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Exclusive: ‘The Fighter’s Mind’ Author Sam Sheridan Discusses the Psychology of Fighting

The Fighter's Mind Sam Sheridan

By CagePotato contributor Elias Cepeda

Released in 2007, Sam Sheridan’s A Fighter’s Heart took readers across the globe and inside some of the best camps in the world to access and understand the physical realities of professional fighting. The captivating and often personal tale became a national best-seller, and now Sheridan has followed it up this year with The Fighter’s Mind, which delves into the psychology of competing through conversations with everyone from Randy Couture to top neuroscientists. Sheridan sat down with to discuss his new book.

CAGEPOTATO.COM: What is this book, A Fighter’s Mind, about to you?
SAM SHERIDAN: Well, A Fighter’s Mind sort of came out of conversations I had with the Victory Belt publishers, Erich Krauss and those guys. They had taken on fifteen or twenty contracts and they were looking for writers to help them. They said, “Hey, do you want to write one of these books?” Like BJ Penn’s “Book of Knowledge,” or whatever. I looked at it and said to myself, “You know, I’m not really interested in doing a technique book. There are plenty of questions I want to ask these guys. But most of these questions have to do with the mental game.”

I’m not really interested in Randy Couture’s Greco clinch trip takedown. I’m not so interested in diagramming the steps to that. I’m interested in Randy’s mental strength, and his ability to gameplan and his ability to stick to a gameplan. He can take a guy and put him the one place that, well, take the Gabe Gonzaga fight. Randy took Gonzaga the one place that he’s going to beat Gonzaga. I mean, anywhere else, Gonzaga is going to have his lunch, pretty much. He’s too big, he’s too fast, he’s too rough. But holding him against the cage, Gonzaga doesn’t know what to do and Randy basically drowns him right there, he just mashes him up. It was an amazing example of how having the right gameplan and sticking to it can allow you to beat somebody that should beat you.

So that was where it came from for me. I started thinking, “I can’t believe nobody has written this book. Why hasn’t somebody written this book?” It was a way to re-pay the fighters and my friends who had helped me in the first book, who are wondering about these things. Because I think a lot of guys wonder how Randy does his thing or how Marcelo Garcia thinks about Jiu Jitsu. A lot of people wonder that stuff but they don’t get a chance to ask it, so this was my gift back to fighters, friends and trainers that were so good to me in A Fighter’s Heart.


MMA FightPicker Winners (And Losers): UFC 109 Edition

Chael Sonnen UFC 109 cut
("Sorry I screwed up your pools, guys. LOL, no I’m not!" Photo courtesy of MMA Weekly.)

Between Chael Sonnen‘s domination of Nate Marquardt and Paulo Thiago picking up the Sub of the Night over Mike Swick, UFC 109 threw some serious curveballs at us. Most people who participated in MMA FightPicker this week whiffed hard at those curveballs. But some of you dinged ‘em out the park. After the first official week of FightPicker play, we’d like to shout out the current point-leaders:

1) Ciarán Parnell: 350 PotatoChips
2) Andrew Palmer: 255 PotatoChips
3) OctoAbortion: 250 PotatoChips

Please, Ciarán, e-mail us at and tell us how exactly you have a hundred-point lead on the next closest competitor, this early in the game. There might be a free t-shirt in it for you.

And now for the shameless gloating part of this post. After BG and BF went head-to-head in a Palooka Pool, I (BG) am proud to say my picks were on-point enough to tie for first-place (!!!), while dickface over there tied for fourth. The other winners of Palooka Pool 30 #173 were: nine one siccness, Steve Rowbotham, James Cowley, Michael Aitken, GSPs Swollen Elbow and Torn Groin and Tim Prothero. Take an e-bow, fellas. And I should mention that there was one genius in the pool named James Berberich who managed to get every question wrong. I feel sorry for your mother, bro.

For those who fell short with their UFC 109 picks, you just have to dust yourself off and get back on the horse. Here’s what’s going on in FightPicker this week…


The 10 Worst Mismatches in MMA History

#10: Anderson Silva vs. Chris Leben, UFC Fight Night 5 (6/28/06) If you didn’t follow his pre-UFC career, you probably figured that Anderson Silva’s Octagon debut would be relatively competitive. Chris Leben was a dangerous brawler who had won five straight in the Octagon against solid competition, while Silva was…some sort of Brazilian from Japan, [...]


Say Hello to the Newest Member of the Hughes Family

(It’s a girl! You can tell because of the bow stuck to her head!)

As much as we like to bust Matt Hughes‘ chops about being the Fox News of MMA fighters, Cage Potato would like to extend our sincere congratulations and warm wishes to him and his new baby daughter, Katelyn Mae Hughes, born this past Saturday morning.  Actually, maybe the congratulations are more for his wife, Audra Hughes, since she did all the hard work.  Matt presumably stood by the hospital bed and shouted at her that she ‘has to want it,’ until the doctors finally kicked him out of the delivery room.

We’re not going to pretend to know what it’s like to be a girl growing up in the Hughes household, but we are going to go ahead and speculate that it will probably be tough to get a date when all the boys in school are scared to go to your house and pick you up.  If that’s not bad enough, even when you ace your chemistry test you’ve got Georges St. Pierre‘s kids dropping by to say they aren’t impressed with your performance, and Matt Serra‘s kids fist-pumping in your face at the homecoming dance.  Stay strong, Katelyn. 


A Last Minute Gift Idea For The MMA Fan In Your Life

Chuck Liddell Iceman hat
(Just imagine the disappointed faces on Christmas morning…)

This is an actual Chuck Liddell baseball cap in an actual dollar store (see, I wasn’t kidding about that) in Missoula, Montana.  I photographed it myself earlier today, but only after overhearing the following conversation between a father and his petulant pre-pubescent son:

Dad: Hey, look.  It’s an Iceman hat.  You love the Iceman!

Son: You don’t even know who that is.

Dad: Yes I do.  It’s Chuck Liddell.


Interview: Ben Askren Talks Bellator Signing and His Refusal to Give Up On Dreams of Wrestling Greatness

(Askren’s most recent fight vs. Matt Delanoit, 8/28/09. Props: Pure Fight.)

Ben Askren was a four-time All-American wrestler at the University of Missouri and an Olympic hopeful at the 2008 Summer Games in Beijing. He came home without a medal, his dreams temporarily dashed, and has since turned his focus toward MMA, racking up a 3-0 record in smaller promotions. But now the former wrestling standout has signed on to compete in Bellator’s welterweight tournament in the spring of 2010, though that doesn’t mean he’s forgetting all about his goals in the world of wrestling. Far from it, in fact. He seems to think he can someday be the best in the world at both MMA and wrestling, and nobody can talk him out of it. You’re one of the more well known wrestlers. You were a two-time national champ at Missouri and you got a lot of press heading into the Olympics. What made you decide to sign with Bellator?

It’s the best offer I had right now. They made me a good offer and they said they’d let me keep wrestling on the side, so that played a big part in my decision.


Video: Herschel Walker Shows Us What He’s Got


You know you’re a big deal when Frank Shamrock is handling color commentary for your striking drills. Herschel Walker‘s MMA debut is slated for next month, and even though his opponent is still TBA, Strikeforce decided to shoot some footage of the former football star working out at American Kickboxing Academy to prove that he can hit pads without injuring himself. Of course, this tells us nothing about the ground skills that he may or may not be picking up, but hey, those roundhouse kicks look pretty sharp for a 47-year-old. Tickets for Strikeforce: Miami go on sale to the general public tomorrow at Ticketmaster; as of now, no matchups have been officially announced, so purchase at your own risk.


Heads Up: World’s Strongest Man Makes MMA Debut This Friday

(Hey, at least he’s better than Jose Canseco.)

Polish strongman Mariusz Pudzianowski will test his power against something other than inanimate objects this Friday night, as he takes on pro boxer Marcin "El Testosteron" Najman at KSW 12 in Warsaw, Poland.  It will be the MMA debut for both men, but neither is a novice to the fight game in general.  Pudzianowski has done a little karate and some amateur boxing (though you’d never know it from the above training video) and Najman is 13-4 as a boxer.  But if he thinks Pudzianowski is just going to stand there like an immobile mass of muscle and bronzer, he better think again.  As M-Pud told Fight Magazine:

“If Najman wants to exchange punches with me I wish him luck. I won’t be as slow as an ox and I won’t let him beat me up. My mother didn’t raise me to be a bum. These hands can hurt; believe me.”

You know what really intimidates and confuses opponents?  Telling them all the things you’re not going to do.  Also, whose mother raises them to be a bum?  That’s just terrible parenting.  After the jump, now that you’ve seen Pudzianowski lumbering around the ring with boxing gloves on, check out what this Najman character can do with his fists.  The strongman might be in trouble here…


Dana White: Dan Henderson ‘Not Worth It’

Dan Henderson UFC
(Dan also took his stapler and three boxes of ballpoint pens from the supply closet. Photo courtesy of CombatLifestyle.)

Dana White has never been one to lose a fight gracefully. Now that Dan Henderson has scampered off to rival fight club Strikeforce, it’s time for DW to start telling everybody what a farce Hendo is. As White explained to MMA Fanhouse:

"Let me ask you a question. Do you think that there’s any guy we can’t get that I want? Other than Fedor [Emelianenko]? So far, he’s been the one guy we can’t get. But everyone else that we’ve wanted, we got. If I wanted Dan Henderson, I could’ve signed him…
For the money he wanted, he’s not worth it. He’s not a big pay-per-view star, he’s not a big attraction, and he’s not going to sell out arenas. He wants way too much and he doesn’t bring anything to the table…I could care less. Here’s the reality: If I wanted him, he’d be in the UFC. It’s not like, ‘F***, Strikeforce beat me out.’ He’s been a free agent for a long time. If I wanted him, I would have signed him by now."

Hate On, Haters: Rampage Jackson Is Coming Back to Shut Up Rashad

Quinton Jackson Rampage UFC gold fronts
(Now *that’s* the smile of a savvy investor.)

There was a time, not long ago, when Quinton Jackson’s only desire was gettin’ that belt back. Now he’s off chasing his cinematic whims, and the UFC is putting on a New Year’s card headlined by Rashad Evans vs. Thiago Silva. It’s a sad, sad state of affairs. But as many of us predicted, Rampage’s retirement won’t last forever. As he wrote on his website, in a blog post titled "Hate on dis":

I wanted to let my fans know that I’m going to come back to the UFC & finish my contract. Not because the haters are talking shit about me being scared of Rashad or Titties or anybody else. I’m coming back for my fans & to shut Rashad’s mouth up & shut Dana’s mouth up. Then after that I’m going back to doing movies & I might do a boxing match once a year just to stay in shape. Hate on dis!