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Steve ‘Child Porn of Sports’ Hickey’s Rebuttal to CagePotato’s Seth Falvo Is About as Wrongheaded as You’d Think It Would Be

(The Twitter avatar of a rational man capable of leading the nation, obviously. Props to Fightlinker for the find.)

Background: Like many of you, I was very upset when Ben Goldstein published a post about South Dakota State Representative Steve Hickey’s ridiculous tirade against MMA, but probably not for the same reasons that you may have been. As a Christian, I found it odd that a pastor would not only write things about death that I felt contradicted the messages contained in the Bible, but also cite Forrest Gump while doing so. It’s bad enough for a pastor to write that he can’t muster up sympathy for a person who has died because said person was just asking for it through his hobbies – I cringe picturing Hickey’s stance on rape if it’s anything like his stance on death – but to essentially say that a dim-witted, fictional Hollywood character has more wisdom than the person who your entire religion is built around is just completely unacceptable.

And that’s when I made the mistake of emailing Hickey, telling him that while I couldn’t care less what his opinion on MMA is, his stance on death is disgusting to me. For whatever reason, I was expecting a completely rational response. Instead, Hickey published an “Open Letter to Christian MMA fans” that I can’t help but feel is sort-of directed at me, where he accuses me of writing the piece that I not only told him was written by Ben Goldstein, but also was signed with Ben’s initials. Today I’m here to respond to that open letter. If this isn’t of any interest to you, move along, there’s nothing to see here.


Dear Representative Steve Hickey,


In Spite of Unfounded Claims By City Council Candidate That MMA Fans Are All Drunken, Homophobic Ruffians, Vancouver Police Say UFC 131 Crowd Was Well Behaved

(In this photo alone, there are at least 25 crimes taking place…most of them involve God-awful $45 t-shirts and shirtless grown men holding signs or covered in body paint.)

Remember when Vancouver City Council demanded that the UFC shell out the cash to pay for additional policemen and the big news was that the promotion had told them to get bent?

Well, it turns out the money would have been a big waste.

The city’s police service are reporting that there were no major incidents reported following Saturday night’s event.

“They didn’t report in any incidents of note,” Jana McGuinness, a Vancouver Police Department media relations officer told The Vancouver Courier Tuesday. “There was good dialogue with the police and the community since last year and their concerns were brought forward and we responded with increased patrols.”

According to one Vancouver man, however, who took it upon himself to personally sniff out any wrongdoing by UFC fans, there actually was some depravity and defilement that took place after the fights.