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Yoshihiro Akiyama Marries Fine-Ass Japanese Supermodel

(Quit faking it, girl.  We all know books aren’t funny.)

Some big changes in Yoshihiro Akiyama’s life lately.  First he signs with the UFC and holds press conferences in both Japan and Korea to trumpet the move, but he also just got married to Japanese supermodel Shiho Yano, commonly known in her home country simply as “Shiho” or “Charismatic Shiho.”  

According to the Korea Times, Shiho said of the union, “I’m comfortable to be with Akiyama.  I’m grateful I met him.”  Awwww.  Isn’t that…sort of nice.

Akiyama, who is rumored to be making his Octagon debut at UFC 100 this summer, possibly against Dream fighter-slayer Alan Belcher, joins a long and storied list of famous pro athletes who marry supermodels.  Naturally, upon hearing the news, we rushed right out onto the information superhighway to find arousing photos of Akiyama’s new wife.  The results were somewhat disappointing.  Apparently in Japan they don’t require their models to strip down the way we do, which is their loss.  Someone should tell them that chicks who want to get rich and famous off their looks will do almost anything


Ali Sonoma is Also Willing to Show Off Some Skin

(Nothing like a photo shoot in someone’s backyard in Simi Valley to make you feel like you’ve really arrived.)

Tremendous props to Fightlinker for this find.  Not to be outdone by the semi-nude pictures of Arianny Celeste that hit the internet this week, former UFC Octagon girl and Diego Sanchez ex-girlfriend Ali Sonoma has a charming little layout of her own at the absolutely not safe for work (even if you work at a strip club) website, Girls of Desire, via some other site called Next Door Models.

So why is Ali in her bikini on a porn site?  Are there more pictures that are just as barely tasteful but without the bikini?  Are times really that hard for a girl who once proudly carried the UFC’s Octagonal round signs?  Is this the kind of future Logan Stanton has to look forward to?

These are the questions we just don’t have answers for right now.  What we do have, after the jump, are more pictures.  Let’s call these kind of safe work, assuming the people you work with are cool with you looking at a woman’s ass in a thong.  And if they aren’t, just quit right now.  You deserve better.


Hot Potato: Amber Nichole Miller (II)

Amber Nichole Miller model UFC

Props to MMA Fight Girls for alerting us to this Skeletal Metal photo shoot featuring former UFC Octagon Girl Amber Nichole Miller. More from the shoot is below, as well as a small sampling of what’s been added to her MySpace page since we last gave Amber the Hot Potato treatment. Enjoy…

Amber Nichole Miller 1Amber Nichole Miller 2Amber Nichole Miller 3Amber Nichole Miller 4Amber Nichole Miller 5Amber Nichole Miller 6Amber Nichole Miller 7Amber Nichole Miller 8Amber Nichole Miller 9


Arianny Celeste: Hot as Balls

Yep, pretty much. Check out everybody’s favorite Octagon girl as she works it at a photoshoot for Throwdown. Not a bad way to kick off your hump day…


Hot Potato: Caroline de Souza Correa


Slated for release in April, Redbelt is a new film by writer/director David Mamet (Glengarry Glen Ross, Hannibal, The Untouchables) about a mixed martial arts instructor who’s forced to compete in prize bouts. (Or something.) The cast includes Randy Couture, Tim Allen, Chiwetel Ejiofor, brilliant card-manipulator/actor Ricky Jay, MMA pioneer Enson Inoue, and Brazilian-born model Caroline de Souza Correa, who has previously appeared in Star Wars: Episode III — Revenge of the Sith and The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift (fittingly, as “Sexy Brazilian Model”). At the very least, her role should be enough for you to throw this one on your Netflix queue. If you need further persuasion, check out more pics of Caroline after the jump.