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‘TUF 10′ Episode 8 Recap: Last Baby Standing

Marcus Jones vs. Mike Wessel – Watch more Funny Videos

Matt Mitrione‘s win over Scott Junk on last week’s episode was a bit of a shock to the TUF guys, who expected more out of the Hawaiian UFC vet. Junk says he would have won the fight if it went to a third round — kind of a bold statement considering he almost had a heart-attack trying to make it to the second horn.

Rampage has his now-famous door-destroying session. "You know what sucks about that, it shows everybody how fucking cheap our doors are," Dana says. Rashad doesn’t understand the outburst. "If you put in nothin’, you get out nothin’," he says. After Rampage cools down, he feels embarrassed about the incident, especially because the door never did anything to him.

In the aftermath of the last fight, Mitrione feels like his brain is a little rattled, and goes right to bed. Wes Sims feels it’s the perfect opportunity to throw him a party. He barges into Matt’s room screaming "CELEBRATE!" while spraying some undisclosed shit into his room. (Silly String? Axe Body Spray?) The brain-damaged Mitrione is in no mood, and politely asks Wes to leave.


TUF 10′s Mike Wessel Gets Personal on Rampage’s Ass

Mike Wessel UFC TUF Ultimate Fighter
(Mike is not taking your bullshit. No sir, not today.)

Quote of the day from Team Rashad member Mike Wessel, via an interview on

The reason I get pissed off at Rampage is because he’s supposed to be a coach, and I used to be a coach as well. When Demico lost the way he did, Rampage started feeling sorry for himself. You could hear him saying things like, "Do I have bad luck?", and, "I can’t believe he tapped out to that bullshit". I remember he said something like, "I would never lose like that". Really Rampage? Really? You’re going to act like that big of a douche because one of your guys lost, even though he fought good? Demico went in there and surprised a lot of people, and lost, but who cares. Everybody loses. What did you do after your last loss Rampage? You went on a fucking cocaine rage and stayed up all damn night before you were driving your monster truck with a big logo on it through white fucking suburbia. Running from the cops where they had to shoot out your fucking tires. Then Dana had to come down and bail your ass out and send you to England so the media wouldn’t eat your ass apart, so you would still have a fucking career.

Wessel went on to deny Rampage’s claims that Team Rashad didn’t actually like each other, and while he was in a venting mood, he figured he’d blast the TUF producers for all the special treatment given to Kimbo Slice. As the story goes, Slice got to bring an audience to his fight against Roy Nelson:


UFC 92: The New Guys

(Mustapha Al-Turk vs. Mark Kerr, Cage Rage 20, 2/10/07)

There are so many marquee names on the UFC’s year-end card (December 27th, Las Vegas) that the three heavyweights who will be stepping into the Octagon for the first time could get lost in the shuffle. So let’s take a quick look at the dudes who will be fighting for a slice of recognition during their UFC debuts at #92…

Experience: 6-3 record, with all wins by first-round stoppage due to strikes. Last seven fights were in the now-defunct Cage Rage, where he won their British heavyweight title. Most recently defeated James McSweeney via TKO at Cage Rage 27 in July.
Will be facing: Cheick Kongo (12-4-1, 5-2 UFC)
Lowdown: Al-Turk was originally supposed to be fed to Cain Velasquez, but a knee-injury forced Velasquez to pull out of the bout. A member of the London Shootfighters camp, Al-Turk won the ADCC European Trials in 2005, but lost his first-round match at the World Championships to Gabriel Gonzaga. His solid takedowns and ground-and-pound could create serious problems for Kongo, a standup fighter without a strong ground game.

Experience: 8-1 record in various midwestern/southern regional leagues (15-1 including amateur fights). Most recently submitted Aaron Winterlee at a Subzero Fighting event in August.
Will be facing: Antoni Hardonk (7-4, 3-2 UFC)
Lowdown: A late replacement for Mark Burch, who had to pull out of his fight against Hardonk due to undisclosed reasons, Wessel trains with TUF 8 footnote Roli Delgado at Westside Kickboxing and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in Little Rock, Arkansas. He’s a former strength and conditioning coach for the University of Arkansas; his website also says he’s a former pro football player. We’ll see if that’s enough to stand up to Hardonk’s notoriously brutal leg-kicks.