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Just What You’ve Always Wanted: Chuck Liddell/Tito Ortiz Feud Coming to DVD

By Jason Moles

Before I dig in, let’s take a look at what Amazon has to say about this ingenious idea:

Once friends, now bitter enemies, UFC superstars Chuck ”The Iceman” Liddell and ”The Huntington Beach Bad Boy” Tito Ortiz waged intense battles inside and outside of the Octagon. UFC Bad Blood: Liddell vs. Ortiz gives an all access look at the epic feud forged in heated competition over the UFC Championship, and fueled by personal conflict that often boiled over. Through exclusive new interviews, rare behind-the-scenes footage, and hard hitting action from their historic fights, you can re-live the rivalry that helped launch the Ultimate Fighting Championship into the mainstream, and make Chuck Liddell and Tito Ortiz household names that will be forever linked.

Special Features: Countdown to UFC 66, UFC 66: Chuck Liddell vs. Tito Ortiz, and UFC 47: Chuck Liddell vs. Tito Ortiz

Well it’s about time that massive video library is being put to use. One of the most well-known and publicly talked about feuds in mixed martial arts will live forever on DVD and Blu-ray come August 30th, you know, in case you ever want to show your grandkids what human cock fighting looked like. Not sure about you, but wouldn’t this have been a bigger seller last year when Chuck Liddell coached opposite Tito Ortiz on The Ultimate Fighter 11? Rumor has it the DVD was supposed to be released much earlier but had to withdraw from stores due to a bulging disc and a cracked case.

To bring a few of you up to speed…


‘Ultimate Royce Gracie’ Fight-Picking Contest: Who’s a Big Winner?

UFC Ultimate Royce Gracie Blu-ray DVD box cover MMA DVDs
(Props: Anchor Bay Entertainment)

Judging from the entries in last week’s fight-picking contest, there are a whole lot of heartbroken Pat Barry fans in the house today. Out of 114 predictions, only one person thought that Cheick Kongo would win by first-round knockout. That person was ‘Me likey‘, who thought it would happen at the 4:10 mark; the actual time of stoppage was 2:39. Obviously, we’re just going to pretend that Marquardt vs. Story wasn’t part of this contest — just as both of those guys will be trying to forget that this awful weekend ever happened, we’re guessing. (Hey Rick, remember when you were on this list? Sucks, bro.)

So, Me likey, hit us up at with your real name and address and we’ll send you that Royce Gracie Blu-ray disc as soon as we get a chance. Thanks to everybody who played…


‘Marquardt vs. Story’ Fight-Picking Contest: Win ‘UFC Ultimate Royce Gracie’ on Blu-ray!

UFC Ultimate Royce Gracie Blu-ray DVD box cover MMA DVDs

How ’bout we keep this fight-picking train rolling, eh? I’ve just come into the possession of a Blu-ray copy of UFC Ultimate Royce Gracie — which hit stores last month — and I figured one of you jokers might wants it. Hit us with the synopsis, Amazon:

This comprehensive Blu-ray collection captures the jiu-jitsu master at his best with nearly six hours of content, including interviews, behind-the-scenes footage, and of course, his classic fights against Ken Shamrock, Kimo Leopoldo, and Kazushi Sakuraba.

But you can’t win if you don’t play. This Sunday night, UFC Live: Marquardt vs. Story goes down at the Consol Energy Center in Pittsburgh, featuring Marquardt’s debut at 170 and a heavyweight clash between Pat Barry and Cheick Kongo. Submit your predictions for these two fights in the comments section below, including the winner’s name, the method of victory, and the time/round of stoppage, if any. Your entry should be in this format:


‘Strikeforce: Nashville’ on Tap This Weekend; Win a UFC/PRIDE Prize Pack in FightPicker!

Dan Henderson Jake Shields MMA Strikeforce Nashville poster funny 
(Image courtesy of Jimbo Jones, who will probably not be winning the Six Deuce MMA poster contest.)

The non-stop wave of MMA action continues this coming Saturday in Nashville, as Strikeforce presents three title fights (and Jason Miller) at the Bridgestone Arena. Head over to right now to start making your pool selections, or play the game on Facebook if you’re so inclined.

Unfortunately we can’t give away stolen televisions every week — congrats to TheDemon, by the way — but we still think the current FightPicker prize pool is worth checking out. A reasonable 500-chip buy-in will allow you access to the "MMA Fan Pack Pool 25 #1476." The winner of this pool will receive the following:

– A PRIDE T-Shirt
– A UFC "Best of 2009" DVD

Only 25 players are allowed entry, so look sharp. Now let’s take a look at the questions you’ll need to ace to score the loot…


The Lyoto Machida “Karate for MMA” Pick-Off Contest: So How’d You Do? (Pt. 2)

Brock Lesnar Frank Mir UFC 100
("And another thing: I’m drinking Jose Cuervo tonight because Cazadores won’t pay me, and I’m going to see a matinee showing of Up tomorrow because fuck Tarantino." Photo courtesy of

Aside from Mark Coleman rising from the grave to win a decision over Stephan Bonnar, and Tom Lawlor punking CB Dollaway in 55 seconds, there weren’t many major surprises at UFC 100 — so we’re expecting some impressive scores for the final installment of our ongoing pick-off contest. If you kicked ass with your UFC 100 predictions, please share your total in the comments section below. We’ll be verifying the top scores soon and announcing the second winner of the Lyoto Machida "Karate for Mixed Martial Arts" DVD set in a couple days. Click here for a cheat sheet on the results, and thanks to everyone who participated!

Note to ‘PauloThiagoSilva’: We still have a Sityodtong t-shirt waiting for you, so hit us up at if you want it.


Announcing the Lyoto Machida “Karate for MMA” Pick-Off Extravaganza!

Lyoto Machida DVD box set karate MMA

Now that Lyoto Machida has established himself atop one of the most competitive divisions in mixed martial arts, MMA enthusiasts are dying know exactly how the soft-spoken karateka is managing to kick everyone’s ass. And now the Dragon is generously revealing his secrets in a new DVD set from Victory Belt Publishing. Over four DVDs, Machida covers his stance and footwork, attacks and counter-attacks, takedowns and footsweeps (obviously), and his ground game. Want it? Well, feel free to buy it. Or, be one of the two winners of a new UFC pick-off contest that we’re holding over the next five weeks…