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MMA Hall of Shame: Joe Son’s Leopard-Print Thong

(Props: nymeria83)

Despite his woeful lack of judgement last week at UFC 133, Dennis Hallman can only claim to have the second most embarrassing ring attire in MMA history. The #1 spot still belongs to actor-rapist Joe Son and his ass-exposing leopard-print thong.

Nearly seven years after his sole Octagon appearance at UFC 4, in which he had his nuts destroyed by Keith Hackney, Son re-emerged for a trio of fights in 2002, all of which he lost in the first round via injury or terror. His Japanese MMA debut against Yusuke Imamura at Pride The Best Vol. 1 was especially infamous. Joe came out to the ring wearing a bowler-hat (in honor of his role as “Random Task” in Austin Powers), white eye-shadow, and the aforementioned ass-floss.

You can see clips of the debacle in the above highlight-reel. Skip to the 2:14-2:28 mark to witness the PRIDE rope-crew earn their paychecks in the most humiliating way possible. As with his two subsequent fights, Son tapped before his opponent could inflict any apparent damage. But by that point, he had violated every set of eyeballs in the audience. Joe Son, you are truly MMA’s Worst Person Ever.