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EA Sports MMA’s Awesome Online Modes to Contribute to MMA Fans Never Leaving Their Houses

(Video courtesy YouTube/IGN)

I’m not sure whether it was because of my ADHD or because my wife pointed out that I was playing more Xbox than my 13-year-old son, but playing UFC Undisputed quickly lost its lustre for me.

Besides having to beat 50 opponents before my created player could throw even one head-kick and the fact that you needed to basically program a string of HTML code using your controller to finish an opponent by submission, what put me off the most was the online play.

Before THQ fixed a few of the glaring issues with the game, you couldn’t buy a win against an online opponent. Even if you did manage to find an opponent who wasn’t using a rapid fire controller to methodically outbox your user controlled Anderson Silva using Demian Maia, nine times out of ten they would disconnect the second you beat them to avoid incurring a loss on their record. The reality was that a win online really didn’t mean all that much in the grand scheme of things to the average casual gamer, which probably explains why sales of Undisputed 2010 dropped off significantly from its original incarnation.

It looks like Electronic Arts is looking to change that.


Randy, Fedor, Sylvia, Babalu Tapped for ‘EA MMA’ Roster List

EA MMA video game
("Your perpetually-scowling welterweight with great jiu-jitsu, cardio, and trash-talk has died of dysentery.")

For over a month, we’ve been wondering who EA Sports will be able to recruit for its upcoming MMA video game — especially after Dana White’s proclamation that any fighter who signs with the competing title will be dead to him. But now that reports are starting to trickle out, let’s run it down…

— In a recent interview with MMA Wordwide, UFC/IFL/Strikeforce vet Benji Radach says that he starts work on the game next month, and will be in it along with Randy Couture and Fedor Emelianenko.

— Emelianenko’s involvement was confirmed by a press release distributed by, which also named Gegard Mousasi as a participant.


EA Sports Says There Are Enough “Unaffiliated” Fighters to Compete with “UFC Undisputed”

UFC Undisputed
(Forget the fighters, how far can you go without the rights to the Octagon girls?)

Last week we mentioned that the video game barons at EA Sports were planning on putting out their own MMA game in 2010 to rival THQ’s “UFC Undisputed” and we wondered out loud, just who the hell did they think they could put in this thing?  Turns out they’ve thought of that.  MMA Payout pointed us to this article in the Financial Times Tech Blog where EA’s chief executive, John Riccitiello claims that there are plenty of fighters to choose from because “[m]ost of the athletes in mixed martial arts are unaffiliated.”