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UFC Designing New Gloves to Reduce Eye-Pokes, Rather Than Actually Penalizing Eye-Pokes

(“Revolutionary” new glove? Been there, done that.)

Eye-pokes: They’re devastating, career-threatening, unfairly handled during fights, and mysteriously under-penalized. Due to the open-fingered nature of the gloves, gouging is a unique and unfortunately common problem in MMA. But can anything be done to fix it? According to UFC president Dana White during an appearance on ESPN 710am radio in LA yesterday, the promotion is looking at a new solution — changing the design of the gloves:

We actually have started to work on a new glove that actually curves your hand. Like the glove is curved like a U, so you can still open your hand, but your fingers don’t point straight out.”

Bruce Lee’s bulky (but badass) mitts in Enter the Dragon immediately come to mind. But is the eye-poke epidemic really a hardware issue? As UFC Hall of Famer/VP of Athletic Development Matt Hughes told recently, “I don’t see how you can blame it on the gloves. It comes down to the fighters making mistakes with their hands.”

And that’s exactly it. It’s a discipline problem. Why are we blaming the gloves, instead of blaming the professional fighters who blatantly throw their fingers toward the eyes of their opponents, then claim afterwards that it was an attempt at a punch?

Read More DIGG THIS 134 Fight-Picking Contest: And the Winner Is…

(Props: MMAHQ)

We were pleased to see that over 100 of you conquered our captcha system and submitted entries in last week’s UFC 134 fight-picking contest with In retrospect, I guess it wasn’t that hard to figure out that both Anderson Silva and Mauricio Rua would win by knockout. But most of you thought Silva would finish Okami faster than Shogun would finish Griffin, which wasn’t the case. The closest picks were made by Potato Nation rookie “hroobarb,” who put it down like this:

- Anderson Silva def. Yushin Okami via KO, 2:00 of round 2 (four seconds off actual time of stoppage)
- Mauricio Rua def. Forrest Griffin via TKO 3:34 of round 1 (1:41 off actual time of stoppage)

hroobarb, please send your real name and current address to and we’ll send you those Everlast Pro Competition MMA Gloves ASAP. Thanks to everybody who played, and please visit for daily deals on MMA gear and apparel!


‘UFC 134: Silva vs. Okami’ Fight-Picking Contest — Win a Pair of MMA Gloves From!

(Everlast Pro Competition MMA Gloves — perfect for wearing around the neighborhood while demanding that strangers get in your guard. / Image via

Know what we haven’t had in a long time? A good ol’ fight-picking contest. Our new friends at have pledged us a pair of four-ounce Everlast MMA gloves (see above), and we’re going to award them to one lucky CagePotato reader in a test of predictive skill.

This Saturday, UFC 134 goes down at the HSBC Arena in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, featuring Anderson Silva‘s latest title defense against Yushin Okami and the light-heavyweight rematch between former champs Mauricio Rua and Forrest Griffin. Submit your predictions for these two fights in the comments section below, including the winner’s name, the method of victory, and the time/round of stoppage, if any. Your entry should be in this format:


CagePotato Photo Tribute: Hot Chicks Wearing MMA Gloves

MMA ring girl gloves model sexy hot photos gallery
(Special thanks to and

If you have a strange fetish for fingerless gloves, then buddy, today is your lucky day. After the jump, you’ll find 17 more photos of hot girls wearing four-ouncers. Enjoy…