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CagePotato T-Shirt Design Contest: We Have a Winner!

(Was there ever any doubt?)

Thanks to all 426 of you who took the time to vote for your favorite finalist in our “CagePotato’s Next Top T-Shirt” design contest. The winner, with 32.2% of the popular vote, was Ben S.’s “Fryed Tater” design. Congrats bro! We’ll be in touch if/when we decide to make your funny little dream a reality. For now, we’ll send you one of our existing CagePotato t-shirts for your efforts. And what the heck, we’ll send CPtees to the 2nd and 3rd place finishers as well: Daniel S. (“Fightin’ Dudes,” 20.7% of the vote) and Bobby (“Nothing to F@%k With,” 14.6% of the vote). To see the full results breakdown, please consult this pie chart or this bar graph.

Now tell us the truth: If we produce those “Fryed Tater” shirts, you’d wear one, right?


CagePotato T-Shirt Design Contest: And the Finalists Are…

(Props: Ben S.)

Thanks to everyone who submitted designs for our latest t-shirt design contest!  After sorting through the slush-pile over the weekend, we’ve picked out the eight most creative entries, which continue after the jump. Please use the poll on the next page by Wednesday at 10 p.m. PT to vote for your favorite design. The winning entry will be announed when we feel like it, and will be printed onto actual t-shirts at some point in the future, but possibly never. (Come on, it’s CagePotato. You didn’t really expect us to have our shit together after five years, did you?)

(Props: Andrew R.)


CagePotato T-Shirt Design Contest: Last Call for Entries!

(Props: Bobby)

Yikes, is it October 16th already? That means today is the official deadline for our ongoing “Design CagePotato’s Next T-Shirt, Possibly Win a Hundred Bucks” contest! There’s still time to pull something out of your ass, so read the rules here, and send your entry to* when it’s done. We’ll reveal the finalists later this week. Stay tuned…

* We hear that some of you have had trouble with our contest e-mail bouncing back, and we apologize. If that address isn’t working for you, please shoot your designs to


UFC 153 Fight-Picking Contest: And the ‘Blacktalians’ T-Shirt Goes To…

(Buy it here.)

On Saturday night at UFC 153, Anderson Silva TKO’d Stephan Bonnar with a knee to the solar plexus that briefly paralyzed him, followed by some punches on the ground. The fight was called at 4:40 of round 1, which means…TOPDOG, YOU ARE OUR WINNER. The Dog’s prediction of “Anderson Silva def. Stephan Bonner via TKO (strikes) @ :23 seconds left in Rd. 1” — though strange in its syntax — came closest to the fight’s actual result, which means he gets the Blacktalians t-shirt, as promised. So Topdog, please e-mail with your real name, address, and shirt size, and we’ll get it sent out ASAP. The rest of you can get the shirt the old-fashioned way. Props to Longo/Serra MMA and East Coast MMA Fight Shop for the hookup.


UFC 153 Fight-Picking Contest: Win This Utterly Gangster ‘Blacktalians MMA’ T-Shirt!

South Florida has its Blackzilians, and New York has its Blacktalians. The incredible t-shirt you see above is a collaboration between Longo/Serra MMA and East Coast MMA Fight Shop, and features the famous “Ray Longo as a younger, suprisingly handsome man” photo that the acclaimed trainer proudly hangs in his gym, and proudly uses as his twitter avatar. You can buy one of these shirts right here for $26.

Of course, we wouldn’t even mention this if we weren’t giving you a chance to win one for free. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it’s fight-picking time. And we’re going to keep it real simple this time. On Saturday night, Anderson Silva will meet Stephan Bonnar in the main event of UFC 153 in Rio. You’re going to tell us who will win and how. Your entry should be in this format:


Reminder: Keep Submitting Your Designs for the CagePotato T-Shirt Contest!

(“Fightin’ Dudes,” via Daniel S. I would wear this. I would wear this so hard.)

Last week we sent out the call for a new official CagePotato t-shirt design, and so far you guys haven’t let us down. But it never hurts to cast a wider net, so if you have an idea for a new CPtee (and have the artistic ability to execute it) please e-mail your submission to by October 16th. We’ll announce the winner(s) shortly after, and if we actually use your design to produce a shirt, we’ll pay you $100.

Complete rules are here, and two more front-runners are after the jump…


Design the Next CagePotato T-Shirt and Win Some Cash!

(The unofficial first submission, via Wads.)

You know, Jared’s right — we could use a fresh CagePotato t-shirt design around here. And while I don’t necessarily agree that our next shirt should feature the bizarre catchphrase of a diabetic XARM fighter, it’s always fun to see what the artistic types in the Potato Nation can come up with when presented with a challenge.

And so, we hereby announce the Tater Williams Memorial CagePotato T-Shirt Design Contest of 2012, Bitches. The rules are simple…THERE ARE NO RULES. Well, maybe there’s a couple rules. Shirt designs can be based on anything MMA-related, but must incorporate our name and/or logo (image links below), and must be e-mailed to by October 16th. That gives you three full weeks to find inspiration and hustle something up. We’ll announce the winner(s) by the following Monday.

If we actually use your design to produce shirts, we will give you $100 cash, straight up. Plus, there’s the whole pride-of-victory thing, and the knowledge that your creation could end up being seen in literally tens of sports bars and gyms one day. Sound good? Any questions, let us know in the comments section.

- CagePotato logos white/black (PDF)
- CagePotato white logo (lo-res jpeg)


Roots of Fight/Black House MMA Fan Art Contest — The Winners!

After consulting with the big-wigs at Roots of Fight and Black House, we’re pleased to announce the three winners of our recent fan-art contest. So who will be taking home ROF’s limited edition Black House apparel line, which includes the Black House Tee and Black House Insignia Sweatshirt shown above? First, a pair of honorable mentions, which were deemed worthy enough to win t-shirts:

“Battle Scars,” by yellow wrkahlc

“Spider and Dragon,” by Ryan G. (click for larger versions)

And now, the top three…


Reminder: Enter Our Black House MMA Fan Art Contest, Win Gear From Roots of Fight

(The current front-runner: This awesome variation on a Shepard Fairey classic, by ‘Stubbsy’)

In case you missed it last week, we’re currently running a fan art contest with Roots of Fight, and giving away their limited edition Black House apparel line to the top three finalists. The short version: Create a piece of art paying tribute to any Black House fighter or the camp itself, and send it to by Monday, June 18th, at midnight ET. We’ll announce our three favorites the next day, who will be picking up the t-shirt and sweatshirt. Now get hustlin’, people…

Related: Black House Tribute Video by Roots of Fight – Featuring Rener Gracie, Mark Munoz, and Bas Rutten


Introducing the Roots of Fight/Black House MMA Fan Art Contest!

(Props: For further viewing, check out Bas Rutten’s ground-fighting epiphanyinspirational words from Mike Tyson, and George Chuvalo’s Muhammad Ali memories.)

Our good friends at Roots of Fight have previously hooked us up with their Gracie-themed apparel, and now they’re releasing a limited-edition collection that pays tribute to the shadowy MMA brotherhood known as Black House. Check out the video above to learn about the origins and guiding principles of the Black House gym, which has hosted such MMA stars as Anderson Silva, Lyoto Machida, the Nogueira brothers, Rafael Cavalcante, Mark Munoz, Roger Gracie, and Glover Teixeira.

The new Black House X Roots of Fight series includes a t-shirt and sweatshirt that showcase Black House’s unique logo, which was created by legendary illustrator/designer Shepard Fairey. (Check out images of the gear after the jump.) And it just so happens that we have three prize packages to give away, which include both items. If you want them, they’re yours for the taking — all you have to do is create a piece of art paying tribute to any of the fighters in the Black House stable, or the camp itself. And it has to be really freakin’ cool…