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CagePotato T-Shirt Design Contest: Last Call for Entries!

(Props: Bobby)

Yikes, is it October 16th already? That means today is the official deadline for our ongoing “Design CagePotato’s Next T-Shirt, Possibly Win a Hundred Bucks” contest! There’s still time to pull something out of your ass, so read the rules here, and send your entry to* when it’s done. We’ll reveal the finalists later this week. Stay tuned…

* We hear that some of you have had trouble with our contest e-mail bouncing back, and we apologize. If that address isn’t working for you, please shoot your designs to


Design the Next CagePotato T-Shirt and Win Some Cash!

(The unofficial first submission, via Wads.)

You know, Jared’s right — we could use a fresh CagePotato t-shirt design around here. And while I don’t necessarily agree that our next shirt should feature the bizarre catchphrase of a diabetic XARM fighter, it’s always fun to see what the artistic types in the Potato Nation can come up with when presented with a challenge.

And so, we hereby announce the Tater Williams Memorial CagePotato T-Shirt Design Contest of 2012, Bitches. The rules are simple…THERE ARE NO RULES. Well, maybe there’s a couple rules. Shirt designs can be based on anything MMA-related, but must incorporate our name and/or logo (image links below), and must be e-mailed to by October 16th. That gives you three full weeks to find inspiration and hustle something up. We’ll announce the winner(s) by the following Monday.

If we actually use your design to produce shirts, we will give you $100 cash, straight up. Plus, there’s the whole pride-of-victory thing, and the knowledge that your creation could end up being seen in literally tens of sports bars and gyms one day. Sound good? Any questions, let us know in the comments section.

- CagePotato logos white/black (PDF)
- CagePotato white logo (lo-res jpeg)


[VIDEO] Insult Bob Sapp & Win a Chance to Corner Him at CFC 21 in Australia!

(Just don’t expect a chance to offer him advice in between rounds.) 

As you surely know by this point, Potato Nation, we are not the biggest fans of Bob Sapp. The man known as “The Beast” manages to somehow set the bar lower each time he steps into the ring, to the point that, if you don’t offer him a way out of the fight, he will simply collapse like he was hit with a stray bullet and roll around on the ground until the referee steps in. In fact, it’s safe to say that when all is said and done, Bob Sapp will probably go down as the worst fighter in the sport’s history (though from a technical standpoint, he is still leagues beyond Robert Burneika). And apparently we aren’t the only ones who share this sentiment.

But let today, May 2nd, 2012, forever be known as the day that Sapp redeemed at least part of his sham of a career, if not all of it. Fed up with all the “keyboard warrior” criticisms he has received in the past…ten years (many of which find their way to his Wikipedia page), Sapp is giving all you haters the chance to nut up or shut up. After Bob takes on Mariusz Pudzianowski at KSW 19 on May 12th, he will square off against UFC veteran Soa Palelei at CFC 21 in Australia just six days later. To help promote the event, Sapp is not only giving one lucky “fan” a chance to corner him for the fight, but he will also give said fan $300, a round trip ticket to Australia, hotel accommodations, and VIP access to the event.

And what do you have to enter this contest, you ask? The answer is simple: Create a video demonstrating your admiration or hatred of Bob Sapp and why you’d like to be in his corner, and post it on your Youtube account. We know, right? This contest is practically designed for you angst-ridden SOB’s.

Check out the video, along with the full contest details, after the jump. 


Presenting ‘The Matt Mitrione Phone Message Contest’ Presented by TrauMMA Combat Apparel

(“If this is a telemarketer, you’re dead.”)

In our continued effort to bring our readers interesting contests with unique prizes, we’re proud to announce our next giveaway, which could very well end up being a regular feature here at if we play our cards right.

Here’s the deal:

Our friends at TrauMMA Combat Apparel, an emerging MMA brand whose focus is on supporting fighters and making quality products, have hooked us up with one of their sponsored fighters, UFC heavyweight Matt Mitrione, who has agreed to record the outgoing message for the contest winner’s answering machine or voicemail service.

Check out the rules after the jump.


Can The Internet Be Trusted to Make Important Career Decisions For Young MMA Fighters?

Recently Fight Magazine launched a contest on their website where they choose an amateur or low-level pro fighter and send him off to Xtreme Couture in Las Vegas for some personal training time with Shawn Tompkins (naturally the lucky winner will live in Shawn’s “fighter house” while he’s there, presumably playing a lot of Xbox with Chris Horodecki).  They’ve narrowed it down to four finalists and are opening it up for a reader vote to choose the winner.  

Looking at the video entries and the resumes, it seems like there’s one guy who could probably do the most with a week at Xtreme Couture, and it’s Drew Dober.  Dude is 6-0 as a pro and is 20 years old, which only serves to remind us that a) our lives are wasting away, and b) this sport is going to change drastically when kids who have been doing MMA since they were fourteen begin to take over.