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Photo of the Day: Roy Nelson By Way of Marvin Eastman

(The shirt says it all.) 

Roy Nelson’s UFC 143 scrap with Fabricio Werdum was truly an exercise in futility for “Big Country,” because it more or less showcased what we already knew about him (the man can take a beating like no other), while at the same time reinforcing the idea that¬†Nelson has damn near refused to evolve as a MMA fighter. Yes, he has recently shown a commitment to slimming down and yes, not many of us expected him to try and submit Werdum on Saturday, but if Roy doesn’t start switching up his striking routine (aka looking for anything but a big overhand right), he can expect several more axe wounds like the one above in his future.

We love you Roy, but it might be time to depart from The Country Club for a while, because you can only change the tee box and hole locations for so long until you just get sick of playing the same course over and over again.

Speaking of axe wounds, join us after the jump for a brief look back at some of MMA’s nastiest cuts…


CagePotato Photo Tribute: Punchface Revisited


Punch face: when it happens, it’s only painful. When captured properly, however, that moment frozen in time is one of our guilty pleasures. We enjoy it because, c’mon, it’s a picture of a guy making a derpy face that he can’t control. We feel guilty because we have no illusions that we would be able to control our own derpishness if someone were to hit us in the face really hard.

Fighters: if you find yourself in one of our punchface galleries, please do not come punch us in the grill to see if we still look cool. We will not still look cool. If you absolutely have to punch one of us in the face, please make sure you bring a friend with a decent camera. We’re going to want to see it afterwards.

Come one in past the jump and enjoy the comedy that results when knuckles connect with poor defenseless faces. Special thanks to photographers with ninja skills, Fight! Magazine, MMAWeekly, and our own Jason Wright.



Photo Gallery: 17 Amazing MMA Event Posters

Thankfully, not all MMA event posters are lunkheaded eyesores. Here’s our tribute to some of the most creative and memorable ones we’ve ever come across…

PRIDE 29 sharks survival MMA poster PRIDE posters
(An appropriate image for an event that featured Mirko Cro Cop, Quinton Jackson, Mark Coleman, Alistair Overeem, Antonio Rogerio Nogueira, Igor Vovchanchyn, and both Rua brothers.)

UFC 94 poster GSP BJ Penn MMA Georges St. Pierre flags
(The UFC’s artistic high point.)

PRIDE Open Weight GP 2006 Finals Cro Cop Wanderlei Barnett Nogueria MMA event poster
(Screw college basketball. This was the most thrilling Final Four of all time.)


The 14 Greatest MMA Photos of 2009

Let’s just hope nothing amazing happens in the next two weeks. Major props to AllElbows, Sherdog, and The Las Vegas Sun.

#14. Frank Shamrock and Nick Diaz display their vastly different personal styles at a Strikeforce: Shamrock vs. Diaz press conference.
Frank Shamrock Nick Diaz middle finger Strikeforce

#13: The final resting place of BJJ godfather Helio Gracie.
Helio Gracie coffin BJJ black belt

#12: "Stop trying to hit me and hit me!" Anderson Silva stays juuuuust out of reach against Forrest Griffin at UFC 101.
Forrest Griffin Anderson Silva UFC 101


Win ‘The Stand Up Game,’ Ranger Up’s Sityodtong Shirt In Our Fabio-Approved Caption Contest

Arianny Celeste MMA UFC Fabio

I know what you’re thinking: That’s just too much sexyness for me to handle; I must turn off my computer for a while and walk around the block until my head clears. And Fabio knows you’re thinking that too, and he’s cool with it.

Apparently, the above image was shot during an infomercial-taping for Fabio’s Healthy Planet Protein System, and since we just came into the possession of some very cool prizes, we’re using it as the basis of a caption contest this week.

First up, we’ve got a signed copy of Greg Jackson and Kelly Crigger‘s new book for Victory Belt, The Stand-Up Game, in which Jackson shares his arsenal of striking techniques and methods for developing game-plans; the book even includes a chapter on street-fighting. Also, we have Ranger Up‘s new Team Sityodtong tribute tee to give away. If you haven’t checked out RU’s shirts before, do yourself a favor.

Please submit your captions to the above picture in the comments section below by noon ET on Friday. The best one will get the book, the second best one will get the shirt, and any other runners-up that we deem worthy will get the Hall of Fame. Cool? Well, get goin’.

Jackson's MMA The Stand Up Game book