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MMA/Wrestling Body Slams In Football Are, Like, SO Hot Right Now

If you didn’t think that Canelo Alvarez’s multiple attempts to guillotine (and even kimura, at one point) Floyd Mayweather over the course of their 10 round throwdown last weekend was proof enough that MMA is slowly, perhaps even subconsciously trickling into mainstream sports, check these out.

Chances are you’ve seen or at least heard that more and more professional football players are taking up mixed martial arts by the day — either as a hobby or as a way of staying in shape in the offseason. As well they should; it’s a fantastic cardio workout, it increases one’s understanding of balance and leverage, etc. But perhaps the most interesting effect that MMA training (or MMA in general) is having on the world of football can be seen in the vicious slams that have punctuated the first two weeks of the 2013 NFL season.

Just look at the video above, for instance, in which New York Jets cornerback Ellis Lankster pulls off a b-e-a-utiful German suplex on Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Eric Page. And if you think that MMA/wrestling-style slam was an isolated incident, just check out the ones we’ve placed after the jump…


Knockout of the Day: Behold, The First Accidental Slam KO Since Hughes vs. Newton

Major props to our buddies at KnockoutFootage (via MiddleEasy) for passing along this video of a local fight that ended in a finish even more rarely seen in the MMA world than the double KO: The accidental slam KO.

It’s a finish we haven’t been privy to since Matt Hughes fell asleep on top of Carlos Newton and woke up a UFC champion at UFC 34. Unfortunately, thanks to some lighting straight out of Buffalo Bill’s basement, the glory of this local show KO is somewhat lost on the audience.

Rest assured, the dude who nose-dived when he clearly should have done a barrel roll was up and walking by the time the final announcements were made, thanks in no small part to a timely intervention on the ref’s part. Had Cecil Peoples or Steve Mazzagatti been the third man in the ring for this scrap, well, this footage would have never made it online for legal purposes. The small victories, Nation.

-J. Jones


Wild Slam of the Day: Alvin Walker Gives Mathhias Merkle a Lift

(Props to Cage Potato reader Steve C. for the tip)

If you haven’t heard of Alvin Walker before today, don’t take it too hard; the 3-0 fighter has competed exclusively in regional promotions in Germany. After today, if you haven’t heard of Alvin Walker you’re not a lover of crazy ass slams and should hang your head in shame.

In a suplex that looks so perfect it should have been launched from the top turnbuckle of a squared circle, Walker hoists Matthias Merkle over his head before slamming him to the mat behind him. From there a big right hand rocked Merkle and the following swarm of punches forced the TKO stoppage just 1:40 into the first round. Alvin, we salute you and all men who stare gravity in the face and say “no more”.

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The Seven Most Brutal KO Slams in MMA History

#7: Matt Hughes vs. Carlos Newton
UFC 34: 11/2/01

(The Newton slam comes at about the 0:52 mark.  Then there are others.)

We’ve sung the praises of Hughes’ signature slam before, but never was it more effective than when he used it to take the UFC welterweight championship away from Carlos Newton.  Hughes’s first line of defense against Newton’s triangle choke was to pick him up and walk him over to the fence, resting him atop the Octagon while he got a second to think things through.  When that didn’t help he dropped him straight down, sending Newton’s dreads a-flyin’ and knocking him out cold.  Hughes also seemed, shall we say, out of sorts after the slam.  He also seemed like the new UFC welterweight champ.  So there you go.