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MMA: Inside the Cage #132 — “100 Knockouts Strike Back!” [VIDEO]

Regardless of how you feel about Casey “Glorious Ball Tickler of Absolute Douchiness” Oxendine, it’s hard to deny that he and co-host Cyrus Fees are doing a fantastic job bringing mainstream audiences the best in small promotion fight news over at MMA: Inside the Cage. Specifically, bringing us knockout videos from local promotions spanning across damn near every continent on this planet (for some reason, Antarctica’s Igloo Fighting Championship has yet to truly take off). While these knockouts are often sporadically placed throughout each episode, every now and again we are treated to an entire episode devoted to the knockout videos fans of the show have sent in from around the world.

So to honor Inside the Cage’s third collection of 100 epic knockouts, we’ve thrown the full video of episode #132 above for you to enjoy. Featuring more falling tree, lawn chair, and King slow-Mo knockouts than you can shake a stick at, episode #132 is destined to reside in the bowels of MMA culture until at least Wednesday, so check it out and let us know which knockout you think took the cake.

-J. Jones


Counter-Point: Maybe Casey ‘McBeardsly’ Oxendine Has Feelings Too? [VIDEO]


Reason #68 why we can’t have nice things — MMA Inside the Cage host Casey Oxendine is a legitimate friend of CagePotato, and yet you animals have savaged him in the comments section on two different occasions, referring to Ox as a “knob,” an “asshole” with a “dick duster,” a “giant douche” with “shitty facial hair” and “flame-pubes on his face,” the owner of the “Glorious Ball Tickler of Absolute Douchiness,” “the douche with the failbeard,” a “fucking insecure loser” with a “fagtastic flameathon of facial distortion” [Ed. note: Okay, I kind of liked that one], a “HUGE douche bag,” a “no talent ass clown” who’s “like a baby drinking breast milk,” a “little limp noodled dick” who ranks among the “douchiest of douchenozzles,” and a “well-trained delusional coward who has anger issues.” Yeah, that about covers it.

Ever the good sport, Casey closed out the latest episode of MMA:ITC by personally responding to some hate mail from CP veterans including Parchy McThirst, danomite, and intercept440. (As you can see, he carved his futurebeard into a question-mark shape for this special occasion). Check out the segment above and…I don’t know, maybe take a moment to feel bad about yourselves. As for Casey, bro, we’ll do everything we can to get your tragic bullying story some national attention. It worked for that fat old bag on the school-bus, right?


Throwback Knockout of the Day: Casey Oxendine (a.k.a. Goatee McBeardsly) KO’s Cornerman While Reffing an Amateur Fight

All praises be to the UG and Fightlinker for unearthing this bit of classic footage, which features none other than co-host of MMA Inside the CageCasey Oxendine (a.k.a. Tiki Ghosn’s evil twin brother a.k.a. the most despised man of the CP comments section) one-punch KO’ing a cornerman named Korey Hayes (a.k.a the coach of the Knoxville-based MMA team Cage Killers). The twist here is that Oxendine was not one of the men participating in the fight, but rather the man that was supposed to be keeping order. Given his popularity amongst you Taters, we figured we had to show you this on the off chance that you had yet to see it.

Though neither man has ever truly come forward with what exactly caused the confrontation in the first place, here’s a snippet of what Oxendine posted on the UG back when the incident occurred, detailing the consequences of his actions:

As the referee in this bout, there was alot of controversy as to whether I was justified in striking Mr Hayes during this incident. I wrote an extensive paragraph, stating that it was unlike me to strike another person outside of a combat sports setting. However, I felt as though I was in a dangerous situation and that he would have struck me if I hadn’t acted.

The event would evolve into the centerpiece of the issues concerning the legalization of the sport in [Tennessee]. When I attended the meeting that saw the state athletic commission finally pass sanctioning of amateur MMA, the incident was brought up. They wanted to make sure that if sanctioning were put in place, this sort of thing would not happend again. Everyone involved expressed openly that the incident cast a dark shadow on the sport, and felt we should move forward for the benefit of the sport.

Last night I attended an event at the National Guard Armory of New Tazwell, promoted Warrior Fighting Challenge. Only moments before my arrival, I was informed that ISKA had pulled their sanctioning, due to lack of insurance and security. The promoter insured me that the event would be run by “Sport Jiu-Jitsu” rules. Having attended the meetings of the State Athletic Commission, I was fully aware that all MMA event HAD TO BE SANCTIONED by one of three sanctioning bodies (ISKA, ISCF, and WKA). Realizing my fighters and cornermen could face later repercussions, I pulled them from the event. I arrived at the venue a few minutes later to collect my fighters. I passed the ticket counter and turned to walk down the hallway with Teammate Erick Jordan and my girlfrend. At this point, I noticed Korey Hayes out of the corner of my eye. Considering the nature of our last meeting and in the best interest of the event, I made it a point to avoid all contact. I did not make eye contact and I did not make any move toward Mr. Hayes whatsoever. However, as I turned my back and made my way toward the lockerooms, Mr Hayes struck me with a looping right punch from behind that shoved me into my girlfriend.

More from this story, including an alternate angle of the knockout, await you after the jump.


MMA: Inside the Cage #97 — Must-See Powerbomb Knockout, XFC 18 Preview, and Learning From Dustin Jenson’s Death

(Props: MMAInsidetheCageTV)

MMA: Inside the Cage’s latest episode runs down all the latest talking points in MMA, from the potential Ronda Rousey vs. Cris Cyborg superfight to the death of DREAM, and examines the tragic death of amateur fighter Dustin Jenson in South Dakota. Hosts Casey Oxendine and Cyrus Fees get a professional opinion from fight doctor Nathan Elliott, who explains the importance of pre-fight physicals and the potential danger from “second impact syndrome,” which could have put Jensen’s health in danger considering how frequently he was competing.

But hey, you didn’t come here to get bummed out, right? Brighten your day by checking out the Hit Parade segment that starts at 4:44, which features a powerbomb-KO that will join Rampage vs. Arona and Kaufman vs. Modafferi in the powerbomb-KO Hall of Fame. Plus, Casey gives advice on how to prevent injuries in training, a preview of XFC 18 (June 22nd, Nashville), and a classic scrap between Scott Holtzman and Brandon Demastes. Enjoy, and follow the MMA:ITC guys on Facebook and Twitter.


MMA: Inside the Cage #95 — “One Sport Under God” [VIDEO]

Our always-entertaining bros at MMA: Inside the Cage are back with their latest episode, featuring these must-see highlights…

6:58: A knockout that defines the phrase “sitting duck.”

9:37: An exclusive first look at the documentary Fight Church, from the producers of The Hammer, about a Christian ministry in New York that uses MMA and kickboxing as a means to spread their message. “Can you love your neighbor as yourself and then at the same time knee him in the face as hard you can?”

17:44: One-legged flyweight MMA fighter Matt Betzold faces off against Rudolph Kennedy at WFF 8 on May 12th. Betzold secures the takedown right away, opens Kennedy’s forehead up with an elbow, and sinks the rear-naked choke, evening his pro record to 3-3.

Give it a look, and be sure to follow Casey and Cyrus on Facebook and Twitter!


Cody McKenzie Wants Nick Diaz for President, Talks Chokes and Cheeseburgers [VIDEO]

(Props: MMAInsidetheCageTV)

If you met Cody McKenzie in public without knowing who is, you’d probably assume he was just another stoned-out candle-hobbyist. It’s rare to see such a wide gap between a person’s chill-dude vibe and how dangerous they are in a cage-fight scenario. After picking up another win last Tuesday at UFC on FUEL 3, McKenzie gave an interview to MMA Inside the Cage‘s Casey Oxendine, where he ran down his McKenzietine victory against newcomer Marcus Levasseur, and argued for Nick Diaz as a legitimate third-party presidential candidate. To which we’d say: Come on, bro. Ron Paul got steam-rolled, and he actually showed up to his appearances.

After the jump: Casey and Cyrus present the latest episode of MMA Inside the Cage, featuring Ronda Rousey discussing her infamous Facebook-nuking of that dumb bastard, on-the-scene coverage from the World Jiu-Jitsu Expo, Tom Lawlor running down his disturbing lack of personal hygiene, and the usual batch of nasty regional MMA knockouts.


MMA: Inside the Cage #92 — “Godspeed and Party On!” [VIDEOS]

In the latest installment of MMA: Inside the Cage, Casey and Cyrus discuss Hector Lombard’s UFC signing, the new beef between MFC and Bellator, and the ongoing Nick Diaz vs. NSAC saga, before presenting the week’s best batch of knockouts and an exclusive interview with the ever-charming Bas Rutten. Part 2 of the show is after the jump, which features an analysis of Invicta’s debut show plus the must-see slugfest between Kaitlin Young and Leslie Smith.

Check it out and support our good friends at MMA:ITC, who have managed to put together a consistently entertaining half-hour MMA show that isn’t based on a bunch of jerkoffs yelling at each other. If you dig it, follow ‘em on Facebook and Twitter.


Chael Sonnen Weighs in on Caption Fiasco [VIDEO]

(Props: MMAInsideTheCageTV. The quote in question comes around the 6:20 mark.)

Our buds at MMA Inside the Cage caught up with #1 UFC middleweight contender Chael Sonnen following his pre-UFC 145 Q&A in Atlanta last week, and got his take on a number of hot topics, including the ongoing Alistair Overeem saga and his upcoming fight with Anderson Silva. Because Cyrus Fees is a thorough and incisive journalist, he asked the Voice of Reason author to weigh in on the recent CagePotato caption that completely blew up in our faces. As Chael put it:

These guys, in my belief, meant it as a joke. What was in their heart, only they know. I believe they meant that as a joke. HOWEVER…you’ve gotta understand that the headquarters is in Las Vegas, which is the gambling capital of the world. The owners of the UFC own casinos, this is extremely against the rules to do something like that, and you just can’t even joke about it. So for Dana to get really upset — you really need to understand the history that’s involved, and once you do that, I think the guys should have just laid down and said ‘we screwed up.’ I think their apology was a little bit weak, and Dana’s only human. You give him a good solid response, no matter how wrong you are, you give him a good solid, ‘man I screwed this one up’, that’s the end of it. But if you start shufflin’ around, and you start getting squirmy, you’re gonna have problems with him.”

Is it any surprise that Sonnen’s answer was fair and balanced?

After the jump: The latest episode of MMA Inside the Cage (“#91: Atlanta Aftermath”), which includes recaps and exclusive interviews from last weekend’s UFC and Bellator shows, a batch of ugly knockouts, and a wild scrap from EFC Africa.