our Canadian friend Mike Russell. In case you don’t know Mike, he used to work for The Fight Network, he currently writes features for, and he’s been contributing to this site since December. Just to refresh your memory…

Exclusive: Sonnen Brings in Okami to ‘Anchor’ his Training Camp for UFC 109 Fight Against Marquardt
Exclusive: Frank Trigg Still Holds a Grudge Against "That Fool" Jerry Millen
Pot, Meet Kettle: Butterbean Calls James Toney a ‘Circus Act’
Exclusive: Denis Kang Returns in June Against the Guy Who Killed Marcelo Garcia’s MMA Career
Exclusive: Gray Maynard: ‘My Shot Will Come’

With a natural understanding of CagePotato’s snarky-but-smart tone, a thick rolodex of industry contacts, and fearsome Photoshop skills (see above), I knew that Mike was the best candidate to come in and replace BF. Well, I shouldn’t use the word "replace," because how could you possibly replace someone as surly and unmotivated as Ben Fowlkes? Anyway, I’m extremely proud to announce that Mike Russell will be’s Senior Editor beginning Monday. 

Just as Fowlkes opened up the floor for questions as he made his way to plaid’er pastures, I’d like to invite you guys to ask Mike whatever you need to know in the comments section below. He will answer a handful of the best questions in a separate post at some point in the future. I know Mike’s "not your real dad," so to speak, but I hope you can give him a warm welcome and show him the kind of respect that’s always been the standard of this site. (LOL.) 

Always love,
BG, the one with the receding hairline