MMA Fighter Challenges People to Punch Him in the Face, Everyone Fails

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MMA Gif Party: Oh, If Only…

Jason Mayhem Miller Jake Shields Strikeforce Nashville
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You see, guys? You see how easy it is to not turn a friendly interview-interruption into a goddamned Royal Rumble? More alternate realities here


GIF: Chuck Liddell Suffers Another Mini-Stroke on the Set of TUF 11

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Potato Nation, we’ve reached the point where those of us who care about Chuck Liddell’s health and well-being simply cannot, in good conscience, allow him to continue watching MMA fights. The strain is clearly too much for him. We’ve seen it in the past when Liddell has been cageside at UFC fights. We saw it again on last night’s episode of “The Ultimate Fighter.” When Liddell gets caught up in the action of a fight, his neurological system momentarily shuts down and he staggers around like an old man who has been jolted from his recliner by a disturbing dream involving gays and the Korean War. I’m not sure what the exact medical term is for this, but it must be something that’s difficult to pronounce and potentially life-threatening.

What’s really alarming is, this latest seizure was brought on by a close, though not all that action-packed exhibition fight. Can you imagine what will happen if Liddell finds himself engrossed in a particularly competitive title fight? Why, there’d be nothing left at the end but a mohawk and a sweat-stained club shirt.


MMA GIF Party: Vera vs. Jones Security Takes a Beating, Part 2

Vera Jones gif walkout funnyVera Jones funny gifs walkout security punch

Yesterday, we posted a GIF of Jon Jones slugging the shit out of an escort during his cage-entrance at Sunday’s UFC on Versus show. Turns out it was a rough night for the security staff overall. As caposa points out, two more non-combatants got assaulted during Brandon Vera‘s entrance, this time by fans. Poor guys. They should get safety goggles. And headgear. And tazers to shock the shit out of those drunk D-bags.


MMA GIF Party: Jon Jones Assaults an Innocent Bystander, Twirls Epically

Jon Jones gif UFC funny

Props: caposa. More after the jump…


Alistair Overeem Has No Problem Kicking a Little Girl

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There’s really nothing that needs to be said about this.  It’s just Alistair Overeem doing what Alistair Overeem does, which is show no mercy to nobody.  He doesn’t care whether you’re an overly trusting little blonde girl or some hapless tomato can scrounged up by a promoter trying to give him an easy payday or one of five nightclub bouncers.  He will jack you up and then he will laugh about it.  That’s just how he do.  The sooner you accept that and move on, the better off you’ll be.

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